TIES: The Invisible Elastic System (10-Pack)

“When you first showed me these, I was blown away by the quality. Now I never leave home without them! Endless possibilities!” – Dynamo

“Just like a great TIE completes a great outfit; a TIE is the invisible asset that completes a great commando performer. It’s the perfect advance prep for a powerful ‘impromptu’ performance – always out of sight, but always available, giving you the ability to go beyond sleight of hand at any time, in any place. Magic utilizing threads become truly amazing when it seems absolutely impossible for you to have access to such a thing. Now, thanks to TIES, the power of magic is literally in your hands.” – Michael Ammar

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Food To Go by George Iglesias and Twister Magic

FOOD TO GO! A Brand New Creation by George Iglesias that we are sure will be part of your next performances!

Imagine being able to appear a real BURGER and FRIES from a Food Menu live in front of your audience!

Show a food menu from both sides, then point to the center picture of a burger and fries, now close the panels of the menu making a triangle, stick your hand inside and magically materialize a real burger and fries from the picture, now open the menu to show that the picture of the burger and fries is gone!

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Absolutely Nuts ( 3 SHELL ROUTINE ) Bob Sheets

Magicians begged him not to reveal these awesome techniques. The new information on this DVD has fooled many of the most knowledgeable three shell practitioners in magic. The attainable level of control is guaranteed to drive your audience…Absolutely nuts!

What People Are Saying:

” I’ve seen many of the best Shell Game workers over the years, including Jack Chanin. Bob’s stuff was all new, and it fooled me-bad.”

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