Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt

The perfect opener for any occasion. You get to ask 3 questions and you get to tell the exact same 3 jokes EVERY time you perform this effect. Then… you get to blow the audience away by revealing the exact card they named. There is zero equivoque required. And no special handling for the paper at the end… that card is 100% examinable and hand-out-able.

With this trick you will receive everything you need to perform this effect as well as a detailed instructional video explaining every detail on how to perform this effect. You also will receive all of the pdf files so you can print your own reveal cards at the end so you can hand them out every performance.

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Hexology by Michael Murray (ALL Video)

“I genuinely think it’s unbeatable for creating a genuine moment of sincere wonder. Done in a quiet and intimate environment I think it’s a reputation maker. It oozes class. There really is nothing else like it.”
– Darren Woolf

“When Steve first told me he was releasing this effect, it was music to my ears, this truly is a showpiece!”

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The Opener by Parlin Lay

An interactive guessing game!

The audience is shown two envelopes. One of them has money in it and the other one has just a piece of paper inside. If the audience guesses the correct envelope, they win the money.

In the end they lose.
The audience makes the wrong choice and they just get an envelope with a piece of paper in it.

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Docc Hilford – Walk Around Mentalism (ALL 3 Volume)

Recently, Docc Hilford created a workshop that broke down the requirements for effective close up mentalism.

It was presented for those who wanted to be able to do Walk Around performances at weddings, bars, cocktail parties, pubs, restaurants, corporate mixers and the like.

The workshop cost $1,200 and lasted all day.

It was a smash success.

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The Spirit NameTag by Axel Vergnaud & TCC Magic

The Spirit NameTag by Axel Vergnaud & TCC Magic

A Modernized and EDC version of Spirit Slates that you can perform Anywhere, Anytime.

The Spirit Slates is a classic mentalism effect that has been around for over a century, and it has become a favorite among magicians and mentalists. There are various versions of this effect, with different sizes and materials, from plastic to wood.

In order to share this wonder with more people and to continue the tradition, we have collaborated with Axel Vergnaud to present Spirit NameTag, a true everyday carry version of the

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Hacker by Les French Twins & Jeet

Hacker by Les French Twins Meet and Ellusionist Leading Online Magic Shop


HACKER is an electronic device that creates 100 wifi networks per second and blasts them to everyone around you.

You can instantly rename all the wifi networks to ANYTHING you want.

  • Their card

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