Card Tricks

BLOWN AWAY by Joseph B (Video+PDF)

Blown away is an effect that will kill all of your spectators, even the most experienced magicians.
A powerful effect where a white card disappears and turns into the card chosen by the spectator under impossible conditions!
I usually use this effect to close my evening repertoire and I always get great rections also from fellow magicinas!
Prepare to be fooled by the method too, really sneaky and devious!

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NO MORE CUTS by Joseph B (Video+PDF)

No more cuts is a three phase routine with a totally unexpected ending. The spectator can make free choices but many coincidences will happen. A deck cut in half literally! The spectator will always magically find the corresponding card in the other half. A long series of unexpected coincidences.
A very fun routine !

You have all the material at home to construct

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Miracle One by Christian Grace

For decades, we’ve all obsessed over the idea of having a chosen card appear at a freely-selected number in a deck of cards. We consider it the holy grail of magic, one of the most fooling and intriguing card tricks you can do. Christian Grace is delighted to offer his unbelievably fair and fooling solution: “Miracle One”.

The journey of “Miracle One” started when Christian Grace (Creator of “Level One” and “Inevitable Choice”) posted a video of his take on the Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) plot online. Forums lit up with people suggesting that he must have used some sneaky editing or a stooge. Magicians begged him to release his handling, and now he finally is.

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Stealth 4.0 By Lars La Ville / La Ville Magic

Stealth 4.0 by Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) 2022

The magician shows a red blank deck and a normal blue deck.The magician explains that there is only one normal card placed in the blank deck.The spectator are shuffling the blue deck and deal down 5 cards like in a game of poker.The spectator now thinks of one of the cards and deal the card they are thinking of face down on the table.The other four cards are now added up together.Let

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Axis by Rizki Nanda

“This multi-phase impossibility is very clever. No strings and no magnets. It will keep your audience dumbfounded. This would be a great addition to any levitation, animation, or impossible balance routine that you may already do.” – John George

Destroy the laws of physics by balancing a card box on just the edge at an impossible angle. No threads, magnets, or weights required. This is a balancing act that can be performed completely surrounded. This is Axis by Rizki Nanda.

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