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Rorschach By Nick Popa

Rorschach by Nick Popa Magic Instructions Magic trick|Magic Tricks| -  AliExpress

Rorschach is a tool, a brand new gimmick that opens up your creative mind to endless possibilities.

Nick Popa will teach you his personal effects like the Rorschach routine, The World’s Most Visual TNR, Bill change, a killer Card-to-Bill and how to use this gimmick in your own routines.

Rorschach can be adapted to: 

  • Playing cards

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Putar 2 By SaysevenT

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT Instant Download

I challange my self to spin a double card not on the deck, but on somewhere !
Two years experience make that can be reality to do a double card spin quickly on table.

I have a recipe how to make that perfect spin on table.

And this only using your skill,not a gaff or something to make that sticky.

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Mario Lopez - Magia con Cigarrillos

Mario López introduces us to the Magic with Cigarettes. In this detailed explanation we are going to see the Hinge and the Spike aplied to the Magic with Cigarettes. It includes a vast Applications section: Cigarette Recomposition, 3 type of False Breaking tecniques and the Steal and Breaking of 1/2 Cigarette directly from the packet.

All of this accompanied by an interesting General Tips and Reflexions about the Impromptu Nature of this type of Magic. Where you can find aspects about Construction and Magic Composition.

More than 20 minutes next to one of the most creative minds

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One Hand One Card by John Carey

One Hand One Card by John Carey - Free Video Download —

‘One Hand & One Card’ is taken from ‘SUBLIME SELF WORKING CARD TRICKS’ – a brilliant collection of TEN entirely sleight free magic tricks that look incredible but require no skill!


And remember, we will ALSO send you a 3 trick eBook called ‘Carey Bite Size’ for FREE!!!

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The Vanishing Card by Nicholas Lawrence

A complete sell out at the Blackpool Magic Convention. The trick that set the world on fire at Magic Live. You’ve seen it go viral on every social media platform. Now you can finally perform it for yourself. This isn’t a simple card vanish. While you are holding just the smallest portion of the card it vanishes from the bottom up. From the mind that brought you Smooth, Revamp, Evolve, and some of the greatest gimmicks of all time; this is the single most visual card vanish the world has ever seen. The original method is finally available for the very first time. This is The Vanishing Card by Nicholas Lawrence.

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