Tarbell 20: How to Please Your Audience

The secrets taught in this lesson are not tricks. They’re the secrets of presentation. If you’re looking for tricks, this lesson isn’t for you. But if you’re interested in taking your magic to the next level, you’ll be watching this one many times.

Michael Ammar is one of the best magicians alive today, and together with Dan, they discuss some of the most important lessons a magician can learn.

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Tarbell 16: Rope and Tape

The rope and tape principle discussed in this lesson is one of the oldest, and best, in the realm of magic and can be applied to a variety of items.

It first appeared in the English language in The Discovery of Witchcraft in 1584, where Reginald Scott wrote about it as though it was in common use for some time.

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Tarbell 103: Making Magic Pay (only Premium)

If you plan to make a living from magic, either part- or full-time, you’ll discover there are a wide variety of ways to generate reliable income.

– You’ll learn about the five major areas of magic in which you can make good money in.

– You will explore a comprehensive list of options and learn about the requirements, benefits, and drawbacks of each.

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Tarbell 99: Chalk Talk Magic (only Premium)

Animal Twist: You incorrectly guess the animal in a person’s mind, but your drawing turns out right after you turn it upside down.

Guess the Creature: A guessing game with the whole audience. One twist makes the image clear, and produces the actual object in real life.

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