Picture by Julio Montoro and Gentlemen’s Magic

Picture by Julio Montoro and Gentlemen's Magic

An impossible change, right under their eyes

With Picture you can clearly show a card to your spectators, fold it and place it at your fingertips to instantly unfold it and show that the card has changed. WTF?

A card can change to another, a blank card can become printed… the possibilities are endless and not only applicable to cards!

Imagine showing a card to a spectator, just before putting it folded in his pocket. When you desire, just ask him to take it out and open it… the card has changed.

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The Guardians by Thomas Riboulet

There’s a reason some pieces of magic are universally powerful. For several years I’ve performed Guardians.
The guardians is unique because the entire trick is over before the effect has even started. This is a really beautiful well-constructed routine. Allowing you to be completely free in your performance, with the magic taking place in their hands.

Two new sandwich concepts : THE SANDSWITCH (main routine) and THE SANDSHIFT (bonus routine)

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Fire Anywhere by Zyro and Aprendemagia

It is a pleasure to show you the magic device that is going to revolutionize magic with fire.

The famous fire-book has reach another level.

Has it ever happened to you that as your fire-book gets old and burnt it does not work every time, and doesn’t fit in your routine?

The solution has been found for all of these problems and more:

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Withdrawal (USD) by Jeff Prace and Josh Janousky

Visually extract real currency from an ordinary gift card… not once, but TWICE… and the gift card is IMMEDIATELY EXAMINABLE with no palming, loading, stealing, or switching!

Watch the demo now!

You show a standard gift card with a $25 value. When you’re strapped for dough, a gift card is useless; you need cold, hard cash. Your hands are clearly empty apart from the gift card, and a $1 bill stunningly POPS out of the card into your awaiting hand, leaving a $24 value PRINTED on the gift card.

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MYSTERY LED by Carpenter Wong

A magician’s house should be filled with wonders. Vintage bells, decks of cards, intriguing puzzles, and impossible objects all have their place. And now, a new addition to your magical room: Mystery LED. It appears to be a piece of glass with a movable switch and an LED, but the real magic is inside.

Mystery LED allows you to control the LED light, turning it on or off at will.

Mystery LED‘s design is elegantly simple, consisting of a piece of glass, a wooden base, a switch, and an LED. These components are easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can confidently

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