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Kieron Johnson LIVE 2 (Video+PDF)

“Such brilliant, mad, obsessive thinking that has created spectacular effects. You are a true one off. Keep up the brilliant work!” – Andy Nyman

“A polar vortex has hit the magic world.” – Wayne Dobson 

“Kieron is a genius.” – Fay Presto

“There’s close up magic, stage magic, and then there is Kieron’s magic. His unassuming child like persona just sets you up to blow you away with his ingenious magic and incredible methods.

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Homer Liwag – Masterclass Live (Week 2+3+Zoom)

Homer Liwag Masterclass Live Review - YouTube

For the first time ever, Homer Liwag will be lecturing for magicians during one of the most anticipated Vanishing Inc. Masterclass sessions we’ve ever offered.

Homer Liwag is an award-winning director, cinematographer and artist that has spent nearly 30 years working directly alongside David Copperfield. He is a master of video and music editing, sound design, script development, illusion staging and theatrical lighting design. One of his biggest passions in life though, has always been magic.

Prior to becoming the co-director and design director for David Copperfield’s live Las Vegas shows and emmy award-winning TV magic specials, Homer was a working magician. He honed his

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David Jonathan LIVE (Video+PDF)

“David is one of my favorite creators in the whole of the magic world. He has an uncanny ability to streamline and simplify effects whilst making them incredibly powerful and multilayered. Many of the tricks I perform in my working sets have been his creations. His material is strong, commercial and incredibly well structured. David’s Penguin Live is destined to become one of the best the platform has ever seen.” -Craig Petty

“David invents the kind of magic I love performing. Smart plots, fun methods and diabolically fooling material!” -Adam Wilber

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Christian Grace – Omniscient

Christian Grace - Penny for your Thoughts -

An all round powerful routine where you seem to be able to know things that you shouldn’t about the secret choice your spectator makes with the deck hidden. Not only can you seemingly divine the chosen card but also describe where they’ve placed it in the deck down to its exact position. After this you repeat the effect but this time predict the card they go for randomly before they even go for it!

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