Alakazam Academy

Alakazam Online Magic Academy By Luca Volpe

Luca Volpe Academy Instant Download – Alakazam Magic

Luca Volpe is one of the busiest Mentalists in the world with a client list that reads like the Fortune 500!

On this download Luca goes above and beyond to teach you some of his finest creations. In fact there is enough killer material on this download for you to create your own powerful mentalism show.

Each effect is direct, hard hitting, well structured and entertaining.

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Bill Abbott Cocktail Magic Academy

Bill Abbott Cocktail Magic Academy Instant Download – Alakazam Magic

Bill Abbott is a full time pro and on this download he will teach you some of his go to mix and mingle/cocktail magic style routines. These are some of the routines he uses to make his living. Every effect is direct, commercial and above all easy to do. Bill also gives you some invaluable tips along the way. If you are wanting to start going out and performing your magic in public, this is the download for you.

All around you are people that seem to know each other. They’re laughing, engrossed in conversation, busy eating and drinking. You on the other hand are hired to ‘entertain’ these busy people

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Joe Rindfleisch Rubber Band Academy 2023

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Joe is known as a pioneer in the field of rubber band magic.  His new rubber band effects are visual foolers and have helped to revitalize the interest in rubber band magic.  In addition, Joe has traveled the world teaching not only his incredible rubber band effects but also hundreds of published close-up effects using cards and coins.  Joe received a standing ovation at the 2016 invitation only Fechters convention and after you see his performance and lecture, you will understand why.Joe is a legend when it comes to rubber band magic and on this Academy he is going to teach you

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Mental Mysteries With David Jonathan

Download this course and learn new magic and mentalism today!
Nearly 3 hours of killer easy to do mental magic & mentalism
David Jonathan is back with a brand new Alakazam Academy, Mental Mysteries. The focus this time will be engaging mentalism routines and the course is packed with tons of material that has yet

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Lessons In Card Magic with Steve Reynolds

“Steve Reynolds is one of the most creative and knowledgeable Cardician’s I know.” – Bill Malone

In his first Alakazam Academy the amazing Steve Reynolds shares select secrets that have helped him firmly establish himself as one of the worlds premier sleight of hand entertainers. Steve has managed to integrate the psychology of the audience into the methodology of his magic.  Moreover, Steve believes that a lot of magicians treat technique as the effect.  In Steve’s opinion, the technique is there to service the effect.

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