Dragon Peek by Fraser Parker

The spectator writes a piece of personal information on a random playing card which is then shuffled and lost in the deck. The deck is spread towards the spectator and they confirm their card is indeed lost somewhere in the deck, which is then closed and placed face down onto the table.

And yet, you will always be able to peek what was written, in the fairest manner possible.

Thanks to the structure and psychology of this peek you will always be in a position to be able to obtain the information effortlessly, without any out of place moves and with zero heat on the

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Gestalt by Fraser Parker

“This new principle that Fraser has discovered allows you to gain a cue from a participant in real time. It draws upon a natural and fundamental feature of human psychology and Fraser provides various ways to utilize it, embedded within the subtle use of language and scripting he is known for. I really like this, especially as the principle can be applied to many different routines. My mind is already whirling with ideas. Another great bit of thinking from Mr. Parker”
– Ross Bartels
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3CSC by Fraser Parker

“One of the coolest pieces of prop-less Mentalism I’ve seen. It felt so free and easy that I honestly thought I was messing things up and was making my own free choices, right up until Fraser told me the number I was just thinking of.”
– Paul Brook


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PURE2 – ACAAN by Adrian Fowell

At its most basic, Pure2 is a completely hands-off ‘Card at Predicted Number’ effect. That is to say, the spectator names any card, you show a prediction of a number that has been in full view throughout, they remove the cards from the case, deal to the number, and the card they named is there. You’ve touched nothing.

But it’s so much more than that. The method employed allows you to do a fully-fledged, completely hands-off ACAAN, that will be successful the vast majority of the time (the predicted number fixes the misses):

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Supermagic by Paul Harris

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a Goshman. It’s a Dingle. NO, it’s – SUPER MAGIC! This book is about a strange being from the West Coast possessing miraculous skills and incredible ideas. SUPER MAGIC. Able to create innovative routines at a single bound. Faster than a speeding billet. More powerful than a gross of TV Magic Cards. And who, disguised as Paul Harris, a mild mannered close-up worker, continues to fight a never-ending battle for better effects, stronger presentations, and the American magician’s way of life.

SUPER MAGIC is one of Paul Harris’ greatest books on close-up magic. It features such super routines as: The Ultimate Rip-off, Las Vegas Split, Hi Ho Silver, The Torn Restored Coin, The Ace

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OFTEN RARELY THAT SIMPLE by Alex Hansford (Re Upload)


Often Rarely That Simple is a 224-page photo book teaching unpublished card material from Alex Hansford.

This is a collection of rare card sleights and multiple controls, visual colour changes and new palms. 8 routines are taught, with a series of additional variations for certain effects. Inspired by the early work of Dan & Dave, Guy Hollingworth and Ernest Earick, Often Rarely That Simple is a celebration of aesthetic, neat, fooling card magic.

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