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Jeffrey Wang LIVE

“Jeffrey does beautiful coin magic with his innovative sleights! You are gonna love his work.” -Eric Jones

“Watching Jeffrey perform from behind is an eye opener. Never have I seen anyone manipulate coins like this. This is what we call in Chinese a true 变态.” -Eric Chien

“Jeffrey Wang’s Coin magic is stunning.  It makes me think that I’m wearing a VR headset and looking at some type of trick photography. Then I remember we’re just sitting in a restaurant and what he’s doing is real and I get mad for all the right reasons.” -Erik Tait

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Puzzled by Roddy McGhie

Puzzled by Roddy McGhie Trick

If you want to give away the impossible puzzle at the end, check out the optional Puzzled refill pack. It’s not required, since you don’t have to give away the card.

Turn an impossible puzzle into an impossible object that your audience will never forget. Assemble puzzle pieces that impossibly fuse together and then can be examined. From the quixotic mind of one of Scotland’s best, this is Puzzled by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

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Apollo Riego LIVE

“Apollo is a polished performer with some wonderfully creative ideas! It would be in your best interest to pick this up, study it, and apply these ideas to your own act!” -Michael O’Brien

“Apollo is a rare breed in magic. Mixing his modern style with vintage mechanics, Apollo creates truly unique moments of magic. Taking street magic style and making it play well on stage is difficult… yet Apollo nails it every time!” -John Stessel

“Great touches on classic routines. A worker’s delight!” -Joshua Messado

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Lion Rings by Hector Lion & TCC

The Chinese Linking Rings is an effect ingrained in many magicians’ memories during the time they just got into magic.

It is one of the most outstanding contributions of Chinese magic to the world of magic. It is also undoubtedly one of the most widespread magic effects in the world. The Chinese Linking Rings can be seen on the busy streets and scenic tourist spots, shopping malls, international stages, and magic conventions.

Since it was introduced to the West hundreds of years ago, Magicians from all over the world have had their own take on the routine, number of rings, and even shapes and sizes. The most well-

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The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau

The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau (Part I and Part II) Instant Download

Do you perform the rings for decades? – This will give your routine a boost.

Do you like to learn the rings from scratch? This will guide you to develop a comprehensive understanding for the linking rings.

You will not only learn how but WHY…

FISM winner Axel Hecklau compressed 40 years of experiences into 3,5 hours of crystal clear teaching.

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Jamy Ian Swiss – Masterclass Live (Week 2+3+PDF)

Jamy Ian Swiss Masterclass: Live - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Jamy Ian Swiss is many things: a scholar, a critic, a historian, a performer. But in this Masterclass, Swiss will zoom in on card technique to deliver an essential set of lessons on some of card magic’s most abused and misunderstood sleights. Swiss has been teaching students for decades, refining the methods he uses to communicate complex sleight-of-hand by breaking them down into simple, achievable steps. While this Masterclass will get into intricate sleight of hand detail, all are welcome and there will be stepping stones for all skill levels. Use this opportunity to study from one of magic’s most highly-regarded teachers in this unprecedented look into his repertoire of sleights.

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Jay Sankey – Switch Clip

SWITCH CLIP – Sankey Magic

Another example of a Jay’s brilliant mind at work. Switch Clip is organic and flows perfectly. This brilliant prop is as inconspicuous as it gets and has a million uses.”-Damian the Magician

With Jay’s amazing NEW ‘Switch Clip’ gimmick you’ll be able to perform:

*Invisible switches
*Shocking restorations

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