Coin Tricks

Speed Vanish By Luiz Castro

Hold a coin in your fingertips, and with no fast move at all, make it vanish. The Speed Vanish is a Move I discovered back in 2008. Never really shared much work on it, ( only in a few places) and I feel its time. What I give you its a few different ways of doing the move, with the least hand movement, best angles so its not a camera or a one on one trick only. Although it may seem like the angles are one on one base, with the methods i give you have way more room to play with. With different ditch methods, and tricks you get a move that will surprise and fool a lot of people, without telling them not to move so you get your angles right.

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Brass Class by Rooster

BRASS CLASS. Rooster teaches coin box magic – Copeland

Learn how to perform coin box magic!

Rooster’s debut release to the magic community, Brass Class is another perfect example of New Modern Coin Magic.

Forget about the old, classic table top only performances with coin boxes. In Brass Class you’ll learn to perform coin box magic in the hands of spectators in the walk around setting! Great for strolling gigs, house parties, weddings, cocktail parties, restaurants, Instagram, Facebook, and more!

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Coin Purse 3.0 by TCC

For all coin magic enthusiasts, having a coin purse that fits your hands allows you to accomplish twice as much with half the effort. It’s an indispensable assistant both for coin storage and performance accessories.

TCC PRESENTS has produced coin purse 1.0 and 2.0 before, and its fine workmanship and small size are loved by magicians all over the world. Now, we present an upgrade to Coin Purse 3.0.

The prototype of Coin Purse 3.0 comes from the coin purse that was produced by Jay Wang around 2015, a veteran coin magician in China. At that time, it was limited to the complicated craft

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FIT by Paul Carnazzo

Performed by Chris James

Imagine borrowing a coin and a ring and asking one of your spectators to push the coin through the ring…they can verify for themselves – the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

With just a little imagination, the performer defies physics and visually pushes the coin through the ring directly in front of the spectators’ faces!

This is a stunningly visual penetration of solid metal through solid metal.

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Wipe by Luke Oseland

Luke Oseland’s name has been floating on the underground for quite sometime. We are so excited to debut this vanish that is being talked about by many for its simplicity and elegance!

Wipe allows you to hold a single coin at the tip of your fingers, and with one wipe of your finger the coin starts to visually vanish out of existence!

On this project Luke will teach you the quick and easy set up necessary to accomplish this move, as well as a few variations including a colour changing coin and another bonus vanish!!

This is the type of magic we love at Lost Art Magic, simple and elegant, with very little set up, and looks like visual eye candy!

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