Others Magic

Bondage by Dr. Cyril Thomas

“I want to perform this trick, even want to add it in my routine!” –Bacon Fire

“Bondage is a must have it’s super visual and clean” –Dan Hauss

“What???” –Jean-Luc Bertrand

You are looking for an impromptu, easy to learn and ultra-visual miracle for real life performances? You’ve come to the right place.

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Color Gum by Asmadi

The color change is so fast that the viewer’s eyes can’t blink, this is Color Gum. This effect is perfect for viewing on social media and the stage.

Gimmick Construction: Intermediate
Viewing angle: 180

Buy now and create miracles !

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Re8 by Doan

A rubber band is shown, cut open – and restored magically with just a finger flick.

It’s Re8. Download this video and start learning today!

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Twister Flavor (Chiclets) by Snake and Tumi Magic

So magical it looks like a camera trick – but it’s real!

Twister Flavor creates a fun and exciting transformation for your spectators. Surprise them when they see your gum and magically BOOM!!! It’s become another brand of gum and flavor.

An impressive visual moment that happens in a BLINK — its method is very easy.

The gimmick is of excellent quality. We also explain how to repair it if it gets damaged.

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FLALOG By Hugo Choi

Hugo Choi – FLALOG – DIY edition by c_art – erdnasemagicstore
We have seen a lot of card magic. We know what will capture your audience’s attention.FLALOG is the one you need in your performance list. It is a collection of three visual card magic routines beautifully constructed by Hugo Choi.

These are not just a collection of one move eye candy. This is a collection of fully constructed routines with every details polished. 

Each routine has a different flow and story to take your card magic to the next level.

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MASKLESS by Antonio Satiru

Don’t be scared because is DIY.

This gimmick is extremely simple to make and very visual.

Take a playing card and make it change into a mask in just a split of a second. It’s nice, beautiful, instant. Maskless is a creation from the mind of Antonio Satiru.

You will learn everything you need to know to make this gimmick so that you can start performing this effect immediately.

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The Bell by TCC Presents Magic


There are some who will believe in Magic because they see it happen with their own eyes.

Others would think that magic is fake because there is more than what meets the eye, but it is something one could achieve through sleight of hand or other secret methods. In other words, what you see with your eyes may not be true.

Since your eyes may deceive you. What about your ears?

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