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The Ultimate Turnover by Doc Docherty

Believe it or not, this trick uses an ordinary deck!

Here’s what happens:

A card is selected and signed by the audience. They thoroughly examine the card box before their signed card is placed inside. The Ace of Spades and the Two of Hearts are placed on opposite sides of the table. With a magical gesture the Ace and the Two change places. To keep things fair a joker is used to turn them face up and confirm they have actually swapped. With one more magical

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Vaticinium Ex Eventu by Jared Kopf

Vaticinium ex Eventu - Jared Kopf - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Vaticinium ex Eventu is a collection of three effects from the ingenious and unique mind of Jared Kopf. In it’s entirety, the book presents an argument for why the Object to Impossible Location plot should be framed as a prediction effect. As a result, you receive a wonderful balance of Jared’s very strong theory, and three high impact effects which put his theories into practice.

The Card in the Envelope – Under incredibly fair and open conditions, three audience members ‘create’ a playing card. Somehow, this is shown to have been known in advance when the card is missing from the deck and found in an envelope which the SPECTATOR tears open.

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Navigator 2 by Reese Goodley

I cannot believe today has finally arrived; it’s been two years since I wrote ‘Navigator’.

Who’s ready for ‘Navigator 2?’

While travelling around Europe in my camper van, I felt inspired by the vast amounts of culture surrounding me. Each time I met a new person, they inspired me with their story, and when they asked me about myself; naturally, mentalism came up.

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FADECK by Juan Pablo

Imagine this: a spectator chooses a card and you keep it clearly in a pocket and the rest of the deck remains in one of your hands, now slowly, visually and magically the deck disappears until there is only one card left in your hand and it turns out to be… the chosen card and the rest of the deck is now… in your pocket!.

FADECK is super visual, the deck disappears very slowly, and you reset it in five seconds.

Excellent for close up magic and stage magic.

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Crazy Town Poker By John Carey

Download and start learning right now!

John Carey is back with his second helping of semi automatic deliciousness!

Crazy Town Poker is a super easy Poker style effect which can be played magician vs spectator or spectator vs spectator.
On this download John is once again joined by Peter Nardi who also shares his thoughts and handling for this great effect

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Psi Cube by Vernet magic

PSI Cube, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by German Dabat - Magic Shop San Diego

Impossible Prediction System

This is not a trick; this is a system to make impossible predictions. When you learn the main concept you’ll be able perform many effects where the prediction appears in an impossible location. You can even create your own routines; your imagination is the limit!

This new concept brings endless possibilities!

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