Alakazam Academy

Lessons In Card Magic with Steve Reynolds

“Steve Reynolds is one of the most creative and knowledgeable Cardician’s I know.” – Bill Malone

In his first Alakazam Academy the amazing Steve Reynolds shares select secrets that have helped him firmly establish himself as one of the worlds premier sleight of hand entertainers. Steve has managed to integrate the psychology of the audience into the methodology of his magic.  Moreover, Steve believes that a lot of magicians treat technique as the effect.  In Steve’s opinion, the technique is there to service the effect.

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Every Day Carry – The Rick Holcombe Academy

Have you ever struggled with how to integrate your coin magic will everything else you do? How do you get different coin tricks to flow into each other in a logically way?

I have a solution for you! And as a bonus, it packs small and plays big! I’ll teach you the way I think about structuring my magic, stringing routines together, and getting the most out of very little.

I’ll be covering about a dozen items including:

A one coin routine

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Doug Conn – Alakazam Online Academy

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In his first Alakazam Academy we are proud to welcome the amazing Doug Conn.

Doug has been practicing, performing and creating close-up, sleight of  hand magic for over 30 years. If there’s a close-up or parlour venue to be worked, he has worked it! Doug’s material has featured in some of the world’s best publications and his DVD’s considered among the best if you want strong, commercial material.

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Welcome to lesson one on this amazing 3 lesson journey. Lesson one is ideal for anyone who does little, basic or even no coin magic whatsoever.  Just take a look at what Craig is planning to cover on the evening. Grab your ticket today and take advantage of the special early bird pricing!
Coin Magic Academy 1

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An Evening With Leo Smetsers Instant Download

Join us for this special event.  Leo Smetsers is coming to the Academy with an evening of magic.

This is not an Academy course it’s more like a dealer dem.  Leo will be performing some of his favourite effects in front of a live audience and you will get the chance to purchase the items at a seriously reduced price!

An Evening With Leo Smetsers  is a magician only event that will be beamed live in to your Alakazam account.  You will not only have a chance to see Leo perform his effects but you will also be

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Complete Course With Marc Spelmann (2 Day)

Live Online Magic Course With Marc Spelmann

Marc just comes across as a true gent sharing the art he loves. The videos are so long with so many great effects, great explanations, insights into mentalism and the business and then just so many giggles. I personally love the academy format and structure and this is one of the best. a really well put together couple of days easy to follow which flows brilliantly. i can only imagine what the outtakes were !

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Methods In Mentalism With Nikolas Mavresis 19th Oct 2020

Nikolas Mavresis the man behind such hits as CineMental, Zener Match and ‘The Collector’ is joining us at the Alakazam Academy to share some of his previously unpublished effects.
Nikolas is one of the most creative people in our field. Constantly delivering commercial routines, with simple, yet effective methods.
In this Academy Nikolas will be teaching mentalism effects that are doable by anyone of any skill level
With the Academy you can join us to watch the event live on the evening and interact with everyone in the Academy chatroom and don’t worry if you can’t make the date or time as the entire

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