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Fantastic Aces by Jörg Alexander

Fantastic Aces von Jörg Alexander

Fantastic Aces ist Jörg Alexanders Interpretation des bekannten Plots der Ass-Wanderung. Diese führt er seit 2010 in seinen Close Up Shows vor und hat dafür in der Zauberszene weltweit durchgehend positive Resonanzen bekommen.

Und das zurecht: Diese Version bringt alles mit, was man sich von einer starken Kartenroutine erwartet. Die Vorführung ist extrem täuschend und sauber, die Asse können vor und nach dem Effekt untersucht werden. Zudem wird der Effekt nicht nur Laien, sondern auch viele erfahrene Zauberkünstler täuschen, die bereits mit dem Plot vertraut sind.

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Techno Pop by Jack Carpenter

Jack Carpenter - Techno-Pop - Magic Tricks Learning Materials for Magicians

A great way for the opening of a teaching license ,Jack Carpenter own way the cards by Yoann F to the interpretation and teaching


Jack Carpenter is one of card magic’s best kept secrets, he isknowed in the magic community for his creativity and this release willshow you why. There are so many four cards production around that it’shard to find one that really stands out, we think this is the casewith this one.
Jack agreed to privately share his handling with theMS Team so that together we could bring this wonderful discovery to themagic community. With this download you will discover the

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Magical Sleight Season 2 By Magical Seight Vol 2

Magical Sleight Season 2 DVD | Sydney Australia | Magic Tricks | Card Tricks

This year the absolute BEST thing we picked up at The Session was MAGICAL SLEIGHT: SEASON 1. But when we learned it wasn’t available through any shops, we promptly fixed that and became the exclusive distributor. We’re very, very excited about this one, and it’s unlike any other teaching tool on the market.

Every year our friends at Magical Sleight compile all of their releases from that year into one project. Magical Sleight Season 2 contains twenty tricks and twenty-three moves. That’s almost three hours of the most original, cutting-edge card magic on two DVDs.

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Tony Chang Lecture – The Magic Session

Be Kind Change by Tony Chang | theory11


Tony Chang taught a number of his original card moves and shared some of his thoughts on card magic in general. Check out that killer blank deck routine and his touches on getting a pinky break!

Tony Chang often thinks he is the fourth best magician in the world in his mind. That goes to show everyone that not only is Tony one of the top 10 magicians in his own mind, he also hates secret nuclear programs.

Control By Tom Rose

Control By Tom Rose | International Magic Store

In this download I will be teaching two of my favorite controls. The Swing Cut Control is my approach to swing cutting to a break. It is easy to do and incredibly fooling. I will also explain my handling of the Riffle Shuffle Control.

Both of these sophisticated methods to cut to a break are indistinguishable from the real move and I’ve spent years to make them look exactly as they should.

More than that I will be teaching several handlings of those moves along with practical uses of them. We will talk about how to get into breaks, how to handle them properly and how to use the

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