Masterclass Live

Marc Paul – Masterclass Live (Week 3)

Marc Paul Masterclass - Marc Paul - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

World-renowned mentalist Marc Paul presents an action-packed Masterclass download series, all gleaned from decades traveling the globe and performing in the most exclusive venues. In two nearly 90-minute classes, he goes deep and wide on the very concepts that mentalists struggle with most.

In the first download, Marc delivers a true masterclass on billet work. Inspired by Annemann’s “Telepathy Plus,” he shares his Triple Billet Test, a routine honed through thousands of performances. At no point in this routine are any of the billets perceptibly opened, and Marc also shares his unique approach to making billet work completely invisible. Marc also covers one of his

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Dustin Marks – Masterclass Live 2

Dustin Marks Masterclass - Dustin Marks - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Spend 4+ hours with one of the world’s most successful card cheats!

Dustin Marks’ ability to remain calm and perform undetectable sleight of hand under pressure is unrivaled. In fact, while employed as a blackjack dealer at several notable Las Vegas casinos, he was able to cheat right under the noses of the pit bosses and casino surveillance cameras…and was NEVER CAUGHT.

He’s since authored multiple books and videos that have cemented his place as the leading expert on blackjack cheating techniques, and has consulted for numerous casinos in North America. You

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