Card Tricks

SHOWCASE by Thomas Sealey


The Universal version (66mm wide x 95mm high) sticks to the back of your existing phone case and can beremoved if required.

Created by Thomas Sealey
Designed & Developed by Mark Traversoni and iNFiNiTi

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Thin Air by Ignacio Lopez

Thin Air (Ignacio López) - Ignacio López - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

After completely selling out at Magifest and Blackpool, “Thin Air” from Ignacio Lopez is finally available worldwide.

“Thin Air” is one of the most versatile utility devices we’ve ever offered. Hidden beneath the surface of this seemingly innocent silk lies one of the easiest and most practical ways to produce, vanish or switch playing cards, business cards, photos, lottery tickets, billets…or any other similar item.

Here are just a few ways to use “Thin Air”:

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DECK STAB 3 RED by Adrian Vega

“I would like to have Adrian Vega’s brain, but i don’t think he will accept mine in exchange, so I will settle for his Deck Stab 3.0, which is as close as I can get to have a miracle on my hands”
– Jandro (4 times fooler on Fool Us)

Adrian Vega had shared with the magic community his Deck Stab a few years ago and it was a great success.

After years of improvements, he shares now for the first time his new ideas and handlings for this great plot, and EVEN BETTER, all the gimmicks ARE INCLUDED.

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Devil’s Selection by Guillermo Dech


If you really had the power to stab a card with a marker: How would you do it?

After the success of Cardtrait, we are ready to take the spontaneity and naturalness of movements to a different level of impossibility.

Welcome to the Devil’s Selection

Alien change by jawed Goudih

Cutt off a card corner and ties it with a different card give it a wave or shake your hand and the corner will change to a coin.

jawed is back with this new ultra visual paper to object in mid air and it looks impossible…

Take an old trick to a next level،,don’t use complicated flaps and magnets.

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ARCAAN by Joseph B

ARCAAN is an ACAAN with two decks of cards that is not only very easy to do, but a complete miracle.
It works every single time as you see from the video performance and always a different card.
For fans of the theme it is certainly a gem to try.
Two decks: blue and red. The spectator choose one. Let’s say the red deck.

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