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Cylinder and Coins by Joshua Jay

Cylinder and Coins - Joshua Jay - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Joshua Jay has rebuilt one of the greatest close up magic tricks of the last century from the ground up to be more organic and entertaining than ever. A classic of magic has been reborn for a modern audience.

John Ramsay’s classic coin trick “Cylinder and Coins” is one of the most important magic tricks ever created. Like the Cups and Balls or an Ace Assembly, it is a rite of passage that all serious magicians must tackle at some point. Offering so many moments of genuine surprise, it is everything that is great about close up magic.

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GIR Expansion Set by Matthew Garrett

In order to use the expansion set you must specifically own Matthew Garrett’s 4 Linking Rings set in Silver, which contains rings that measure precisely 4.5″ external diameter.

Please measure to make sure you have the right set prior to ordering.

The rings are precision made and other sets will most probably not work with this expansion set.

GiR are very high quality close-up linking rings that use a revolutionary new method, allowing rings to be joined and (with no switch) passed out for examination.

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Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman presented by Erik Tait

Fast, visual, easy to do. Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman has been an introduction to sleight of hand for thousands of magicians. Now it’s back with update handlings and new sleights. This isn’t just a flashy little trick. It’s a crash course for anyone who wants to start their journey into sleight of hand with a deck of cards. This is Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman.

The effect is simple. A playing card is selected by the audience. It is clearly, and fairly, returned to the center of the deck. Then, in an instant, the selected card is reproduced as if from nowhere.

In this download you will learn the original handling created by Oz Pearlman. You also receive additional instruction from Erik Tait. The fresh tutorial includes new sleights, new flourishes, and

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A deck of cards shuffled by the spectator …

A mysterious sealed envelope out of the magician’s pocket …

The spectator lays out the deck of cards himself and concentrates on saying where the envelope should be inserted (between which cards).

We now look at which card the spectator decided to place the envelope, he now has a card in mind …

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YOSOKU by Joseph B

A Normal Deck
Totally impromptu

This variation is a really powerful effect. It is very simple to perform and the effectiveness on the audience is devastating!

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Mystery of Dice Pyramid by Kant Magic

Amazing magic effect for all types of magic performances.

This trick inspired from the 1940s impressive magic outcome.

The magician presents 4 different sizes black dices with white pips, a tube and two lids.

The magician presents the square tube and 2 lids, show that it covers 4 black dices with white pips dices stacked on top of each other as form a pyramid. Logically, largest at the bottom and the one

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