Card Tricks

Albo 2.0 by Ammar x Miller

It’s not about ‘new’… It’s about ‘the best’.

What do we mean by that?

People prefer the old muscle cars, the new ones lack character.

They prefer vinyl, the new sounds lack depth.

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TENACE by Yoann F – 10 EASY TO DO Four Cards Production

TENACE by Yoann // 10 EASY TO DO four cards production - YouTube

  • 1 – Cross : You begin with all the cards face down and finish by forming a face up cross with the four Aces.
  • 2 – Margarine : Margarine is a kind of butter to refer to how smooth this production is.
  • 3 – Rolling : The deck rolls over to find the four Aces. This one is so pleasant for the fingers.
  • 4 – Pétale : Imagine watching a flower open in a second.

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