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Branden Wolf, Dalton Wayne, and Nicholas Lawrence LIVE

“I’m a huge fan of Dalton. He creates his own path with a fascinating originality and his artistic drive shines through everything he does. I’m excited to sit back and watch him make some serious waves.” –Daniel Madison

“Nicholas empowers you with the tools needed for some of the most direct visual magic. Clever and creative.” –Garrett Thomas

“Nicholas’ work consistently delivers beautiful, highly visual impact effects on the level that all of us grew up wanting magic to have… His designs create what REAL magic would look like…If

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Oz Pearlman LIVE 2: Corporate Magic

“Oz Pearlman, master of illusion, makes things appear, disappear and change size…amazing!” -New York Post

Oz left a dream job in Manhattan at one of the big 3 investment firms to become a professional magician. How did he do it? Sunday June 3rd, Oz comes to Penguin to not only tell his story, but to show you how to find gigs, book them and keep them coming back for more.

Oz Pearlman is one of the busiest performing mentalists in the country. He developed an interest in magic at a young age and what started as a hobby ended up becoming a lifelong passion. After a

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At The Table Live Lecture – Marcelo Insua December 2nd 2015

Marcello Insua, founder of Tango Magic and the famous Bar Magico, joins us for an At The Table experience! With over 200 lectures under his belt, you can expect time-tested routines, from coins to cards to mentalism. Imagine learning THREE Any Card At Any Number routines, or even an Invisible Deck without gimmicks! Marcello’s ingenious ideas have won the most prestigious awards in Magic, have a look at some of the routines you can expect to learn:

Invisible Deck – Be able to do The Invisible Deck without a gimmicked deck! Have the spectator name their favorite card and once they do you ribbon spread the deck on the table and the

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David Regal LIVE 2

“David Regal’s magic is just sensational.” – Jim Steinmeyer

“David Regal is diabolical.” – Lance Burton

“David Regal has been a wellspring of clever magic ideas for more than 20 years.” – Jamy Ian Swiss

“David Regal’s approach to magic made me one hundred thousand dollars.” – C. Thomas Howell

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Danny Archer LIVE

“As they say, if you get one thing from a book, or DVD or lecture, it’s worth the price of admission. I predict that Danny’s wide range of material will have that something special for almost everyone! My personal favorite is Sneak Preview.” -Gregory Wilson

“I really enjoy seeing Danny lecture. He’s a great guy who has a feel for solid and practical material, all performed with that delightful “Archer” touch. Besides performing in the “real world”, he’s rubbed shoulders with some of the best performers in the business and it shows. Let him share that wisdom with you.” -Bruce Bernstein

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Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix

The Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix is a FREE gift to anyone who pre-orders it through Christmas day as a thank you to all of Penguin’s customers!

With nearly 500 Penguin Live Lectures, Acts, and Christmas specials over a decade, it’s impossible to pick just one of your favorite moments, and that’s why we’re hosting the Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix with the host of Penguin LIVE, Erik Tait. Curated by the team that produces the Penguin Live Lectures, this holiday remix features some of the best performances, the biggest laughs, and the incredible magic of the last decade.

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