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In 1950s, David Berglas created the “Holy Grail” of card magic, known as “The Berglas Effect”.

The Berglas Effect:

The performer shows a shuffled pack of cards, then a spectator is asked to think of ANY card in the deck. Next, the spectator is asked to name a random number between 1 and 52. Amazingly, the randomly thought of card is found at the exact number the spectator had thought of. In later years, this effect was known as “ACAAN” and is still regarded as one of the most impossible card

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My Silly Tricks 2 By Hector Mancha Hangover Edition

The tricks contained within Hector Mancha’s new download “My Silly Tricks 2” are many things. Astonishing, creative, unusual, unique, surprising–but if we’re being honest with you, they’re not really that silly. That’s just Hector’s quirky style coming through.

Now, the trailer, that is silly. There’s nothing in magic like it. We promise. But then again, there’s nobody quite like Hector, either. He’s a FISM Grand Prix champion.

This download has 8 fantastic, workable routines. Best of all, the routines use unusual props. Two standout items for us include a highly deceptive trick with a harmonica and a borrowed bill to

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THE BEND by James Kellogg

The Bend is the simplest key bend you will ever perform. James Kellogg Jr. has created a new key bend. The Bend is an effect that is completely under your control. This unique method requires no need to worry about temperature control required to “bend” the key. The magician shows a straight key and without any sleight of hand, you instantly bend a key. It is that simple.

Supplied with The Bend:

  • 20 – gimmicked keys

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Speed Vanish By Luiz Castro

Hold a coin in your fingertips, and with no fast move at all, make it vanish. The Speed Vanish is a Move I discovered back in 2008. Never really shared much work on it, ( only in a few places) and I feel its time. What I give you its a few different ways of doing the move, with the least hand movement, best angles so its not a camera or a one on one trick only. Although it may seem like the angles are one on one base, with the methods i give you have way more room to play with. With different ditch methods, and tricks you get a move that will surprise and fool a lot of people, without telling them not to move so you get your angles right.

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The Shark by Zihu

Short description: The secret inside the box will frustrate your spectators, defying their logic and reasoning! You can reach in the box and find the selected card, but they only feel the shark’s pull!

Spectators ask themselves, “Why can’t I pull out the card?”

What it is: A whole new concept and gimmick — no threads, no magnet, self-working and 100% reliable.

A smart mechanism lets you keep the cards inside the box and release them anytime you want. You control the position, stop point, and timing for when it ends. This makes the audience curious,

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Brainwave My Way by Michael Vincent

Perform the greatest gimmick deck trick with a normal deck of cards.

Michael Vincent’s Brainwave My Way is a perfect way to perform one of the greatest card effects ever with a normal deck of cards. Brainwave My Way ends clean and is very easy to perform. Imagine being able to correctly predict ANY card named by a spectator without a special deck of cards. The spectator names ANY card, you spread a red deck of cards and from that spread you pull the only blue backed card from the deck. You guessed it, the blue backed card is the spectators previously named card.

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A real fooler! Joseph B. is able to combine and create principles in a very unique way. The result is a fascinating impossible world

A truly amazing effect with a sneaky and fascinating method! The spectator creates a card in his mind and shuffles the deck. Despite the stringent impossible conditions, the magician is able to find the card he was thinking of. A magician fooler effect! Easy to do!

A normal deck of cards!

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