Impload by Jim Krenz

ImpLoad - Jim Krenz - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Their signed card vanishes from the deck and is found inside a card box that has been on the table the entire time.

“ImpLoad” is Jim Krenz’s signature technique for secretly loading a playing card into a tuck box right under their noses. This practical and versatile move has been popularized by Asi Wind and now you can discover the secret by grabbing this download, or save big by getting it as part of the “Jim Krenz Collection”.

This deceptive move is a ton of fun to practice. You won’t believe how it just flies right by your audience. Some of the most talented magicians in the world have been totally fooled by this.

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Dex by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor (ALL 5 Volume+ALL PDF)


“Ferrari don’t make playing card indexes, but if they did, they’d have created DEX.”

In layman’s terms, a Card Index is like a Rolodex for a deck of cards that secretly hides in one or multiple pockets. It gives the magician the ability to secretly retrieve a named playing card and “magically” reveal the card “from thin air” (or any other way they wish).

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Imaginary Memorization by Dani DaOrtiz (Chaos Project Chapter 8)

Imaginary Memorization

The What
A deck of cards is handed to a spectator who shuffles it, then hands out groups of cards to other spectators, and they also shuffle their packets. One person remembers a card from their packet, and then shuffles back into the deck. The deck is reassembled, and the spectator shuffles the deck even further. It’s complete chaos! The performer spreads the deck face up on the table and memorizes

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Letters From Juan by Juan Tamariz (Volume 2)

Juan Tamariz is regarded by many to be the world’s greatest living magician. Tamariz is not only a superstar to the Spanish public, but one of the world’s foremost experts on magic theory & methodology, as well as a prolific author. The legend himself now writes to YOU.

After fifty years of performing and traveling Tamariz now sits down to write letters to you, his dear friend, with a focus on close-up magic as well as new stories. Rather than approach these effects in the style of a traditional magic book, Juan is presenting them in the context of a letter, written to only his closest magical friends.

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Unreal by Bruce Bernstein

Bruce Bernstein has spent over three decades creating, refining and developing some of the most devious feats of mentalism known to man. He’s become a trusted, go-to source for many of the greatest mind readers of the last twenty years. He’s collected an enviable list of endorsements from nearly every great magician and thought reader of the last thirty years. And now he’s gathered together years of thought-provoking, engaging writing into a comprehensive hardbound collection that showcases his work in the finest possible light.

It’s called Unreal.

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The Opener by Parlin Lay

An interactive guessing game!

The audience is shown two envelopes. One of them has money in it and the other one has just a piece of paper inside. If the audience guesses the correct envelope, they win the money.

In the end they lose.
The audience makes the wrong choice and they just get an envelope with a piece of paper in it.

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