Magic Package

Will Fern LIVE

“Will Fern lights up a room even before he enters it. He’s the total package: high-energy personality, hysterical comedy, great audience interaction, phenomenal chops and highly original thinking. Add to that the fact that he is a really fine teacher and communicates his points extremely well.” -Marc DeSouza

“He performs with such contagious great energy… and all of his creations have that quality built into them.” -Asi Wind

“Anyone that performs strongly and prolifically is someone I listen to when they speak. The best advice comes from real world workers like them, and Will Fern is one of those guys.

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Bill Malone LIVE

Here’s what people are saying about Bill Malone:

“So entertaining! I laughed the day he was born!” -Bill’s Mom

“Bill Who? I love David Blaine!” – Bill’s Sister, Sue

“Keep your dog off my lawn!” – Bill’s Neighbor

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Chastain Criswell LIVE

Palm Sandwich – Progressive three card sandwich – Three Cards Selected then found one at a time between the jokers. The last one is a doozie!

Pocket Rocket – A card to pocket boxed up and fast!

Plunger Aces – Four aces lost and found: one handed face up second deal. (A special mention of Tony Econ whom also had the same idea and have me his blessing to teach and publish my ideas)

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Brian Gillis LIVE

“As a magician who wants high impact from their magic I think you need to always be a few steps ahead of them. When you see Brian work you can tell he’s ahead of the audience by a mile. Or at least you can tell after he’s amazed everyone in the room including yourself” – Jon Armstrong

“Brian Gillis’s fast-paced style consistently elicits screams and laughter in every room that he works at the Magic Castle. He fools them, but more importantly, he totally entertains them.” – Jack Goldfinger

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Lee Earle LIVE ACT

“If you don’t know Lee Earle, you don’t know mentalism!  Lee has been a leading pioneer in originality and promoting others within our craft over the last 30 years. His ideas and improvements have progressed our art in leaps and bounds. When Lee speaks, one would do well to listen.” – Banachek

“Lee’s material is practical and well thought out …he understands the nuances and details that make a strong effect excel.” – Quentin Reynolds

“There is no better teacher in Mentalism than Lee Earle.” – Marc Salem

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David McCreary LIVE ACT

“David is all at once disarming and devious. He will have you laughing all the way to astonishment. Don’t let the goofy exterior fool you, let the magic do that.” – Aaron DeLong

“David McCreary does the kind of comedy magic I love. HIs touches on his stage act are gold for anyone who wants to take their show from good, past great, to incredible.” – Erik Tait

What will he teach?

OPENER – This is David’s comedic prediction opener. It sets the tone for what the rest of the show is going to feel like. It includes 3 random predictions written out on a dry erase board. Two and

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Curtis Kam LIVE ACT

“As always, Curtis brings a devastating clarity to coin magic, providing visual moments of impossibility that are sometimes dizzying to behold. Fearless in his sleight of hand, Curtis also has the key quality that many technicians lack: an intelligent personality that is driven to entertain his audiences. Perhaps most importantly for those who are just starting to study Curtis’s material, he is a “big picture” performer: he carefully choreographs the individual moments that make up a larger routine, he recognizes the subtleties that make such moments work, and he deploys years of psychological and philosophical ruminating that allows all of the pieces to work together as a whole and create truly amazing magic.”- Kainoa Harbottle

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