Jay Sankey Collection (12 Video)

Hundred Dollar Miracles by Jay Sankey - DVD

Just Name It - Jay Sankey | eBay

Hundred Dollar Miracles by Jay Sankey

45 with Jay Sankey

22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey’s 3 Ring Circus

Sankey 1999

Sankey’s Best Card Magic

Sankey’s Best Magic w/Ordinary Objects by Jay Sankey

Sankey-Tized Volumes 1-2

Earplugs! by Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey’s No Card Tricks!

Jay Sankey – Nonstop Magic Party

Jay Sankey’s Revolutionary Coin Magic – Plus 30 Minutes of Bonus Material

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Magicians Table by TCC

Magicians Table by TCC | Alakazam Magic USA

Classic Elegance with Stylish Design.

Integration of Ergonomics and Aesthetics.

This is the TCC PRESENTS Magician’s Table.

Every professional magician, from The Mentalist to the Sleight of Hand Artist would have a need for a Magician’s table. A Magician’s table can be used as a side table during a stage or parlor

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Paul Harris – Stars of Magic (3 DVD)

Stars Of Magic #1 (Paul Harris) DOWNLOAD - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. - Wholesale Magic

Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul’s effects.


  • Super Swindle
  • Bizarre Vanish

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MAX by Max & MST Magic

In this DVD, Max gives it all, By standing on the shoulders of giants , he shares his original unique techniques on Parasols manipulation and his years of performing experiences.

No matter if you are new or experts in this field, Max explains all you need to know to perform beautiful parasol productions with production pieces, explanations and important tips to perform great acts in many different ways.

Now , sit back and enjoy… MAX by Max

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Pipo Villanueva – 5 Session WORKSHOP BUILDING THE IMPOSSIBLE (Video+PDF)


The presential workshop is finished  but it is possible to get access to  content of the sessions (recorded classes, slideshow, references…) 


This  workshop on construction in Magic, the art of choosing and structuring methods to make them as deceptive as possible. Theoretical concepts will be introduced progressively in each session. Examples and exercises will be proposed, both to work during the class and to as homework. In each class, at least one routine from my repertoire will be explained and analyzed. The seats are

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