Premonition by Eddie Joseph

This is probably Eddie Joseph’s most proud creation.

THE EFFECT: Anyone in the audience is asked to call out the name of any card. Person naming the card is asked to advance, pick up the pack which lies on the table within its case, and deal cards face up, one at a time until he comes to his card. Assistant deals every card in the pack but fails to find the one he named. He is now told to count the cards in pack and he finds only 51. ONE CARD IS MISSING AND THE MISSING CARD IS THE ONE JUST NAMED ALOUD. The Magician reaches into his pocket and without the slightest DELAY brings out the very card named by the

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TESSERACT by Mike Powers

Mike Powers’s long-awaited new book, TESSERACT, is now out! TESSERACT follows on the heels of Mike’s last book, Power Plays, which was voted “Book of the Year” on the Magic Café and runner up “Book of the Year” in the prestigious “Magic Industry Awards.” You may know Mike from his top-selling trick, Diminishing Returns – one of the great visual magic effects. It was recently featured on Masters of Illusion.

TESSERACT is a large format (8.5×11″), hardback book with a full color dustjacket. Inside are 55 gems of mostly close-up magic, although some items are suitable for a larger audience. Mike’s

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The Complete Works Of Derek Dingle by Richard Kaufman

TIME magazine has called Derek Dingle, “…the greatest card manipulator extant,” and from his television appearances with Tom Snyder, Dick Cavett, Barbara Walters, and Mike Douglas to his many contributions to Genii, Apocalypse, The pallbearer’s Review, Epilogue and Innovations he has consistently proven TIME to be correct: there is no one else like Derek Dingle.

There are over 120 items with cards, coins, and cigarettes in The Complete Works Of Derek Dingle, his first book in over a decade, and it’s really two books in one. While containing the 60 or so classic routines which have already appeared in print, most of which he has substantially improved (the originals unavailable in out-of-print magazines), it also has about 60 never before

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Drawing Room Deceptions by Hollingworth

Drawing Room Deceptions did not become the publisher’s fastest selling book ever just by chance. It was the direct result of a series of specific events. The first ingredient was a young English schoolboy willing to invest a full decade of his young life in the study and practice of close-up card magic. He was not satisfied to mimic the tricks of others so he created a repertoire that was totally original. Along the way, he developed a distinct performing style that was gentlemanly yet steeped in sophisticated humor. Following graduation from university, Guy spent a couple of years traveling around the world performing and lecturing for club meetings and convention audiences. Add to this, television appearances around the world such as The World’s Greatest Magic in

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Harry Lorayne – Best Of Friends (Vol 1.2.3)

Lorayne, Harry - Best of Friends, Volume 1 - 1982 1st Edition - Trapdoor  Productions

These 560 pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic. By great people. Over 120 card effects, routines, ideas-including Ace Sandwich, Future Change, Fast Stack, Sum Hummer, Fascinating Pair, Sweet Four-Card Change, Vanishing Aces, Strategy, Unshuffled, Reversatility, That`s Incredible, Miracle Time, Force Feed…from people like Tom Mullica, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings, Charles Hudson, Terry Lagerould, Tom Craven, Ed Marlo, Allan Ackerman, Ken Krenzel, Phil Goldstein, Herb Zarrow, J.K. Hartman, Jim Swain, Paul Gertner, Jon Racherbaumer, Bob Farmer, Bernard Bilis, and many more. You`ll even find some effects and routines of my own. And you`ll enjoy the short biographies of some of your favorite people. – Harry Lorayne

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Steve Beam – Semi-Automatic Card Tricks (Vol

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks (Vol. 4) by Steve Beam – Martin's Magic  Collection

These are not your typical self-working card tricks.  Most come complete with the patter and presentation to show you exactly how the inventors of the tricks present them.  This enables you to astound and entertain any audience with top quality card magic.

Clever principles and devious subtleties have supplanted sleight of hand.  Unlike many self-working tricks, these do not appear to be self-working to the audience.  The latest technology has been used to eliminate superfluous dealing and counting.  Magicians and non-magicians alike will give you credit for great skill when you present these miracles.  The humorous presentational ideas

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