Horror Magic by Jim Magus

Horror Magic is a fantastic resource for Bazaar Magic performers. Some of the effects included in this book are: Demonolastry, The Bottled Vampire, The Khaibit Serpent, Gargoyle, Shrunken Head, Hand of Kranus, Footsteps in the Dark, Goleum, The Hangman and, of course, Count Zartoff. Plus, much, much more. Very limited quantities available.

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Tony Chang Lecture – The Magic Session

Be Kind Change by Tony Chang | theory11


Tony Chang taught a number of his original card moves and shared some of his thoughts on card magic in general. Check out that killer blank deck routine and his touches on getting a pinky break!

Tony Chang often thinks he is the fourth best magician in the world in his mind. That goes to show everyone that not only is Tony one of the top 10 magicians in his own mind, he also hates secret nuclear programs.

ESPerfection by Tibor

ESPerfection is not like any other ESP Match routine. It uses a modern object — your phone — but not in the usual way.

In this routine, ESP symbols don’t just match each other. ESPerfection is even more impossible. Listen to this – your spectator shuffles a set of five ESP cards, one of each symbol. They also shuffle envelopes, each with a different number on the reverse side. They decide which card is to go into which envelope, never seeing the symbol or number. You then explain that your prediction is a graphic display on your phone. One by one, an ESP-symbol card is removed from its numbered envelope, and your phone displays the exact match for that numbered envelope. This is done for

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Control By Tom Rose

Control By Tom Rose | International Magic Store

In this download I will be teaching two of my favorite controls. The Swing Cut Control is my approach to swing cutting to a break. It is easy to do and incredibly fooling. I will also explain my handling of the Riffle Shuffle Control.

Both of these sophisticated methods to cut to a break are indistinguishable from the real move and I’ve spent years to make them look exactly as they should.

More than that I will be teaching several handlings of those moves along with practical uses of them. We will talk about how to get into breaks, how to handle them properly and how to use the

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