Coin Tricks

Imagination Coin by Eric Chien & Bacon Magic

“Eric Chien’s Imagination Coin is like one of James Bond’s gadgets. I like that, despite the sleek appearance, it’s actually very simple. This mechanism will never go wrong during performance, and it helps us achieve a dream effect in magic: to make money appear between two empty hands.”
– Joshua Jay

“This artifact will definitely change the coin magic on the table!”

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The Vault – Orbit Coin Flourish by Greg Rostami

The Orbit Coin Flourish is one of the most amazing things you’ll do with a coin and a phone.

It looks impossible, but it’s an easy technique that you’ll quickly master.

Start with a simple table spin, and move on to more advanced spins on tablets, phones and other surfaces.


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Focal Point Production By Luiz Castro

I like when magic happens in one spot, when the spectators know what’s going to happen, but they can’t explain how it happens.
Focal Point is my three coin production. My good friend Kainoa Harbottle ( who also came up with the name for this effect) wrote up the non gaffed version in Genii, which I’m showing here along with a gaffed version that looks extremely magical. As a bonus I’m also teaching my slow motion karate coin handling that i love doing. It seems to never leave your sight. Get your coins and have fun with this three coin production i call Focal Point.

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THE BISAGRA by Juan Colas

Juan Colás brings us a new technique with coins, easy to do and with different applications. Perfect for social networks and for live too.

Instant disappearances and appearances and also some extras with gimmick and another one to play with the sound.

A wonderful product.

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Air Toss By CoinLudens

Official】"Air Toss" by Fuki | CoinLudens – coinludens

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“I’m glad I published this move.

When Fuki first showed the ‘Air Toss’ to us for the first time, this is what I thought.

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