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Virtual Séance by Joe Diamond

Imagine an interactive séance that you can do over Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram, or virtually any streaming platform imaginable.

What the experts are saying…

“Virtual Séance is a highly commercial, easy-to-perform seance that can be done anywhere, at any time. Joe covers everything you need to know to immediately start performing virtual, or real, séances. I like the fact that these seances can be done for real, but you can include some mental effects, if you wish. With a bit of lateral thinking, the format and effects can be used in a variety of

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Multiverse by Dr. Cyril Thomas

“This is easy to do, super visual, rubber band and card magic you will actually use. No extra rubber bands. No sleeves. No complicated moves. Just a single rubber band and a deck of cards! Get this!” – Josh Burch

“I like it! Dr. Cyril Thomas really thinks outside the box!” – Bacon Fire

“Among all your creations, this one is really insane!” – Dad

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Skymember Presents Midas Touch by Julio Montoro

Pull out an object from the drawing/flyer like a real wizard! An effect based on 3D Advertising by Henry Evans.

In 2017, Julio Montoro was assigned a mission to create an opener magic effect for Ms Dania Diaz’s America’s Got Talent appearance. Imagination is the foundation of everything. When the imaginary is so strong, it will turn into reality.

Enter Midas Touch by Julio Montoro.

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RUBIKS WALL Complete Set by Bond Lee

Introducing Rubik’s Wall, the ultimate finale for your Rubik’s cube magic routine. Created by Bond Lee, D.K. Wong & Happy, produced by MS Magic.

If you are into Rubik’s cube magic, this is for you!

The magic routine is simple, spectator choose any cube they like, they can shuffle the cube as much as they want. They think of a sign, character or image, then place back the cube back to any position they want, to create a complete random pattern, and when you turn the wall around, it will become the perfect prediction of the sign/character/image!

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Derek Hughes – Vanishing Inc. Showtime (July 7, 2021)

Derek Hughes - Vanishing Inc. Showtime

We are so pleased to welcome veteran performer Derek Hughes to our Showtime series. Derek will present his all-new, interactive virtual show for us. Derek is a recognizable figure thanks to his tremendous showing as a top-ten finalist on America’s Got Talent. But Derek is also a thoughtful creator and consultant in magic, working as a producer on The Carbonaro Effect and many other fine magic productions. Derek’s style is wacky and hilarious, but never at the cost to the magic. He does hard-hitting miracles that have been honed and polished over years of touring comedy clubs and colleges. This is a show suitable for your entire family, so as always, we encourage you to watch alongside your partner and family.

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Checksum by Mark Lemon


Someone creates a unique 4 digit pin. Free choice.

The secret behind Checksum allows you to read their mind and know that number, every. Single. Time.

Checksum uses no magic apps, no toxic force, and the spectator’s borrowed phone.

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Gossip by Craig Petty

Gossip by Craig Petty (5519) - Dynamite Magic Shop

GOSSIP is a brand new effect from the working repertoire of Craig Petty.

Craig created GOSSIP almost twelve years ago and since then it has been part of his close up set and everyday carry!

Gossip is more than just a mind reading effect, it’s an innocent looking utility tool designed to fit in to your wallet as a totally self-contained piece of mind reading.

Imagine showing your spectators a torn page from a glossy magazine. The double sided page has ten lists, each with ten A-List celebrity names. Your spectators choose one of the celebrities (they

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