Peek Box 3 by Tony D’Amico

Peek Box 3 • Electricks Magic Shop

What is Peek Box 3?

Peek Box 3 is the ultimate accessory for the PeekSmith 3 device by Tony D’Amico. It’s a custom-made card box that allows you to store a complete deck of cards and hide the PeekSmith 3 device at the same time. Despite being gimmicked, the box looks completely innocent and can be left in full view without arousing suspicion.

Peek Box 3 comes with a detailed instructional video and is available in red and blue colors. Each box is handmade and assembled by Tony to ensure the highest quality.

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Astor Mental by Astor

For this trick the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E. S. P. cards with blue back and five E. S. P. cards with red back. Every blue backed card has its matching red backed card. You will have the same E. S. P. symbols on the faces of these cards. The magician slips the blue cards into their slots on the board in an order only he knows. The spectator chooses one by one, in which matching slot the red cards should go, but he only sees the back of the cards. When the magician turns the board around, the blue back and red back cards are in the same order (top to bottom). You can show the trick twice and the order of the cards won’t be the same. The cards are not specially prepared.

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Toon Balloon By Gustavo Raley

Toon Ballon, por Gustavo Raley✓ - YouTube

Discover the new and innovative magical effect by Gustavo Raley: Toon Balloon.

To bring 2023 to a spectacular close, we present to you a one-of-a-kind magical experience.

Visualize the scene: you inflate a balloon, draw a smiling face on it, and suddenly, it starts to talk!

This amazing trick allows you to personalize your performance, adapting it to any script and making each show a unique experience.

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