Eye Candy by Felix Bodden and Illusion Series

Felix Bodden is well known for being one of the most talented instagrammer in the magic industry. His videos have become viral on many occasions, blowing not only lay people’s minds but also magician’s one.

Today, Felix Bodden brings us the opportunity to learn three of his most viral videos, giving us the chance to become viral in our instagram feed. Welcome to Eye Candy.

Eye Candy is not only an instructional video, it is a weapon to develop our creativity and get access to become the next viral magician on social media. We will be learning three amazing effects

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Laptop Lecture by Rick Lax

The Laptop Lecture

Rick Lax’s breakthrough Laptop Lecture is jam-packed with 20 amazing close-up miracles. All are performed and explained in exquisite detail. Rick teaches original card magic, original coin magic…but also original magic with neckties, matchboxes and Doritos bags.

Here’s a message from Rick:

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A beautiful, alloy metal ring penetrates, crosses, links and unlinks from a silk ribbon! Audiences are astounded!

  • Do not need to have knowledge of the basic moves – we’ll teach you!
  • Video tutorial: “EXIT”
  • Teaches you basic moves to advanced handling

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Creative Magic by John Cornelius

Creative Magic DVD (John Cornelius) - Meir Yedid Magic

John Cornelius is one of the most creative inventors in magic. He has won just about every award given for creativity. You will appreciate his genius as he teaches outstanding routines, sleights and ideas for the beginner, expert and everyone in between. Learn effects used to baffle the top minds in magic, as well as material that has earned him magic’s most prestigious awards. You will learn magic with cards, coins, cigarettes, balls, flash paper, business cards, ropes, handkerchiefs and much more.


    • Super Card Rise

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