Jumping to Conclusions by Harapan Ong

Jumping To Conclusions by Harapan Ong | Official Trailer - YouTube

easy-to-do, fooling effect from Harapan Ong with a stunning ending they’ll never see coming.

“Jumping to Conclusions” is Harapan’s take on Max Maven’s classic “Drawing Conclusions” effect (released with his permission). Harpan’s modified handling makes the concept fairer than ever. Your helper makes genuinely free choices and the result is different each time.

A pack of abstract images is given a quick mix. Your volunteer can even cut it as many times as they want before you turn your head away and start dealing cards to the table. Whenever they want,

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Stranger’s Gallery by John Bannon

Stranger’s Gallery by John Bannon John Bannon’s incredible color-changing deck routine has become a modern-day classic, and once you’ve seen the impact this effect has on an audience, combined with the minimal amount of sleights necessary you`ll know why.


From a blue-backed deck, the performer removes three face-down cards from three diffrent places. A fourth card is selected. Each of the three inital cards are shown to match the selected card

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Westview by Jon Armstrong

Perform a card trick on both sides of the screen from a thousand miles away. Put the magic in your spectator’s hands even if you aren’t in the room. Jon Armstrong has put together dynamic virtual shows for some of the biggest companies and audiences in the world, and when he wants to get big reactions this is one of his go-to effects. This is Westview by Jon Armstrong.

Here’s what happens:

The performer and the spectator each take a handful of cards and tear them in half. Two halves of cards are set aside, and the remainder of the cards are thoroughly mixed. The audience member

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Mathematics, Magic & Mystery by Martin Gardner

Mathematics, Magic and Mystery

Why do card tricks work? How can magicians do astonishing feats of mathematics mentally? Why do stage “mind-reading” tricks work? As a rule we simply accept these tricks as “magic,” we seldom recognize that they are really demonstrations of strict laws based on probability, sets, theory of numbers, topology and other branches of mathematics.

This is the first book-length study of this fascinating branch of recreational mathematics. Written by one of the foremost experts on mathematical magic, it summarizes, with considerable historical data and bibliography, all previous work in this field; it is also a creative examination of laws and their exemplification, with scores of new tricks, new insights and new demonstrations.

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Invisible Writer (Grease Lead) by Vernet

Vernet Magic has the most complete line of writers. But there was one missing, until now — a writer undetectable under conditions of high scrutiny.

We’re proud to present:

Invisible Writer by Esteban Manazza

It allows new handlings that make the writer “Invisible”

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Ryan Plunkett – Masterclass Live 1

Ryan Plunkett Masterclass - Ryan Plunkett - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

You’re in for a real treat this November as we welcome in one of the premier magicians and creators from Chicago’s vibrant magic scene, Ryan Plunkett, for a jam-packed Masterclass.

A founding ensemble member and regular featured act at the Chicago Magic Lounge, Ryan is a masterful performer and a highly sought-after private and corporate event entertainer. He frequently appears at the Magic Castle, House of Cards in Nashville, and many other prestigious venues across the country. Each month, he also hosts his own unforgettable evening of cocktails and enchantment called Old Fashioned Magic at Koval Distillery.

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