Street Magic

Javi Benitez – El Hilo

EL HILO - Javi Benitez - Pegani

El Hilo (Spanish for ‘The Thread’) is the best take on the classic gypsy thread we’ve ever seen. Taking the age old effect and adding a handling so clean, it fooled us 6 times in a row.

Everything happens in the spectators hands, they tear the thread, roll it into a ball, and then slowly they restore the thread back to its original form.

Magic this clean should be criminal.

But here’s the kicker… Once again the thread is rolled into a ball, only to disintegrate into nothing but dust.

El Hilo comes with everything you need to get started, with 2 hand spun spools of specialty thread, crucial to a smooth, mind blowing performance + magic dust refills for a kicker ending that nobody can see coming.

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Ferran Rizo – Money, Money, Money

The old-fashioned magician takes from its wallet four credit cards that place clearly on the table. Then he reveals that under each card is a coin. The four coins are staked on the centre of the table. He takes a tube made of dollar bills and cover the pile. Magically the coins one by one are send back to the credit card. As a big finish the last coin transform into a golden one. And a bunch of golden coins appear under the tube. A truly visual and magical effect

Magic for the serious student. You will learn all the routine details

Download the video and learn now!

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SMOKE 2.0 by Alan Rorrison

Smoke 2.0 - magic

It’s back. This time, it writes!

Make a huge smoke cloud appear from your mouth whenever you want to. This is not your grandparent’s smoke device.

What is new in Smoke 2.0? Well, this time, you can write with it!

Alan Rorrison’s original Smoke was our go-to “puff of smoke producing device”. This version is the same idea, just with five years of tweaks and improvements. And you can write with it.

Obviously the name is a misnomer. No smoke is produced. It’s the same as a cloud from a vape device. But minus the smell of cake and strawberries.

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Meir Yedid – Shinkoh Twisting Arm Illusion

Performed by David Copperfield on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, Harry Anderson on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, and by Meir Yedid to win the 1988 S.A.M. Close-Up Magic Competition.

This is an impromptu routine, which is easy to do and uses absolutely no props. The magician asks a spectator to copy his actions. Both place their hands palm down on the table and begin turning them in a clockwise direction. The spectator turns his hand part way, while the magician turns his hand in a full circle! One and a half times!

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Sinful By Wayne Houchin

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Back in 2005 Lee Asher showed us a video clip of Wayne Houchin performing this effect. After watching it close to 20 times we still had no clue how on earth “a signed coin could penetrate through a sealed can of soda.” The only possible explanation we could think of was “real magic.”

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Uncrush by Eric Ross

“They feel it coming ALIVE, it’s insane.”

1. Pick up a crushed bottle.
2. On cue, make the bottle UNCRUSH.
3. Examinable before AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

You can even do it while THEY HOLD THE BOTTLE. A PERFECT party tricks you’ll be eager to do as often as possible.

PROFESSIONALS: The method is quick and easy, so you focus almost 100% on presentation, presentation, presentation.

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