Tarot Monte by Chris Congreave

A fantastic in the hands packet trick from Chris Congreave the creator of “Cloak”

Beautiful aged Tarot cards are supplied and the routine is easy to perform, instantly resets and you can customize the ending to suit your performing style or for the audience that you are performing for.

In the trailer, you will see Chris performing the routine, but the final reveal can be a special message like “happy 40th birthday” or it could be a slightly rude message for friends or even customized

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Angels and Demons (Workers Edition) by Dead Rebel Productions

Dead Rebel Magic is back with a new and dark take on the classic Out of This World!

Simon teaches you the classic ‘Out of This World’ card effect, where a spectator deals a deck into piles and somehow separates the reds from the blacks… but things are a bit different.

Angels and Demons includes a specially printed, full pack of picture cards – 26 heavenly angels, and 26 demonic devils. The art is spectacular, the cards great quality, and the storage tin (with a clever ambigram that reads ‘Angels and Demons’ either way up) make it a practical piece of bizarre magic/mentalism.

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Mick Ayres – Conjure Man (Book Five in Act-Series)

Conjure Man is a professionally scripted, blocked and choreographed 50-minute mentalism act and offers some of the most direct mentalism ever explored within any of the previous four acts.

This act begins with a humorous, light hearted blend of folklore and mentalism that brings a guest’s imagination into reality.  Next, a guest has a moment of premonition about two complete strangers that proves eerily accurate.  Next, one beloved and popular animated character out of hundreds is chosen freely but revealed instantly.  Here there are nostalgic presentations,

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Mick Ayres – Hoodwinkings (Book One in Act-Series)

Hoodwinkings offers several strong mindreading experiments woven together into a seamless, 30-minute parlor act full of humor, interaction and mystery.

The show begins with an innocent prop adjustment that later becomes part of this act’s surprising finale.  In between, you demonstrate the potential of the mind using a household deck of cards for each experiment.  First, a packet of cards is mixed by a guest…nonetheless, you have predicted its final order.  Next, a guest discovers her own untapped mental abilities when she unerringly locates two selections from a shuffled pack.  Now you share a bit of ‘inside information’ while the audience enjoys a humorous demonstration of body-language.  Finally, the show

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Mick Ayres – S’lie (Book Four in Act-Series)

S’lie (pronounced ‘sly’) is the fourth installment to the Act-series.  This is a professionally scripted, blocked and choreographed 60-minute mentalism act.  From the start, the audience quickly realizes this show is charming, different…and incredibly baffling.

The S’lie mysteries build dramatically.  The act begins with a simple yet astonishing demonstration.  While your back is turned, a guest mixes the cards, cuts to one and then mixes the pack again.  You simply turn around, read her mind and reveal the card.  Then, in a clever twist, an experiment uses a single playing card to clearly show how mindreading isn’t limited to cards.

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Any Card at Your Number by Leo Smetsers

Any Card At Your Number is one of Leo’s personal favorite creations. It’s an effect he has performed in hundreds of shows both close up and stage.

The effect uses a beautiful combination of methods that merge seamlessly to create what appears to be a totally random outcome, but you prove you knew what was going to happen all along.

Here’s the effect.

Two spectators each select a card. The cards are not looked at but placed facedown on the table or hidden it their pockets.

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