A Series of Mysteries by Xavier Spade

A Series of Mysteries by Xavier Spade | Magic Stream

3 finger crippling routines from the world’s premier sleight of hand artist.

“”A series of Mysteries by Xavier Spade is a compilation of three routines using some of the heaviest sleight of hand techniques known to man. But they’re used because they’re essential to this impossibly clean Mystery card plot.

Straight from Queens, NY, Xavier (Host of Sleight school) is one of the best sleight of hand artists in the world today and will give you the proper tools to take this effect in to the real world.

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SOULMATE by Hide & Sergey Koller

Imagine having one device that allows you to perform 100 routines!

For example:

1. Cody Fisher’s incredible “Eat/Fart Routine” now available for stage It is one of the best comedy acts on stage, ask a spectator to think about the action they like doing and then you try to figure it out. For some reason, the audience is laughing at everything they hear, everybody thinks that it is just a joke, but prepare for the big final! (Comedy script from Cody Fisher included)

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Exhale by Steven Palmer

Exhale by Steven Palmer : Lybrary.com

Exhale is a utility technique / force that enables the performer to force a card on a spectator as the spectator shuffles and cuts the deck. It is a combination of ideas and techniques from the literature that have been streamlined and added to. Included are several routines I have used the technique with. The exhale technique is essentially self-working and seems impossible to the spectator as the spectator does all the work.

1st edition 2020, PDF 21 pages.

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SenseTag by João Miranda and Julio Montoro

From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro arrives SenseTag.

This effect is a modern take on the classic object to impossible location, where a coin or wedding ring vanishes and reappears inside a GPS tracking device, that is attached to the magician keys.

Thanks to the ingenious loading device the secret action happens in less than 2 seconds.

SenseTag was designed and built from the ground-up and took João Miranda’s Team over 2 years to perfect.

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THE NO PALM EDC WALLET by Matthew Wright

The No Palm EDC Wallet by Matthew Wright does exactly what it says.

Ideal for beginners looking for their first “card to wallet” It is an everyday hip style wallet that can be used as your regular wallet but also has the built in ability to secretly load a playing card into the bill section (paper clipped to a business card inside an envelope of you wish) without the need to palm a card or use any complicated sleights.

As well as the secret loading system, the wallet has space for bills, credit cards and I.D. cards making it the perfect hidden accomplice that is always with you and ready to go. With a reset of a

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Hand Shadows CHRISTMAS EDITION – Handbook 2020 by Antonio Fumarola

The practical manual of shadow puppetry. Antonio Fumarola, illusionist, reveals in this photographic book one of his most acclaimed arts. Antonio reveals in this book the magic and techniques of an ancient art, in which everyone has ventured at least once in their life. Numerous examples illustrated by photos and descriptions to make various CHRISTMAS shapes projected towards the wall. Thanks to the settings of the hands with a light source you will be able to make shapes for your amusement and the excitement of those who are watching you. A Christmas book

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Convergence by Cameron Francis

An incredibly direct Card At Number effect!

“Convergence is the best card to number I have ever seen. Its so easy to do yet so deceptive. Great job, Cameron.” – Bob Tucker

“Love it! It totally lives up to the description on your site.” – Tim Eden

Cameron Francis brings you an amazing card at number effect that plays huge and is extremely practical.

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