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Shoot Ogawa – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Shoot Ogawa Masterclass - Shoot Ogawa - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

FISM Winner Shoot Ogawa is one of those magicians that creates “real” magic. His sleight of hand is so adept, so polished, that it genuinely looks like he’s making the impossible happen.

This is not by accident though. Shoot is also one of the hardest-working magicians in the world and his commitment to understanding the finest details of magic is unparalleled. He’ll be sharing his best tricks and most invaluable insights across two 90-minute sessions followed by a live Q&A.

Featuring the perfect blend of full routines (including some unpublished material) and groundbreaking theory, the “Shoot Ogawa Masterclass” epitomizes what a Masterclass should be. You won’t

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Jeki Yoo – Masterclass Live (Week 1+2+3)

Jeki Yoo Masterclass - Jeki Yoo - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Oh my! One of the most creative and talented magicians on the planet shares some of his best secrets in this incredible Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. More than 10 routines across 4 hours of unbelievable content that you can download and watch instantly!

While many of you may know Jeki Yoo from his brain-breaking viral magic videos, he has been captivating audiences across the globe with his unique brand of magic since long before his internet fame. In addition to being a talented close-up magic performer, Jeki is also an accomplished stage and parlor magician. Magicians at Magifest and The Session in 2022 learned this first-hand as he

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Jörg Alexander – Masterclass Live July 2023 (Week1+2+3+Zoom)

Hailing from Germany, Jörg Alexander is one of the most talented sleight of hand artists in the world. His unrivaled ability to combine remarkable technique with captivating presentations has allowed him to enjoy a long and illustrious career. We are so delighted he’ll be joining us to share some of his greatest secrets as part of a special Masterclass in July.

This truly is a rare treat you won’t want to miss. Jörg’s rigorous performing schedule has often left him with little time to release material or lecture for a global magic

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Nick Diffatte – Masterclass Live (Week 1+2+3)

An incredible more than 3.5 hour download from one of the most in-demand magicians and comedians in the world.

Nick Diffatte’s ability to seamlessly blend dry humor, quick wit and perfect comedic timing with truly impressive magical chops elevates his performances well beyond the realm run-of-the-mill “comedy magic”. Now, as part of this special download, he’s sharing some of his best secrets!

A Vegas mainstay with multiple long-term residencies under his belt, and one of the only magicians Mac King trusts to fill in for him at his iconic show, Nick is a true star. He’s a regular at the

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Daniel Prado – Masterclass Live (Week 1+2+3+PDF)

Daniel Prado Masterclass - Daniel Prado - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Brazilian Magician Daniel Prado is a perennial student of magic that has dedicated his life to creating moments of “real” magic. Magical experiences that leave no other explanation for the audience other than they just witnessed the impossible. This endless pursuit of excellence has led him to create some of the most powerful effects we’ve ever seen.

An accomplished sleight of hand artist and thinker, Daniel carefully crafts every detail of his magic. He believes there is so much more to our art than simply a display of special skills. Everything he does is part of his larger goal to help evolve the art of magic.

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Peter Turner – Masterclass Live (March 2023) (Week 1+2+3+PDF)

Peter Turner has been one of the biggest catalysts for ushering in the new era of mentalism, as well as its accompanying surge in popularity. While most modern audiences recognize there is no such thing as “real” mind reading, you’d never believe that when watching Peter perform. His bold, innovative, and disarmingly natural methods make audiences second-guess everything they ever thought they know.

We had always admired Peter from afar, but it wasn’t until we had a chance to sit down and pick his brain that we realized how truly brilliant he is. His ability to produce consistently devastating

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