Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia) By Ravi Mayar And Fraser Parker

Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia) | Ravi Mayar & Fraser Parker | Secret  Magic Store

Ravi Mayar has been secretly working on a body of work in the field of pseudo Hypnosis for the past couple of years. He recently shared an effect from this work with Fraser and instantly blew him away with how effective, devious and outright clever it was.

Performing over the phone Ravi was able to cause Fraser not to be able to say his name with just a few simple words.

Fraser knew instantly that this was something he wanted to perform and began to work out his own version with Ravi right away based on the core method at work.

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Azlan Redux by Fraser Parker

“F**k me!!! This is ridiculous! Mate it’s so, so, so fooling! Even after knowing the original method and watching it play out countless times”
– Nathan Chandler

“Just watched the demo you sent for the Card At Any Number and I have no idea how it works”
– Dreygon Hibbler
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TMC – La Grande Experience

Nouveau, La grande expérience, le mercredi 21/12/2022 à 21h25 sur TMC - La  Télé crève l'Ecran

Le mercredi 21 décembre 2022 à 21h25, TMC programmera la première d’un nouveau divertissement « La grande expérience ».

Fabien Olicard, le mentaliste nouvelle génération aux 5 millions d’abonnés, nous partage ses secrets pour nous aider à mieux utiliser notre cerveau et l’ensemble de nos capacités. En effet, et si en optimisant nos capacités cérébrales, nous étions tous capables d’accomplir des choses extraordinaires ?

En comprenant les mécanismes de notre cerveau, de nos comportements et les pièges de l’esprit qui nous rendent vulnérables, il est possible de progresser pour bluffer les gens, se bluffer soi-

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Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind – Red by Gary Jones and Magic Tao

Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind - Red (DVD and Gimmick)by Gary Jones and –  Boardwalk Magic Shop

A Classic, simple, direct effect:
The Magician takes a deck of cards and fans them in front of a spectator. They are asked to merely look at, and think of ANY card whilst the magician turns away. Once they have a card in mind, the magician closes the deck and turns back around. With NO questions asked, the Magician deals down to the thought of card.
No guesswork, Forces, Peeks, No Breaks held, the perfect effect for the working professional!

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Peter Turner – The Hangman Effect

From APFYT by Peter Turner.

The power to read minds anytime.

The performer proposes to play a game of hangman with the participant – wherein, the participant tries to guess what the performer is thinking of.

The performer draws a hangman game and asks the participant to look at the chart and try to get a feel for what words the performer might have used.

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James Brown – The Watch Steal

Learn to steal a watch (for entertainment purposes only)… You will have to give it back.

James Brown, master of misdirection and a professional pickpocket, will show you how to steal a watch straight from someone’s wrist.

In this instant-access video tutorial, you will learn:

  • The exact spot your body needs to be in to trick their peripheral vision.

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The Cbring Thumb Writer by Andreas Sebring

The lead has a forward pointing angle which make it possible to write longer words and names. The bands on the writer are adjustable and together with the curved shaped writer you will get a 100% secured writer on your thumb – perfect for accurate writing. The writer has a 2 mm pencil lead and included are both a piece of red and a piece of black pencil lead. The lead is well fixed in the writer and it is also very easy to renew the lead when needed. The writer is also available as a listo style writer, equipped with a 5mm Sharpie listo lead.

In the deluxe set you will get everything, including my new clip board that has a magnetic hold out for the gimmick. The bulldog clip on top of the pad and an extra flap on its back give you a very

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