Tarbell 78: Silk & Rope Penetrations (R Upload Nitroflare)

Harlan’s Five Piece Suit:
A full rope penetration act that plays BIG, using a necktie instead of a silk. You will learn various knot release techniques including: Jimmy Herpick’s

Single Knot Release, Lyons’ Handkerchief From Rope, Single Knot Handkerchief Through Rope, The Middleswart Handkerchief Knot, and the

Tarbell-rice Dissolvo Handkerchief Knot. 

Harlan’s Improved Tie-on:
As a bonus and kicker ending to the Five Piece Suit, you’ll learn how to make the tie re-appear on your neck with Dan’s practical, new design.

Tarbell Triple Handkerchief Release:
Three handkerchiefs knotted together are used to perform an opening ceremony that gets your show off to a surprising start.

Silk Through The Wrist:
You will learn how to pass a silk scarf directly through your arm.

Tarbell 78: Silk & Rope Penetrations
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  5. Please, i would like donwload Tarbell 78: Silk & Rope Penetrations but i dont have nitroflare premium

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