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The Greater Video Library Vol 58 – The Magic of Spain 2

Spanish magicians are revered around the world, especially in closeup. This is largely due to the efforts of Arturo Ascanio and Juan Tamariz who spread the philosophies of their countryman, Jose Frakson. Jose fervently believed magic was a fine art and deserved great respect. The magicians you see on this video today embody what Jose, Arturo and Juan spent their lives upholding. Here you’ll enjoy the whimsical alongside the poetic. Gaby does Smooth Ace Assembly. Manuel Cuesta performs Ball Of Fire. Mago Migue shows the Improved Reverse Card Routine. Miguel Gomez does Wild By Twos. Ramon Rioboo performs Impossible Stapled Card. Miguel Angel Gea shows Ethereal Coins. Camilo Vazquez performs Scotch Dice. Damaso shows The Queen, The

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol 36 – Our Best 3

Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 36 - Our Best Vol 3 -DVD – Magic Inc.

The third time’s still a charm. The fine tradition of Our Best #1 and #2 continues. You’ll enjoy six dynamic effects performed and explained by magic’s finest entertainers. This material can’t be seen anywhere else. Video magic still doesn’t get any better than Our Best. More Legendary Legerdemain * Johnny Paul – Dice Stacking * Jay Marshall – No Thumbtip Bill Switch * Daryl – Jolly Jumping Jokers * Bobo – Four Silver Dollars * Johnny Thompson – chink-A-Chink * John Carney – Poor Man’s Card Manipulations Running Time Approximately 51mins

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The Greater Video Library Vol 42 – Dick Ryan

Learn the real “tricks” of trade show magic. Dick Ryan, a trusted pioneer in the field, shares his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience with you. You can earn more than six figures a year if you apply what’s on this video. And you’ll learn it so you’ll benefit yourself, the corporation and the art of magic. Ideal for jugglers, ventriloquists, mentalists and magicians.

Interview 1 – Learn how performers find trade and association bookings. Understand the different opportunities that await.

Interview 2 – Dick discusses how to work with an agent, organize brochures and enhance your marketing skills.

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The Greater Video Library Vol 28 – Don Alan

MMS Greater Magic Video Library Volume 28 Don Alan DVD - Buy MMS Greater Magic Video Library Volume 28 Don Alan DVD Online at Low Price - Snapdeal

“Through the past 40 years, I’ve tried to hone my close-up act to meet one ultimate goal…entertainment.” – Don Alan

Long after the party or trade show, people still remember the magic of Don Alan. Perhaps that’s why almost anyone who performs close-up magic does something of his. It’s proven audience-tested material guaranteed to get you another booking.

Here are the inside tips on booking and performing trade-show magic, plus a classic example of adapting material for trade-show use. Don Also gives his thoughts on making a living with magic, magicians who “borrow” material, and

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