Vanish Magic Magazine #108 July by Paul Romhany

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About the Book
Featuring The Magic Circle President Megan Swann and Vice-President Katherine Rhodes who are breaking all boundaries within magic and moving it forward in a positive way.
Illusinon Plans – build a full illusion with plans by Nigel Harrison. Lots of great magic, articles, stories, reviews and more.

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Nathan Colwell – Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum — Nancy Colwell

Lorem Ipsum by Nathan Colwell

Rounding out the year, Nathan Colwell has one last project for 2021—Lorem Ipsum: Style Over Substance. Theatrical Magic is a wonderfully deep and broad medium. There’s room for high-minded theorizing; lofty artistic goals; intricate, leviathan altars to opulent design; ascetic, self-flagellating routines which cut to the quick and strain the limits of deception… But sometimes you just want some tricks. It’s not that deep, this booklet just has some fun tricks and moves. Don’t make it weird.

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Structured Imagery by Scott Creasey

Structured Imagery is a simple concept with the capacity to take any mindreading effect and elevate it to the next level. How? By adding layers to expand whatever a spectator is focusing on to create multiple levels encompassing visual imagery, smells, tastes, sounds and emotions.

It’s a technique that enables the performer to reveal multiple pieces of very specific and detailed information a spectator is only thinking of, thoughts that were never written down or spoken.

A number of routines are included all of which require minimal props or in some cases are prop-less.

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Color Square Readings System by Luca Volpe & Kenton Knepper

Color Square Readings System by Luca Volpe & Kenton Knepper :  newdlmagicstore

From the minds of Luca Volpe and Kenton Knepper come a surefire and colorful way to accurately tell a person their past, present and future!

Squares of many colors are displayed. A participant chooses three colors and a reading is given based upon these choices.You can tell the person about their past, present and the participant’s feelings about their future by using this direct system.

Clearly this is NOT “Myers-Briggs”

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Hidden Gems – Mentalism Edition by Mark Elsdon

Hidden Gems - Mentalism Edition by Mark Elsdon (E-Book) – MindFX

Note: Due to new VAT regulations all ebooks will be manually sent within 18hrs of receiving your order. 

This e-book contains all of the mentalism related ‘Hidden Gems’ from the previous HG releases.  Purchasers of the general HG releases do not need to purchase this book.

Mandatory reading for all smart mindreaders – researched by Mark Elsdon.

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