Magicians of Asia – Bundle 1

At Vanishing Inc., we travel the world to find and share the very best magic with you. In this new series, we are featuring new magic from some of the very best underground magicians in Asia. You’ll learn a whole new style of magic, ranging from modern takes on classic plots to wildly original sleight of hand, all exclusively recorded for Vanishing Inc. Check back each month for a new set of downloads and save money when you buy the bundle!

This month we are featuring Tae Sang, Collin and Rall:

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Ogawa University Volume Four by Shoot Ogawa (Video+PDF)

The Ogawa University program is your front-row seat to a magical education by one of the most delightful entertainers in the world today. Shoot Ogawa is a six-time Magic Castle award winner who has performed on television on every continent. You are in for the treat of your life. You will learn effects with cards, coins, paper, wand, silk, money, rope, sponge balls, rubber bands, and more. But learning how an effect works is just the beginning. Shoot will teach you how to make your pet routines truly magical by discussing the theory of what makes magic truly magical. Even if you know some of these routines, the nuances Shoot teaches about these effects are worth the price of admission. Each multi-session volume is a complete product; a total of four volumes will be

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Atria Lapse by Eden


Couldn’t stop him eventually.

The horrible meeting of (Extreme gimmick)+(disgusting techniques)

Containing 3 kinds of not-in-the-world magic

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Charles Gyu – Charles Note (Re-Upload)

< Charles Note > By Charles Gyu

‘Charles Note’ from Charles Kim was written 10 years ago and

it’s an ancient relic like a fossil by now.

But don’t be fooled by it’s old age. It revived for it’s fun magics and great visuals.

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Presti Cup by Edouard Boulanger

Achieve the impossible with Presti Cup!

Presti Cup was developed thanks to the work of William Zavis.

My research has resulted in a product that completely revolutionizes routines for Chop Cup or Cups and Balls.

The strong points:

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