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Ethereal By Lewis Le Val

Ethereal By Lewis Le Val — Mindhaus

Unleash the power of the invisible touch.

Venture into higher states of consciousness with Ethereal by Lewis Le Val – a groundbreaking tutorial inspired by Banachek’s legendary Psychokinetic Touches.

In Ethereal, you will learn a variety of secrets for creating an ‘invisible touch’, along with routines to showcase the phenomena.

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Passkey by Lewis Le Val (Video+PDF)

Passkeys By Lewis Le Val — Mindhaus

A mini mentalism toolbox that lives in your Apple wallet.

Passkeys is the latest edition to your everyday carry, which includes a peek device, a book test and an intuition test, all from within your actual Apple wallet! No special apps required.

Upon purchase, you’ll instantly receive six specially designed passes:

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Greek Fire by Axel Vergnaud

Greek Fire by Axel Vergnaud – Alakazam Magic

The complete lighter magic set by Axel Vergnaud

This is a complete lighter magic set that will allow you to perform close-up miracles. You’ll be ready to amaze with six extremely visual effects with a mini-Bic lighter. These professional routines are perfect for walk-around, close-up and social media.

Transpo: A yellow and black lighter exchanges place several times, even though one of them is inside the spectator’s hand. Everything is completely examined at the end.

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Cardboard Chameleons by DARYL

Cards visually change colors right in front of your spectators with DARYL’S Cardboard Chameleons!

This routine is a masterpiece! This was the feature routine in which Daryl earned the Gold Medal at F.I.S.M.!

Only six cards are used, and they can be fully examined at the end of the routine. This means you are left 100% clean! It fits right in your pocket and keeps you ready to perform a miracle at a moment’s notice!

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Kaiju by Tony Miller

To the average spectator, most coins are simply shiny silver or copper discs. At best.

Haven’t you wanted coins that have some distinctive color or pattern?

With most normal coins, finding matching gaffs is a challenge.

Don’t you wish you could buy a set of unique coins that came with multiple gaffs?

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