Benjamin Earl – Gambit (2 Volume)

We strive to provide you with products that no other magic shop can stock; Ben Earl’s Gambit magazine is the perfect example of this. It’s an underground card magazine containing some of the highest calibre magic published this year…and we have a small quantity of them available.

Cofounder Andi Gladwin says, “Benjamin Earl is without doubt my favourite card magician. I truly believe that the techniques and effects from his Past Midnight and Skin DVDs and Gambit magazines are some of the most groundbreaking to have been published this decade.”

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Magical Problems & Mental Solutions by Michael Murray (pdf) - $3.99 :

Magical Problems and Mental Solutions contains a combination of nine ideas which are adaptable to both close up and stage work.

They were collated together to create a set of lecture notes for a recent event and due to a print overrun I have a few copies remaining for sale.

These notes contain a combination of newer ideas (which will be included in my upcoming book “The Missing Piece” and older ideas which have previously seen print.

Please check out the contents list below to learn more…

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Oculus 2 by Fraser Parker

Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the prop-less date of birth divination. Included are various direct prop-less methods as well as a streamline handling with playing cards.

There is no explaining each of the card values or the need for the spectator to take out multiple cards from the deck or the need for peeking cards or using a marked deck, for the playing card version. The focus of this project was to streamline each of the methods, so that they were as close to perfection as possible. You will be able to divine and know the exact date of birth and star sign of a spectator within literally half a minute or so, with very little process.

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Equilibrium by Michael Murray

Equilibrium by Michael Murray (E-Book) – MindFX

“Michael’s Equilibrium should be an essential weapon of impromptu mentalism in the arsenal of every performer.  It has the ‘Murray Touch’ of simplicity of effect and elegance of method.  A must-buy, must-use.” – Mark Elsdon

Equilibrium was MindFX’s hottest selling effect at the 2020 Blackpool magic convention.

Equilibrium is far more than a singular effect, instead, it is a modular system which will allow you to perform a wide variety of different effects.  At it’s core, this system allows you to offer you a

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Number 6 by Docc Hilford

A Professional Routine for Advanced Thinkers

In the past, great mind readers such as Charles Foster, Bert Reese, Al Baker and Ted Annemann, have used nothing more than three pieces of paper and three envelopes to make headlines and create awe in their audiences.

Now, YOU will be able to do more than just apparently reading minds: you will seem to actually control them.

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Theatre Of The Mind by Barrie Richardson

Theater of the Mind - Magic Methods

Theater of the Mind showed up on a number of lists of the ten best magic books of all time!

1999 recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association award for creativity, and with over fifty years of professional performance behind him, Barrie Richardson has gathered together 53 of his best mental routines, most with complete presentations, for this large volume of baffling experiences. In Theater of the Mind you will find page after page of fresh, practical material, tested and perfected before thousands of audiences; astonishing feats that use only ordinary items, and few of them; entertaining mental experiments that involve the whole audience, that pack small and

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