Magic Moments by Incredible Rohit

Magic Moments by Incredible Rohit :

xcerpt from the introduction:

In this book you will see that most of the effects are simple. Although some of them require a few basic counts and moves they are all entertaining. In fact all the effects can be good openers. Many of the card tricks use playing cards with unusual pictures. From my past experience I have seen that people prefer these kinds of cards more than the usual playing cards. As much as possible I have tried to avoid “select a card” effects, but for one which I feel is a very strong one. I don’t claim that everything in this book is original as you will see that many of them are variations of

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Bob Cassidy – The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Vol.2


The first volume of THE ARTFUL MENTALISM OF BOB CASSIDY has already been acclaimed as one of the best books on mentalism ever written! In this follow-up second volume, Bob Cassidy has collected ten more of his e-books and created yet another must-have masterclass in mentalism! Included in this volume of over 400 pages are dozens of practical and powerful effects, three complete acts (including Bob’s incredible 21st Century Q&A act), invaluable performance tips, and further examinations of Cassidy’s classic routines!

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Jerome Finley – Heart Song

Jerome Finley - Heart Song | Paradize Magic

My new “Heart Song” ebook features a single legendary effect with a new and revolutionary method; my signature *full audience heartbeat & pulse synchronization demo*.

Totally impromptu, propless and gaffless, 100% surefire, STRONG, can be used anytime, anywhere and for any number of people (the more the merrier!). No DR, no preshow, no instant stooging or cueing, no mathematics, nothing to find/nothing to hide, nothing to lose or fix or replace…it’s a worker’s dream come true and available now.

“Heart Song is an experience that is inherently theatrical, emotionally powerful, and uniquely presentable.

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Conversation As Mentalism by Mark Elsdon (Vol 1-2-3-4)

Mentalism as Conversation by Mark Elsdon 5 Volume eBook Bundle —

“It is my firm belief that the title of these books should be changed to The Essential Handbooks of Impromptu Mentalism. The routines taught are all very simple, direct and deeply fooling. This material should be in the arsenal of every modern mentalist! I give it my highest recommendation.” -Michael Murray

“These are Mark’s other great releases up there with the Meridian Technique. As well as the clever effects and probably more importantly, you’re going to learn an attitude which can be used to approach performing in all real world situations.” -Colin McLeod

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Hypercard Project by Tom Frame

“Tom, I truly enjoyed your collection of others’ and your own contributions to the Hypercard effects. I have some Hypercard ideas of my own and there are a few ideas from your book that I’d like to incorporate into my routine. Great job!” – Daryl

“Being a dedicated anthologizer, eulogizer, compiler and collector of the weird and wonderful artifacts in magicdom, The Hypercard Project massaged my heart. It is more than a treatise. It is a robust kit that deconstructs, constructs and converts a very interesting puzzle into vital, entertaining, mind-warping applications. Don’t delay. Get ‘hyper’ now!”  – Jon Racherbaumer

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Look, Ma, No Cards! by Cameron Francis

Ten effects featuring coins, Sharpies and business cards.
(but no playing cards!)

From the pages of the British IBM magazine The Budget

10 tricks from Cameron’s acclaimed column in the British IBM magazine The Budget.

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