The Magic Wand by Luke Jermay (Video+PDF)

Magic Wand Instant Download in PDF format, 10,105 words.  Bonus routine ‘Taste’ PDF Format and Video Download (1 hour 30 minutes). Full performance rights, in all performance settings are included with purchase.

The Magic Wand is a professionally scripted fifteen to twenty minute routine that can be performed in close up, parlour and stage settings.  Jermay’s word for word script is covered in detail alongside a deep dive examination language, technique and the performance approach used to bring the routine to life in real world performances.

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Shabara by Luca Volpe

After the World-wide success of the trilogy of Emotional Mentalism, Luca Volpe is back with a book containing a new and exciting format!

SHABARA’ has been written with one specific goal in mind: to spark your imagination and to stimulate the creative process, resulting in a mentalism experience which will deeply touch people’s lives.

It’s the story of a very skeptical young lady called Elizabeth, who reluctantly decides to attend and participate in a mystical show hosted by a “modern-day shaman” named SAHABARA’.

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Sumology by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis (Video+PDF)

“Sumology is what you get when two very clever brains join forces! A great principle that creates some of the most amazing and hands-off practical workers!”

– Titanas

“Nikolas & David hit gold again with not just one or two, but THREE amazing effects. Each one is brilliant, the methods are fantastic and its all taught so clearly. Love it!”

- Wayne Goodman

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IRIS by Lewis Le Val and The 1914

Forget palm reading!

The lines, marks and patterns in the eye’s iris can tell you more about a person’s life than any palm ever could!

(At least, that’s what you tell your participant.) Using the remarkable concept of eye gazing, IRIS allows you to divine a specific and important area of life your participant is simply THINKING of.

After giving an impressive psychic reading centered around this area of their life, you proceed to floor them further by revealing a personal piece of information you couldn’t possibly have known

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The Pro Mind Set by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong

The Mind Pro Set is a full 20 minutes self-contained close-up Mentalism set that is designed to be performed under ‘spatially aware’ conditions.

Slowly but surely the World is getting back to ‘normal’ but the biggest challenge, especially for mentalists, is to be able to perform close-up, whilst trying to avoid placing items on the table or letting spectators touch the props.

Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong have designed five beautiful Mentalism routines which are very visual and extremely engaging and require no table, nor the need for the spectators having

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