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Virtual Séance by Joe Diamond

Imagine an interactive séance that you can do over Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram, or virtually any streaming platform imaginable.

What the experts are saying…

“Virtual Séance is a highly commercial, easy-to-perform seance that can be done anywhere, at any time. Joe covers everything you need to know to immediately start performing virtual, or real, séances. I like the fact that these seances can be done for real, but you can include some mental effects, if you wish. With a bit of lateral thinking, the format and effects can be used in a variety of

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Delta by Yuki Iwane

Delta by Yuki - Magic Videos and Ebooks Instantly Download

This is the 2nd online lecture of Yuki Iwane.

We have collected the works of card roll down, which are loved by many magicians.

This lecture is filled with the results of Yuki Iwane’s research over the years.

You can learn various approaches to card roll down.

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Eye Candy by Felix Bodden and Illusion Series

Felix Bodden is well known for being one of the most talented instagrammer in the magic industry. His videos have become viral on many occasions, blowing not only lay people’s minds but also magician’s one.

Today, Felix Bodden brings us the opportunity to learn three of his most viral videos, giving us the chance to become viral in our instagram feed. Welcome to Eye Candy.

Eye Candy is not only an instructional video, it is a weapon to develop our creativity and get access to become the next viral magician on social media. We will be learning three amazing effects

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Multiverse by Dr. Cyril Thomas

“This is easy to do, super visual, rubber band and card magic you will actually use. No extra rubber bands. No sleeves. No complicated moves. Just a single rubber band and a deck of cards! Get this!” – Josh Burch

“I like it! Dr. Cyril Thomas really thinks outside the box!” – Bacon Fire

“Among all your creations, this one is really insane!” – Dad

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APOLLO BLUE by Nicholas Lawrence & Worm

APOLLO is a unique and realistic Finger Through Card & Restoration effect, that’s ready toper form right out of the box!

You’ll LOVE performing Apollo LIVE and for Social Media. It is an excellent stand alone effect but also a great follow up to any Torn and Restored tricks.


Here’s what happens… Grab a playing card and with your finger start to push on the center of it… Push and twist until your finger bursts through the card!

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Skymember Presents Nova by Avi Yap

Many eye candy card tricks like TNR and Color Changing usually require gimmicks to achieve the visualness. What if we are telling you that, our in-house artist, Avi Yap has developed a concept to perform these card tricks without any gimmicks yet they are still insanely visual?

From the mind of Avi Yap, we proudly present to you Nova.

Nova is Avi Yap’s signature card routine that has been developed for more than 4 years. Nova has been impressing many respected magicians around the world like Dave Buck, Daniel Prado,

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