Joseph B. on FALSE DEALS Vol.1 by Joseph B

NOTE : In this volume: Strike second, push off second, third deal and dozens and dozens of variations!
Joseph B worked as a poker dealer and has been dealing with how to create game cheating systems for a long time. In this first volume you will find some false deals and many variations. You will learn strike second deals, push off second deals and third deals. In this volume there are dozens and dozens of variations!

PART 1 Strike second deal

-The grip
-The Work
-The Take
-Left Hand Movement
-The brief
-The Pitch
-Strike second face up
-Strike second palm down
-Strike second with thumb movement

PART 2 Push off second deal
-The Grip
-The Push
-Training work
-The Take
-How to cover push off second deal

PART 3 Variation
-Stud push off second
-Blackjack hit take
-Elliott grip take
-Elliott grip with snap
-Two fingers take push off
-One Hand second deal
-One Hand face up second
-D’Amico one Hand second
-Second while holding palm card – Unpublished

PART 4 Variation
-Second deal after table pass
-Vernon Stud second
-Inward take second
-Covered second deal
-Marlo easy second deal
-Marlo one Hand second
-Strike third deal
-Push off Third deal
-Push off one hand third

Detailed instructions- 95 minutes of instructions

The SECOND VOLUME will be out soon! In the second there will be the Bottom Deal, Greek Deal, Center deal and many variations!
download it now because the price, FOR NOW, is really low for an hour and a half of explanation.

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