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Mike Gallo LIVE

“Mike Gallo happens to be one of the best coin workers I know.” –David Roth

“As always, his technique is impeccable, and his lessons are perfect for both beginners and experts. He has two of the best hands in magic. Thanks for sharing…as always Mike’s material is phenomenal.” –Kainoa Harbottle

“Mike Gallo is one of the best coin magicians I have ever seen. His technique is flawless, his presentations are original, and the amount of material he performs seems boundless. When he

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Jeffrey Wang LIVE

“Jeffrey does beautiful coin magic with his innovative sleights! You are gonna love his work.” -Eric Jones

“Watching Jeffrey perform from behind is an eye opener. Never have I seen anyone manipulate coins like this. This is what we call in Chinese a true 变态.” -Eric Chien

“Jeffrey Wang’s Coin magic is stunning.  It makes me think that I’m wearing a VR headset and looking at some type of trick photography. Then I remember we’re just sitting in a restaurant and what he’s doing is real and I get mad for all the right reasons.” -Erik Tait

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Apollo Riego LIVE

“Apollo is a polished performer with some wonderfully creative ideas! It would be in your best interest to pick this up, study it, and apply these ideas to your own act!” -Michael O’Brien

“Apollo is a rare breed in magic. Mixing his modern style with vintage mechanics, Apollo creates truly unique moments of magic. Taking street magic style and making it play well on stage is difficult… yet Apollo nails it every time!” -John Stessel

“Great touches on classic routines. A worker’s delight!” -Joshua Messado

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Mark Zacharia LIVE

“If more magicians knew what Mark Zacharia knows about restaurant magic, more magicians would be in business.  Mark’s lecture clearly reflects the years of experience he’s had performing close-up magic at restaurants. You’ll learn some great magic and get great advice from a pro.” –Kostya Kimlat
“Mark Zacharia’s lecture offers some of the best advice to approaching presenting magic as a close-up magician as you are going to find.” -Garrett Thomas
“Mark Zacharia is an excellent performer who has analyzed, re-worked and optimized his magic effects over hundreds of performances.” -David Corsaro

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Rafael Benatar LIVE 2 (Re Upload)

“He possesses that essential factor that separates the outstanding magician from all the others: charm. He will amaze and astonish you but you are so charmed by his personality that you could not possibly resent it.”– Charles Reynolds, GENII

“Great hands, great intelligence, great feeling.”– Juan Tamariz

“Rafael Benatar gently and seductively insinuates his enchantments into an audience’s collective consciousness. He does not pummel audiences with puzzles or vex them with bewilderments.

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Martin Braessas LIVE

What will he teach?

Fire Coins- A perfect opener for your show where the magician plucks a flame from a candle and transforms it into coins. Then, one at a time each coin vanishes. A musical routine that can be performed both in person or online.

TriSandwich- A hyper visual routine where 3 cards appear between the jokers under impossible conditions. Very easy to do, and extremely magical.

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Farrell Dillon LIVE (Re Upload)

“Everything Farrell Dillon performs in his act has a heart! He consistently takes deep dives into the history of an effect to find the perfect method, solid framework and nuanced subtleties, that make his performances completely entertaining. His ardent respect for the craft and art of magic makes each piece resonate with an audience, producing not only consistent laughter, but pure reality-shattering amazement!”– Scott Alexander

“Farrell Dillion combines solid sleight of hand with outrageously funny comedy.  He has a very strong footing in both worlds.  I am very much looking forward to hearing what he has to say” 

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