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Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia) By Ravi Mayar And Fraser Parker

Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia) | Ravi Mayar & Fraser Parker | Secret  Magic Store

Ravi Mayar has been secretly working on a body of work in the field of pseudo Hypnosis for the past couple of years. He recently shared an effect from this work with Fraser and instantly blew him away with how effective, devious and outright clever it was.

Performing over the phone Ravi was able to cause Fraser not to be able to say his name with just a few simple words.

Fraser knew instantly that this was something he wanted to perform and began to work out his own version with Ravi right away based on the core method at work.

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Azlan Redux by Fraser Parker

“F**k me!!! This is ridiculous! Mate it’s so, so, so fooling! Even after knowing the original method and watching it play out countless times”
– Nathan Chandler

“Just watched the demo you sent for the Card At Any Number and I have no idea how it works”
– Dreygon Hibbler
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“A real magician fooler effect!”
Imagine combining two classic magic effects: Triumph and Any card at any number!
What you will get is a killer effect!
The conditions for the Magician are really impossible. But he will be able to position the spectator’s card exactly to the number he is thinking of! Astonishing and wonderful!

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Magic Moments by Incredible Rohit

Magic Moments by Incredible Rohit :

xcerpt from the introduction:

In this book you will see that most of the effects are simple. Although some of them require a few basic counts and moves they are all entertaining. In fact all the effects can be good openers. Many of the card tricks use playing cards with unusual pictures. From my past experience I have seen that people prefer these kinds of cards more than the usual playing cards. As much as possible I have tried to avoid “select a card” effects, but for one which I feel is a very strong one. I don’t claim that everything in this book is original as you will see that many of them are variations of

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Blue and red line is an effect full of surprises, Incredibly fascinating, with an unexpected ending that will fool you.
Look carefully at the complete performance. The cards are shuffled so that red and black alternate, even face down and face up.
The cards magically unmix and then mix again by themselves, then a color change occurs on the faces and finally also on the backs.
In the explanation there is also a short tutorial on the techniques (false count) used.

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Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 by Daryl

The Cups & Balls always mystifies and delights audiences whenever it is performed and has become an essential element for magicians worldwide.

Now, renowned Master Magician, DARYL, brings you the first and last word on the subject with the 2 Volume Master Course on Cups & Balls.

This is an additional treasure trove of Cups & balls magic to accompany your Volume 1 of the Master Course on Cups & Balls, using step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from masterful tricks to the most advanced routines. Classic sleight of hand skills, props and techniques are all explained in the thorough detail previously only obtained with private lessons.

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Torque by Chris Turchi and Brandon David

Torque by Chris Turchi and Brandon David video DOWNLOAD

ased off of the classic “Twisting Arm” by Shinko, Chris Turchi and Brandon David have given this timeless illusion a twist of their own by bringing the effect off of the ground and in your face.

Simply ask your spectator to copy your actions. You both place your hands in front of you and begin rotating them to test how far your arm can be twisted. Your spectator is soon going to find out that they can only turn their hand half way while you continue to turn and turn and turn your hand until they rub their eyes in disbelief!

No more sleeves and bringing your spectators to the ground. Now you can perform in the air, bringing all of your spectator’s in for a closer look. As impromptu as it is shocking, Torque needs no

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