Penguin Live Magic

Miguel Angel Gea LIVE

“A superb coin magician with some very clever moves and ideas. His magic looks like magic, and he is truly is an actor playing the part of a magician.” -David Roth

“Magic’s future is in the best of hands, literally. Behind an almost unassuming but charming and delightful exterior, hides one of today’s most creative, intelligent and capable performers. His original magic and superb handling, as well as his holistic approach, typical of the Spanish School of Magic, will more than just please you. And, yes, he will also fool you badly.” -Roberto Giobbi

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Chris Randall LIVE 2

“This has elements that I could see adopting into my routine and I have done it the same way for 30 years. This is pure gold. My hat is off to you pal. This is the last word on Bill In Lemon.” –Doc Eason

“The Inception is Chris Randall at his best. It’s a solid working routine from a real working magician.” -Shawn Farquhar F.I.S.M Grand Prix winner
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Caleb Wiles LIVE

“Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun, and he’s got loads of natural ability.” – David Williamson 

“Caleb is one of my favorite card creators. He creates unusual, high-impact card magic that is easy to do and astounds everyone, from laymen to magicians.” – Joshua Jay 

“Caleb Wiles keeps thinking when other magicians stop, then he makes a left turn that no one knew was there.” – David Regal 

“Caleb Wiles has the unparalleled ability to see the potential of principles and concepts that the rest of us may see as inert (or not see at all) and the result is just plain brilliant: Highly

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Eugene Burger LIVE

Eugene Burger LIVE Instant Download

“Chicago’s Best Magician.” — Chicago Magazine

“Eugene is not just one of my favorite magicians in the world to watch, he’s also one of the greatest teachers of magic alive. I’m sure he’ll perform and explain fantastic tricks that’ll fool you and your audiences, but I’m certain he’ll also impart important and valuable insights into audience management. Plus, he’ll be funny and charming. Do everyone in the world a giant favor and watch Eugene Burger’s Penguin LIVE Lecture.” — Mac King

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Will Fern LIVE

“Will Fern lights up a room even before he enters it. He’s the total package: high-energy personality, hysterical comedy, great audience interaction, phenomenal chops and highly original thinking. Add to that the fact that he is a really fine teacher and communicates his points extremely well.” -Marc DeSouza

“He performs with such contagious great energy… and all of his creations have that quality built into them.” -Asi Wind

“Anyone that performs strongly and prolifically is someone I listen to when they speak. The best advice comes from real world workers like them, and Will Fern is one of those guys.

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Bill Malone LIVE

Here’s what people are saying about Bill Malone:

“So entertaining! I laughed the day he was born!” -Bill’s Mom

“Bill Who? I love David Blaine!” – Bill’s Sister, Sue

“Keep your dog off my lawn!” – Bill’s Neighbor

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Chastain Criswell LIVE

Palm Sandwich – Progressive three card sandwich – Three Cards Selected then found one at a time between the jokers. The last one is a doozie!

Pocket Rocket – A card to pocket boxed up and fast!

Plunger Aces – Four aces lost and found: one handed face up second deal. (A special mention of Tony Econ whom also had the same idea and have me his blessing to teach and publish my ideas)

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