Penguin Live Magic

Danny Archer LIVE

“As they say, if you get one thing from a book, or DVD or lecture, it’s worth the price of admission. I predict that Danny’s wide range of material will have that something special for almost everyone! My personal favorite is Sneak Preview.” -Gregory Wilson

“I really enjoy seeing Danny lecture. He’s a great guy who has a feel for solid and practical material, all performed with that delightful “Archer” touch. Besides performing in the “real world”, he’s rubbed shoulders with some of the best performers in the business and it shows. Let him share that wisdom with you.” -Bruce Bernstein

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Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix

The Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix is a FREE gift to anyone who pre-orders it through Christmas day as a thank you to all of Penguin’s customers!

With nearly 500 Penguin Live Lectures, Acts, and Christmas specials over a decade, it’s impossible to pick just one of your favorite moments, and that’s why we’re hosting the Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix with the host of Penguin LIVE, Erik Tait. Curated by the team that produces the Penguin Live Lectures, this holiday remix features some of the best performances, the biggest laughs, and the incredible magic of the last decade.

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Bill Abbott LIVE

“The greatest compliment I can give about the material of Bill’s is that I use it. Not only do I use it, I use quite a bit of it A LOT. I don’t mean I use it toying around with my magical peers at meetings or conventions, but that I use it in paying circumstances during my formal shows and on the Las Vegas strip” -Paul Vigil

“Bill’s objective is to entertain his audiences, use methods that work under fire and he takes the responsibility of making magic fun very seriously. Bill’s advice, is advice I think everyone should pay attention to.” -Bill Malone

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Bernardo Sedlacek LIVE

What will he teach?

The Tantalizer- A card is selected and returned to the middle. The deck is then dealt in two piles. One of the piles is dealt again and again until there’s one card left. It is revealed to be the selection the selection.

Reversed- The deck is shuffled under the table and one card is selected and reversed in the deck. The deck is put back inside the box. All under the table. The magician is able to divinate which

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Josh Burch LIVE (Video+PDF)

“Josh Burch thinks up tricks that REALLY WORK. He’s one of my favorite creators.” -Rick Lax

“Josh Burch thinks deeply about his magic. He’s focused on creating visual and highly interactive material that is easy to perform yet can fill a stage with family-friendly fun. Watch as he takes standard ideas and puts a personal creative spin on them to make each a unique original.” -Paul Draper

“With so much close-up and card magic on the market today, it is extremely refreshing to see strong and original stand-up material performed with such interesting props. Water Gun Roulette,

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Scott Alexander and Dan Harlan – Penguin Live 4

“The magic of your words touched everyone.” –Oprah

“This guy is pure showmanship.” –Piers Morgan

Scott sports and amiable, self-deprecating stage presence as he does tricks only magic aficionados are likely to have seen elsewhere.” –Las Vegas Review Journal

”Wow…I’ve never seen magic like that before.” –Michael Jackson

“Very unique and different for a magician.” –Sharon Osborne

“I’ve seen levitation before but not like that. Amazing!” –Howie Mandel

“Wow, you guys are still applauding? Maybe we should bring the magician back out here.” –Dennis Miller

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David and Jacob Rangel LIVE

“From the moment the Rangels hit the stage, they bring extraordinary and contagious energy. They are original, true to themselves, and work together in perfect and hilarious harmony. It’s a double-generational experience like no other, and the magic world is so lucky to have what Dave and Jake they bring to the table.” -Mario “the Maker Magician” Marchese

“Finding another father and son magic act as great these two, is almost impossible. They set the bar for future family acts, and for now, they wear the crown!” -Marcus Eddie

“David and Jacob have the unique ability to entertain me while also fooling me. Jacob makes me laugh harder than almost anyone in magic and that old guy that drives him to the gigs is also

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