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Danny Goldsmith – The Pistol Pass

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One Sleight. SO MANY USES!

This is the Pistol Pass, a new type of muscle pass that opens up so many possibilities! Many of these effects look like camera tricks, they’re not.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Pistol Pop Production

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HCC Coin Set by N2G

Put two coins in your hand and take out one at a time, but there are always two coins in your hand. Then they disappeared and are found in your pocket or purse.

This is hopping half, a classic coin magic routine. I’m honored to pay tribute to this classic effect with the version of ancient Chinese coins. This is HCC.

HCC contains a full set of special prop coins and two ordinary coins, which are convenient to use at the end of your routine. It also allows you to perform many more magic effects, such as sun and moon.

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Distancia by Les French Twins and Theory11

Real Power
Over 2 years in development, Distancia was built from scratch to give you real power at your command. Make a coin stand up and TURN OVER on its own in the spectator’s hands – while a glass is covering all sides. Have a deck of cards PHYSICALLY cut to a selected card on the table all by itself; and so much more.

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Optical by Danny Goldsmith

Danny Goldsmith Magic | A community for coin magicians | Downloads

In this project you’ll learn three impossisbly visual vanishes as well as the neurological principal that causes someone to see an object in your hand when it’s not actually there. 


What You’ll Learn:


Flip Flop Vanish

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