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Perform by Tim Hannig (Videos+PDF+MP3)

The Magic Cafe Forums - Perform… All the Stuff to Think About, by Tim Hannig

Not only will you receive PERFORM the book (you can read the description and testimonials on the book only link), but you’ll also get

1) 77 minute BONUS Video — not available for sale anywhere else…only with this upgrade package!

15 full school routines, plus a few extras. Over 75 minutes of content allowing you to see Tim in action in the school environment.

** These videos are for inspiration only. Tim is not teaching you his act, so this does not include permission to perform these routines. This video is meant to give you a chance to see Tim in action

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The Parallel Wallet by Paul Carnazzo

parallel- verb
1. duplicate or match

The Parallel Wallet is an everyday bi-fold wallet with one of the most deceptive peeks you will ever see.

The Parallel Wallet could be considered a simplified version of the sold-out Annihilation Wallet, utilizing only the peek feature.

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The Lookout Wallet 2.0 by Paul Carnazzo

The new and improved Lookout Wallet is here! Read minds like a pro and elevate your performances with this unique and stylish accessory.

The Lookout Wallet 2.0 is a black leather business card case with an extremely practical and deceptive peek feature.

The Lookout Wallet 2.0 is made of soft black Nappa leather and holds over 50 business cards. There are additional pockets to hold all of your Mental Voyage wallet cards and playing cards for various effects.

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Breakfast by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents this classic effect, now renewed! Use organic elements and any type of glasses.

A great effect for your shows.

Gustavo Raley presented this idea at Fantasio’s magic studio in 2007, and after that, was performed in countless conventions (such as the 4F).

This set includes a special gimmick and two cereal boxes, along with the tutorial to learn step-by-step how to perform and present the effect.

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GOD’S HANK by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic

God’s Hank is a versatile tool that allows you to do a variety of different effects that you can apply in your close up, parlor and stage performances.

Change, switch, produce and vanish objects with just one handkerchief!

Have you ever imagined doing the classic vanishing ring with different objects without having multiple handkerchief? Now you can.

The lock system in God’s Hank makes the object stay in place. That means that you can show the handkerchief all around without the object falling down. And when you want, you can easily

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Introducing your new favorite everyday carry (EDC): Color Prediction.

Imagine asking a spectator to name any two random colors from a set of four Lego bricks. They assemble them in any way they choose. Then, they take the remaining two and place them in the stack 100% freely.

From the start of the trick, you’ve kept a prediction hidden inside your fist. When revealed, it matches 100% with the stack that the spectator has freely selected.

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Rubber Blend by Dr. Cyril Thomas

“Dr. Cyril Thomas is so good at exploring new concepts and possibilities when I think there are almost none left. That’s what I call Creativity.” – Crazy Sam (Sam Huang)

“It’s not just tricks, it’s a system!” – Bacon Fire

“This is so visual! I’ve been playing with it all week! Definitely check it out!” – Joe Rindfleisch

“Dr. Cyril Thomas has proven himself to be one of the world’s most innovative rubber band magicians. Rubber Blend uses simple methods and setups to create devastating visual pieces of

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