Semi-Automatic Weapons Project Chapter 1 by Dani DaOrtiz

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1: Lie Detector

In the first lesson of the Semi-Automatic Weapons Project Dani starts off with an incredible effect that turns you into a human lie-detector. The deck is offered to a spectator to hold. The magician turns away and has another spectator cover their eyes. While their eyes are covered the spectator shuffles the deck. They are then instructed to deal the cards one at a time face up onto the table and say the identity of the cards out loud. As they deal they are allowed to lie about the identity of their selected card.

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The Poliza by Adrian Vega

“I just want to say Bravo! Adrian has taken this classic plot as far as it can go – with a beautiful concept and handling for a new, surprising finish people will love!”

There are a lot versions of this effect out there, but none like this!

Imagine taking one of the most performed card trick from beginners to professional magicians and turning it into an impossible miracle. This is what Adrian Vega did with “The Poliza“.

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Mark Zacharia LIVE

“If more magicians knew what Mark Zacharia knows about restaurant magic, more magicians would be in business.  Mark’s lecture clearly reflects the years of experience he’s had performing close-up magic at restaurants. You’ll learn some great magic and get great advice from a pro.” –Kostya Kimlat
“Mark Zacharia’s lecture offers some of the best advice to approaching presenting magic as a close-up magician as you are going to find.” -Garrett Thomas
“Mark Zacharia is an excellent performer who has analyzed, re-worked and optimized his magic effects over hundreds of performances.” -David Corsaro

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Freedom of Expression by Dani DaOrtiz

Freedom of Expression - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Freedom of Expression is an incredible look inside Dani’s thinking and philosophy that has helped countless magicians improve their use of psychological forcing and other psychological weapons. Across these nearly 180 pages, Dani strips these concepts to their bare bones in an effort to place them within everyone’s reach.

This is the same book that disrupted the magic world in 2009 when it was first published in Spanish. It was the book that introduced us to Dani’s famous belief that “everything happens from the viewpoint of the audience.”

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Loner by Cameron Francis

“Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media hit another double Grand Slam with LONER.” 9.5/10
Straight Talk Magic Reviews

LONER – They name any card and it’s the ONLY real card in a blank deck! No sleights – no forces – a one in 52 miracle that will leave your spectators breathless!!! Comes with special Bicycle Deck, ready to go!

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