Horror Magic by Jim Magus

Horror Magic is a fantastic resource for Bazaar Magic performers. Some of the effects included in this book are: Demonolastry, The Bottled Vampire, The Khaibit Serpent, Gargoyle, Shrunken Head, Hand of Kranus, Footsteps in the Dark, Goleum, The Hangman and, of course, Count Zartoff. Plus, much, much more. Very limited quantities available.

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Video Chat Magic by Will Houstoun and Steve Thompson

In the wake of one of the most dramatic transformations magic has ever experienced, many of magic’s most respected minds banded together to develop the most comprehensive and thought-provoking collection of virtual magic tricks, concepts, essays and tech solutions ever created.

This idea first began in March 2020 when Steve Thompson and Will Houstoun set out to find ways to leverage the unique opportunities and advantages provided by the then-new virtual magic space. They did not want to simply take old magic tricks and force them into a virtual environment. Instead, with help from some of the biggest names in magic and mentalism, they spent 6

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Unknown Mentalist – Psychabulary

Psychabulary is instant psychic vocabulary to impress your audiences. Psychabulary is a ‘system’ which gives you instant ability to use about 1000 different ‘alpha’ phrases which make you seem like a highly qualified psychology expert

Create instant scientific sounding phrases for your patter whether it is a magic trick or a mentalism effect you may be performing, without even a moment’s hesitation. Give instant justification to any magic or mentalism process, again without even a moment’s hesitation. Give instant explanations for any magical phenomenon or mentalism process you may be performing.

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Amnesia by Vincent Hedan

Amnesia means “loss of memory” in Spanish, because my book explores the famous Mnemonica memorized deck by Juan Tamariz, WITHOUT having to memorize it!

After 15 years of research on Mnemonica, Vincent Hedan discovered surprising properties thanks to which you can perform impossible effects, WITHOUT knowing the order of the deck. You just need a regular deck, then you arrange it in the order indicated in the book and you follow the routines step by step.

The repertoire contains visual effects and mentalism effects, fully self-working effects and more technical effects, and everything can be done with a simple, regular deck of playing cards.

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S.W Erdnase – El Experto En La Mesa De Juego

Caio Henrique - El Experto En La Mesa de Juego

S.W. Erdnase, el seudónimo que usó el misterioso autor para escribir esta obra, es uno de esos genios que marcan toda una época convirtiéndose así en el máximo referente para llegar al más alto nivel en las trampas en el juego y revolucionando la escena de tahúres y magos.

El Experto en la Mesa de Juego (1902) supuso con su aparición todo un fenómeno revolucionario: introdujo nuevas técnicas hasta entonces desconocidas y satisfizo la inquieta curiosidad de multitud de lectores. Gracias a la misteriosa naturaleza de los secretos que expone, ha sido y es el libro de cabecera de todos los tahúres y muchos maestros de la magia como Dai Vernon, Jean

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Pi by David Trustman

Pi - David Trustman - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

For thousands of years one number has fascinated humanity above all else; Pi. It is the number that never ends, has no patterns, and is difficult to memorize…until now!

In just 6 short pages, David Trustman (one of the world’s preeminent mnemonic artists) will teach you not only how to memorize 100 places of Pi, but also a method for memorizing any number.

With this download you will be able to recite Pi forwards and backwards, and able to call out sections of Pi. You will even be able to name the exact digit at an exact location. The performances section will give you ideas to make a demonstration as exciting as possible without any extra frills.

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A&Q by Mohamed Khaled

A&Q by Mohamed Khaled | Mentalistry

A&Q is an interesting de-construction of the classic Q&A, in which you can predict in advance the participant question!

100% propless, no multiple outs, no gimmicks.

The performer tells the participant about himself as a young boy and asks the participant to think of a simple question regarding the performer’s childhood then the performer asks the participant to use their intuition to answer the question they are thinking of. Both the question and the answer are confirmed to be true. There is nothing written down other than the question, previously

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