One Degree Softback by John Guastaferro

Magic Center Harri Online - One Degree (Soft Cover) by John Guastaferro and  Vanishing Inc - Book (Card Magic)

I am excited about this book… This collection oozes style and substance from a true auteur.”John Bannon (from the foreword)

John Guastaferro embodies everything one admires in a magician: he is smooth but not flashy, soft-spoken yet in control. And he is an expert at crafting intelligent magic tricks. With over 150 pages and 240 photos, this elegant, refined collection is comprised of 20 professional card routines and five essays. One Degree features some of the most artistic, refined close-up material to come around in ages.

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The Gen by Harry Stanley & Lewis Ganson (ALL 26 Volume)

The Gen by Harry Stanley & Lewis Ganson :

The Gen magazine was published by Harry Stanley just after the war. The first issue came out in December 1945. The magazine was published for 26 years with 303 issues covering a total of 8,685 pages. Lewis Ganson, one of the greatest British magical writers ever, was the editor until the magazine changed hands in 1971. It continued under the editorship of Val Andrews for a further two issues as the New Gen.

Virtually every known name in the world of post-war magic made a contribution to the Gen or was featured in its columns. Ken Brooke, for example, contributed 27 items and even the final issue,

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I MISS CHARLOTTE by Ali Foroutan

“I just read the first effect , Charlotte’s mind. This is truly high level Mentalism! I’m going to start using this. Thank you”
Marc Oberon

“I have just given this a read, and have got to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. What you will find in here are very creative ideas that will shed a new light on some classical ideas, using simple ideas to give you the ability to take your effects to the next level. I can really imagine these effect playing out great. Nice work. ”

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Sean Waters – Contemplations

Contemplations by Sean Waters :

Contemplations – A Series of Thoughts in Action
This is my second compilation of mental effects.

Contemplations is a 100+ page PDF ebook, which contains seven routines, five essays and a “bonus” ideas section. In this lengthy ebook, you will learn how to affect the mind-body connection, solve crimes with your mental abilities, teach people how to access their subconscious clock (with a wristwatch) and how to control people’s minds with three words. The secrets of “real” mind

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FLUXED by Alan Rorrison

Magicians have always been infatuated with the appearance of controlling time. Whether it is David Copperfield dramatically turning back the hands on an oversized clock to heal his newly severed body, or a hypnotist waving a watch in front of a drowsy participant’s face to hint at time slowing as they go under. It has been a popular plot in magic since the beginning of time itself.

This is what prompted me to make Flux. Flux was a simple to use system that enabled you to predict any named time and it was an absolute work horse for me. It was the first phone/app controlled time prediction on the magic market used by thousands of Professional magicians all over the world. I then started to expand on the idea to make it more natural and not look out of

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Dark Psychology Secrets & Manipulation Techniques von Darren Brown -  englisches Buch - bü

Do you want to learn the art of mental manipulation, discover subliminal manipulation methods, how to analyze, read body language, NLP techniques, dark seduction, hypnosis and mind control? If yes, then keep reading… Dark Psychology is both the study of criminal and deviant behavior and a conceptual framework in order to decipher the potential of evil that could be found within all of us. The idea with this one is that everyone, even if they realize it or not, will have the potential, if it is going to benefit themselves and even their families enough, to victimize other humans and creatures. Some people are just more willing to do it than others. You may not think about doing this to just get a promotion at work or to get someone to notice you, but you may be willing to hurt

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MOSAIC by Perseus Arkomanis

Perseus Arkomanis – Mosaic – erdnasemagicstore

A culmination of his life’s work, Mosaic is an absolutely incredible collection of magic and theory from the fabulous Greek magician Perseus Arkomanis.

Known originally for his amazing downloads released with Ellusionist, this 527-page paperback book (yes, you read that correctly!) contains over 30 items that Perseus has decided to share with the magic community.


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