The Peek by Moustapha Berjaoui

“I’ve been following Moustapha’s work since his incredible release “InstaForce” and I discovered a very clever guy with very nice ideas. Now one more time he brings to the Magic Community a very versatile technique that can be either used for visual magic or a strong mentalism. The Peek is something that comes to prove that is always possible to create and find something new, btw Moustapha is doing it very well!” – Gustavo Vierini

“Moustapha did it again, this time he found a new deceptive way to make a peek. A great tool to add to your card technique arsenal.” – Adrian Lacroix

“Moustapha did it again! First InstaForce, now this! The Peek is a new peek that can be used for playing cards and business cards for a drawing duplication. It is fair, simple and mind blowing, everything you want! Amazing work Moustapha, this is brilliant and i will be using it!” – Kevin Hamdan

What is the Peek? 

The Peek is a new deceptive technique that allows you to peek information from playing cards or business cards. A very easy Peek; once you learn it, you will be able to do it anytime, anywhere! All you need is an ordinary and un-gaffed business cards, playing cards or blank cards – no gimmicks or DIY – completely impromptu. The spectator’s cards are clearly placed in the centre of the stack and stays there the entire time.

As a Bonus, you will learn two routines with a 2 killer ending: 

 4 Cards Triumph Routine 
To begin, you hand the deck to four participants, ask them to shuffle the cards and then choose a card each. After that, you tell them to cut the deck into two piles and flip one of them over then shuffle them together.. Now the deck appears to be in chaos, fully mixed up with cards face up and face down, completely shuffled up.

In the End…. You spread the cards on the table fairly revealing the deck rearranged with only 4 cards face down. After that, you pick each of the 4 cards and hand them to the participants, still face down, and ask each to name the card they have chosen, and then boom! Each person will find that the cards handed to them are the ones they chose.

 Drawing Duplication Routine: 
Your participant draws a picture on a business card then loses it back among more cards. The whole stack of business cards is then to be shuffled/mixed by the participant. You will be able to duplicate their own drawing easily. As a killer ending, you will be able to sense and locate their drawing from the spread without looking at the business cards.

15 mins Instructions
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