Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix

The Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix is a FREE gift to anyone who pre-orders it through Christmas day as a thank you to all of Penguin’s customers!

With nearly 500 Penguin Live Lectures, Acts, and Christmas specials over a decade, it’s impossible to pick just one of your favorite moments, and that’s why we’re hosting the Penguin LIVE Holiday Remix with the host of Penguin LIVE, Erik Tait. Curated by the team that produces the Penguin Live Lectures, this holiday remix features some of the best performances, the biggest laughs, and the incredible magic of the last decade.

You’ll see Chris Philpot stab The Penguin, David Williamson grab a layperson off the street, Listen to Harry Anderson tell the real story of eating a Guinea Pig on live television, and so many more moments that could only happen at Penguin Live.

This isn’t just a highlights reel. We’ve chosen some hidden gems to share with you this holiday season. You’ll learn Tom Bergoon’s Balloon Bag Routine, Christopher Carter’s unbelievable Three Billet Routine, Gaetan Bloom’s Inexhaustible Sponge, and more! In addition to some of the most outrageous moments in Penguin LIVE history, you’ll learn some amazing magic from the best magicians in the world.

Laugh, learn, and fall in love with your favorite magicians from the last decade. Relive some of the crew’s favorite moments this Christmas in the Penguin Live Holiday Remix.

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