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Ryan Schlutz – Locked & Loaded

Locked & Loaded on the App Store

Imagine predicting anything, at any time, with no preparation. A spectator merely thinks of a playing card, vacation spot, sports team, or anything else you can imagine. Without hesitation, you show a matching photo on your phone’s lock screen.

Resets in seconds, no internet connection needed, and you can fully customize with your own images.

No voice recognition, no awkward moves or use of internal gyroscopes. This method is surefire, immediate, and incredibly easy to perform.

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The Vault – The Ultimate Virtual Opener by Ryan Joyce (Video+PDF)

Connect Instantly with Your Virtual Audience!

One of the keys to a successful virtual performance is to let your audience know exactly how to interact with you. This is the perfect magical way to do just that!

EFFECT: The audience watches as one card changes unexpectedly to an Ace, immediately followed by the others!


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Fork Through Finger by Axel Hecklau

“Axels handling is shocking great! FTF is an experience that goes literally through all the bones!” – Tobias Dostal

“FTF by Axel Hecklau takes my effect Pen Through Finger to a whole new level! Not only does it get my consent but my HIGHEST recommendation! If you think you know Pen Through Finger – think again!” – Matthew Johnson

“If you only want a short explanation of the trick, you should definitely leave it alone. Even if you don’t like the trick as such, you can learn a lot about the approach, the psychology and the

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Rubber Band Hysteria by Josh Burch

“An amazing project. Definitely pick this up.” – Joe Rindfleisch

“If you want to perform rubber band magic on social media, you should check Rubber Hysteria from Josh Burch. It contains material which every fan of rubber band magic will enjoy.” – Hanson Chien

Rubber Band magic has some of the most visual effects you can perform close up. Josh Burch has created seven effects where a single rubber band does impossible things. This is the perfect place to start learning rubber band magic.

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