Penguin Live Magic

Derek Ostovani LIVE

“As a full time working professional magician, Derek understands what strong magic is, how it relates to the spectators, what truly works for the general public and what pays the bills.” -H.M. David Malek

“Derek Ostovani is a very well rounded professional magician! I have worked with him personally at high-end corporate events as well as exclusive private parties. We have collaborated and created custom effects for presentations and tv. I’m excited to see what he will bring to the table for us all. From first hand experience, I can guarantee it will be practical and real working

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Gozner LIVE

What will he teach?

GSC (Gozner Spin Change)- A beautiful and visual color change.

Double Shot- Two chosen cards are found with only one card shot.

Mystery Card- A classic trick is done with only one deck of cards.

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Kyle Purnell LIVE

“Kyle’s magic is quirky and original with methods that stray off the beaten path in fascinating ways. I’m always excited to see what he will come up with next!” -Caleb Wiles

“Kyle has amazing magic,ingenious methods, killer visuals and funny and fun to be around. I really want to hate him but it’s just so hard!” -Mark Calabrese

“I can’t say enough great things about Kyle Purnell. If you study his performance you will learn about great presentation and perfect tempo. If you study his methods, though, you will learn streamlined, visual magic that looks gimmicked but is not. He has an amazing mind that can combine all these elements together elegantly. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse we can all rest

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Nathan Colwell LIVE

“Nathan Colwell is an excellent creator, performer and technician. But above all, Nathan is a thinker – a deep thinker. He’s also relentless in his pursuit of perfect solutions. When you put these qualities together in a lecture, it’ll be one that you will regret missing.” –Mike Powers

“In the world of card magic, we feel like we seen it all. Nathan is one of the best guarded secrets in card magic. His solutions and approaches to card magic are elegant and sophisticated. Any student of magic should pay attention to his work. I know Marlo would.” –Luis Carreon

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Justin Purcell LIVE

What will he teach?

The Fabulous Three Ball Trick

Dishonest Mistake by Al Leech- The perfect trick to teach when a spectator wants you to teach them a trick.

With Love From Malta – Variation on Through and Through by Derek Dingle.

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Farrell Dillon LIVE

“Everything Farrell Dillon performs in his act has a heart! He consistently takes deep dives into the history of an effect to find the perfect method, solid framework and nuanced subtleties, that make his performances completely entertaining. His ardent respect for the craft and art of magic makes each piece resonate with an audience, producing not only consistent laughter, but pure reality-shattering amazement!”– Scott Alexander

“Farrell Dillion combines solid sleight of hand with outrageously funny comedy.  He has a very strong footing in both worlds.  I am very much looking forward to hearing what he has to say” 

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Seth Race LIVE

“Seth is one of the greatest visual magic creators of our time. Everything we’ve seen from him is absolute eye candy! The brand new material in this lecture is no exception!”- The Other Brothers

“Seth’s attention to detail is just magic in itself. His craftsmanship is top notch!”- Kevin Li

“Seth is very creative, an up and coming creator with some really fun and out of the box thinking.”- Nicholas Lawrence

What will he teach?

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