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The Choice Box by TCC Magic & Didier Ledda

The Choice Box by TCC Magic & Didier Ledda

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Edwin Markham

Regrets often accompany decisions made in life.

This is deeply rooted in human nature’s inherent greed. The desire for the ideal outcome remains a constant pursuit, similar to hoping for a jackpot win with every lottery ticket.

Magic is no exception to this pattern.

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Cromo Project by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers

“CROMO is highly recommended! Very clever! Excellent thinking and topnotch work! It is great to take the work of the greats and advance it. That is how you keep the audience watching the classics “one more time.” Thanks for sharing with me! Really impressive work!”
– Pop Haydn

Directly from the professional repertoire of the Spanish Grand Prix of Magic 2023, we present CROMOCROMO is the personal solution of Gonzalo Albiñana to the color change handkerchiefs,

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Shadow Wallet Leather by Dee Christopher and 1914

“I really love modern and organic magic, and it’s for that reason I think that Dee’s Shadow Wallet is going to be the best peek wallet for magicians like me! I am sure that you will use it forever!”
– Adrian Vega

“This thing is so freaking cool! The perfect everyday carry! It looks smart, it is compact and the functionality is incredible considering its size! This will be something you ALWAYS carry!”

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JL Magic – Move Stick

JL Magic - Move Stick (Magiro's Wand & Block Mystery) - YouTube

A great and visual effect at an even better price!

You show two blocks, on with red stickers and one with blue stickers. You stack the red block onto the blue block.

You take a stick and show it is solid and pass it thru the holes in the red block. Everything is covered with a little screen but the ends of the stick keep on showing thru the sides of the screen.

You now take both ends in your hand and start pushing the stick down. When you remove the screen it now shows that you have pushed the red block thru the blue block as this is now on the

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