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“As they say, if you get one thing from a book, or DVD or lecture, it’s worth the price of admission. I predict that Danny’s wide range of material will have that something special for almost everyone! My personal favorite is Sneak Preview.” -Gregory Wilson

“I really enjoy seeing Danny lecture. He’s a great guy who has a feel for solid and practical material, all performed with that delightful “Archer” touch. Besides performing in the “real world”, he’s rubbed shoulders with some of the best performers in the business and it shows. Let him share that wisdom with you.” -Bruce Bernstein

“I have been working with Danny for years and he is not only dependable but knows the Magic Business as well as any one. His Lectures are entertaining. He is a true professional.” -Dean Dill

“Danny really thinks about how to get the maximum impact his magic can have on his audiences. Don’t let some simple methods put you off the powerful effect his routines have because you’ll be passing up some real gems.” -Jon Allen

“My students, (9 of them were at the lecture in Melbourne), spent the next session discussing your lecture, you, and your material. It was the consensus of opinion that the material was some of the best and most useable they had seen. I have to agree. I enjoyed your lecture very much, however I enjoyed you more.” -Chuck Fayne

“Your lecture was very good. More importantly it was VERY PRACTICAL. There is a LOT of stuff in your lecture that can be put right into someone’s act. You should be very proud of yourself.” -John Luka

“GREAT lecture last night. I really enjoyed your routines. I especially appreciate the speed in which you went though the material. You kept it moving and entertaining. I’m excited about several of the things I saw and will be working on them very soon.” -Shep Hyken

What will he teach?

Big Bill
Archer’s routine and handling of the classic Bank Night plot.

A stand-up sleight of hand effect with a small rubber ball. It appears, vanishes, and changes color in a magical, fast paced routine.

Four spectators are asked to mentally select and remember an animal. With no monkey business or horsin’ around, the magician correctly reveals all four mental selections!

Pick a Coin… Any Coin…
From a small bag filled with change, the spectator selects a coin, initials it and returns it to the bag. Using his incredible sense of touch, the magician finds the coin.

Eye Exam
It’s two… two… two tricks in one. You can perform it as a card revelation or a packet trick. Either way, it will knock them for a loop when the backs vanish and there are Eye Charts in its place.

Drawn Again
Duplicate a spectator’s drawing using nothing more than some business cards and a pen.

Olympic Aces
Four selections fly from the deck and appear in four different pockets… instantly they return.

Dye and Dye Again
A red silk is passed through the hand and changes color. New touches on a classic effect.

That’s Nuts!
A chop-cup style routine, done with a jigger, cherries and a funny final load.

Sneak Preview
The performer divines the name of a mentally chosen movie. It’s Oscar time.

And more…

Who is he?

Danny Archer started doing magic as a hobby when he was 29 years old. In 1988 he left his job as salesman with Apple Computer and started to work at the Philadelphia Magic Company. Here Danny learned a lot about magic and magicians and it was a great starting point until the company folded in 1991. Danny went back to work in the real world and then in March of 1994 he relocated to Denver, CO. He was working once again in computer sales when he suffered his first heart attack. In the recovery room he realized that he was not doing what he wanted with his life and he decided to give magic one more chance.

To supplement his performing career, Danny marketed his first trick, Eye Exam, that has been a wildly successful card trick right from the start. Spurred on by the success of Eye Exam, he released more tricks to the magic community (Birthday Banner, Grandpa’s Deck, Animental and now has over 24 effects and DVD’s on the market.

Danny’s lecture has taken him around the world and all over the US. He has lectured in thirty countries worldwide and he has performed at a number of convention including; IBM national convention, British IBM national convention, Tannen’s, Hank Lee’s Cape Cod Conclave, A1 Convention at the Capital, Atlanta Harvest, Magic Spectram in Montreal, Winter Carnival in Gatlinburg, the Blackpool Convention, FFFF in Buffalo and many, many more. He also runs his own mentalism convention, MINDvention with his partner Robert Allen. His material has appeared in publications like; MAGIC, Linking Ring, Genii, Channel One, MUM, Infinity and several international magic publications.

For the past six years, he has been under contract and working in the ski resort of Vail, CO performing close-up magic five to six nights a week. His magic is visual, dynamic and created to be performed in real world situations. He uses simple props to present magic effects that most people have never seen before (and of course, a card trick or two).

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