Sachs Sleight of Hand First Edition

Sleight of Hand: Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs and Others  Dover Magic Books: Sachs, Edwin: Fremdsprachige Bücher

One of the classic introductions to the art, the material runs the gamut with many interesting sleights and routines in addition to a plethora of magical wisdom.

While the merits of this book are well known, and it is consistently on the “must read” lists of the most astute conjurers, we made an extra effort to get this title in our catalog thanks to some cajoling and some interesting perspective on the book courtesy of Ron Bauer.

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Resigned to Miracles by Peter Groning and Hermetic Press

Resigned to Miracles by Peter Groning and Hermetic Press Hardcover

“Resigned to Miracles” by Peter Gröning is one of the most exciting card magic books I’ve read in a long time. I’ll never understand how he stumbled upon the brilliant method for obtaining duplicate signed cards – as you know, one of the Holy Grails of card magic. He explores many ways to exploit this concept, which makes new miracles possible, and can improve effects you already do. There are many interesting tricks of offer here, but I particularly liked “Fade In” in which blank card is signed on the back. Then, bit by bit, the face of a chosen card appears on this card, until a full image appears – and the card is still signed on the back. Gröning has even explored ways to use the duplicate signature with other items, such as coins. If you’re serious about card magic, you will want this book.” – John Lovick

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Threeve by Ricky Smith

Threeve by Ricky Smith - $5.99 :

Ricky Smith is a respected and elusive magician who has quietly amassed an impressive collection of original moves, routines, and refinements. We’ve just reached a deal with Mr. Smith to carry his two sets of lecture notes, Threeve and Nothing as It Seems. These collections are PERFECT for lockdown reading, as the material is advanced but approachable, and well-explained with a sense of fun.

Nothing as it Seems is a collection of original magic by Ricky Smith that is at turns hilarious, insightful, and playful. The notes are a tribute to one of Ricky’s favorite Pearl Jam songs, and indeed, these notes are a sort of reflection of his tastes and interests. You’ll enjoy a new way to get into the

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Paul Stockman – Psyclock

PsyClock by Paul Stockman & Alakazam! Magic - Top Pro Clock Magic &  Mentalism! | #428479537

PsyClock by Paul Stockman and Alakazam Incredible Mentalism Effect A standard wall clock is shown to be working and the battery is removed to stop the clock. A spectator is selected from the audience. She is handed a bell and given the very important task of ringing it at some point during your show. She is told to ring it whenever she feels the time is right (she is not given any clues) even though every so often you may try and influence her choice You now set the clock with a prediction time, put it in a large envelope and place it on an easel or stand in full view of your audience. You never touch the clock again! At any given moment your spectator can ring the bell. (as you can image there is ample room for byplay and fun throughout the

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Bruce Cervon – Ultra Cervon

Ultra Cervon - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Bruce Cervon’s magic will strike your audiences like a bolt of lightening. The text and photos clearly explain everything you need to know in great detail, with telling tips and touches to help you get maximum reactions from your audiences. Included are Warped, a trick that fools everyone; Free Turn Pass – a revolutionary pass technique; Cut & Restored Rope – great method; To Pay the Price – comedy poker demo … plus much, much more.

186 pages and over 260 photographs.


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Trickshop – Marked Deck

Bicycle Pro Marked Deck System | How to Mark Bicycle Card Backs | Trickshop .com

Mark your own decks like a pro. Learn how to mark your own Bicycle deck using the same professional system used by magic shops. No messy inks or colors to match. A simple, inexpensive tool available at any office supply or art or craft store is all you need. Our illustrated instructions show you step-by-step how to mark all suits and values. Two-way system works with both red and blue backed decks, and enables cards to be read from the top or bottom. Instructions sold for entertainment purposes only. Decks marked using this method have sold for up to $24 or more each! Illustrated, 16 pages.

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