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The Jerx – Thinking of You

Every pdf file will have our watermark + visible and hidden marks with your paypal name. Since this product is very exclusive we would like to be able to track the leak. Sharing this product with others could lead to complete deletion of your account on erdnase. Please buy this product only if you agree to those conditions.


Thinking of you (TOY) is a book that was a bonus for people who donated to site during the fourth reader-supported year (season) of the site. It’s 240 pages. 25 chapters. It’s about

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Shade by Jeki Yoo

A cool and visual trick with your everyday carry! SHADE – Bill To Sunglasses!

I am proud to present my newest magic item, which is great for everyday magicians, social media & virtual shows!

I spent over 1-year developing SHADE and created many different methods and handlings that will allow you to perform this effect almost anywhere!

  • Compact self-contained gimmick included

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SHOWCASE by Thomas Sealey


The Universal version (66mm wide x 95mm high) sticks to the back of your existing phone case and can beremoved if required.

Created by Thomas Sealey
Designed & Developed by Mark Traversoni and iNFiNiTi

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Thin Air by Ignacio Lopez

Thin Air (Ignacio López) - Ignacio López - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

After completely selling out at Magifest and Blackpool, “Thin Air” from Ignacio Lopez is finally available worldwide.

“Thin Air” is one of the most versatile utility devices we’ve ever offered. Hidden beneath the surface of this seemingly innocent silk lies one of the easiest and most practical ways to produce, vanish or switch playing cards, business cards, photos, lottery tickets, billets…or any other similar item.

Here are just a few ways to use “Thin Air”:

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ESP Testing Set by Spooky Nyman

Imagine…the spectator has a genuinely free choice of 5 ESP symbol cards. You don’t see the front or back of their card, and all the other cards are covered…but still you’re able to divine their selection with no fishing, and 100% accuracy. A stunning 3 stage routine with a phenomenal secret.

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StarSystem by Benoit Campana & Mathieu Bich

StarSystem is a revolutionary method to memorize a stack of 52 cards in a very short time. You can use any stack you want, Tamariz’s, Aaronson’s or even your own !

The memory work you will have to do is usually less than an hour. If you follow our step by step method you will be able to memorize a stack of 52 cards with almost no memorization and in a very short amount of time.

StarSystem uses a unique approach inspired by world championships memory techniques. Whats makes StarSystem unique is the small memory work needed and the fact that you will know the

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