Logic by Eden & Airel

Logic - Foundation to Ball Manipulation | Eden Choi and Airel — The Online  Magic Store

Modernization of the classic
57 techniques in 12 routines

Eden & Airel have prepared the most modern textbook for everyone, which is the simplest and most enjoyable way to get into manipulation.

LOGIC contains 12 impressive routines which used various techniques.

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Alan Alan – Dual Control

The ability to pick up just about any ordinary object and do something amazing with it can be literally at your fingertips!

Imagine taking any small object . . . a pencil, pen or spoon . . . and have it cling to your hands like it was held there by a powerful magnet. On your command, the object drops . . . and your hands are perfectly clean and able to stand up to the most rigorous inspection.

Borrow a deck of cards and have a selected card rise out of the card case. Once again, everything is perfectly examinable. After all, the cards were borrowed! Perform the classic Animated

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JY GRIP by Jeki Yoo

From winning FISM to Fooling Penn & Teller, Jeki Yoo is a powerhouse in the Close Up Magic industry. In this digital download Jeki teaches a unique take on the Harada Hold. It’s completely impromptu, and will fit most improv coin routines. For Advanced Magicians ONLY

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Shoot Ogawa – Holy Shoot (5 DVD)

Shoot Ogawa - Wizards' Inn : The Magic Shoppe

Holy Shoot DVD – Vol. 1
A new collection of Shoot Ogawa’s amazing thinking with cards. Each volume will contain 4 unique card effects. In this set you will get a detective card effect using Jokers, an Ace to King Transposition effect, three Jokers find three selected cards and the final effect has four Kings finding three selected cards.

Holy Shoot DVD – Vol. 2