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Greater Magic Volume 50 – The Magic of Canada 1

Greater Magic Video Library 50 - The Magic of Canada Volume 1

We asked our neighbors to the North to perform a few tricks for our cameras. Even after three and half hours of nonstop magic, they still had more up their sleeves. We’ve divided the material into two spectacular videos. Were else can you see the most brilliant minds and deft performances of seven outstanding Canadian magicians? You can now in the comfort of your own home.

James Cielen shows Award Winning Stage Magic and Multiplying Balls.
Carl Cloutier performs Ring In Kiwi.

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The Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions Vol 4 – Torn & Rest. Newspaper

Greater Magic Teach in - Torn & Restored Newspaper - DVD – Magic Inc.

nother Classic magical effect, that still amuses and amazes audiences today! Gene Anderson is the single most influential performer that has perpetuated this miracle. A magical mystery that plays well in a stand-up or stage environment, even up close. You will enjoy watching his performance, as well as his explanation and you will do well to add his “signature effect” to your own performance repertoire. Gene knows how to amuse an audience, from flopping intricate paper hats onto his head to shredding and miraculously restoring a torn newspaper. He knows how to keep his audience smiling. He is known throughout the world as the recognized master of newspaper magic. As Jay Marshall so often said: ” Gene Anderson wrote the book on newspaper magic!” This

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The Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions Vol 3 – Egg Bag

Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions 3 – Egg Bag – Magic Skull

The classic magical effect, The Egg Bag, has never been explained as well as on this DVD, from the Greater Magic Video Library. Four top professional routines are performed. Martin Lewis shows and explains the Senor Mardo Egg Bag, Tom Mullica entertains with the Comedy Egg Bag, Billy McComb bedazzles you with his favorite routine using the Whiskey Egg Bag, and finally, the last segment is a lecture by Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson the famous “Malini Egg Bag.”

Long  a classic effect, but seldom performed, this DVD will instruct and teach how the novice or professional can add an excellent effect to their act. Excerpts from the Greater Magic Video Library,

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The Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions Vol. 10 – The Venerable Die Box

DVD - The Venerable Die Box - GMVL Vol.10 - Magic Methods

The 10th release from The Greater Magic Video Library is also the first-ever instructional material of this classic effect. Learn and enjoy well thought out and great routines with a simple Die Box. See many rare collectible Die Boxes, a pro performs two different types of Die Boxes, a special routine with an Abbotts Die Box. The routines and presentations are entertaining and mystifying.

Learn from the Masters-

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The Greater Magic Video Libvrary – Vol 57 – Magic of Spain 1

Arturo De Ascanio share his best card magic flow with you !

Spanish magicians are revered around the world, especially in closeup. This is largely due to the efforts of Arturo Ascanio and Juan Tamariz who spread the philosophies of their countryman, Jose Frakson. Jose fervently believed magic was a fine art and deserved great respect. The magicians you see on this video today embody what Jose, Arturo and Juan spent their lives upholding. Here you’ll enjoy the whimsical alongside the poetic. Gaby does Smooth Ace Assembly. Manuel Cuesta performs Ball Of Fire. Mago Migue shows the Improved Reverse Card Routine. Miguel Gomez

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol 38 – Brother John Hamman

The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 38 - Brother John Hamman

“Brother John Hamman leads you down the garden path to the exact spot where he wants you and then, he turns on the sprinkler.”
Paul LePaul

As master of the O’Henry story, Brother John baffles laypeople and magicians with fresh plots and clever methods. To even the keenest observer, his card manipulations pass unnoticed. Yet no audience escapes the delight in watching him turn impossibility into reality.

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