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Daryl – Essentials in Magic – The Svengali Deck

The Svengali Deck is one of the most popular and versatile trick deck of cards. If you want to perform miracles with virtually no skill, look no further than the Svengali Deck. Imagine causing cards to change place, jump up through the deck, change from one card to another, and so much more. Look like a sleight of hand expert – like a true magician – all without years of practice.

In this DVD, World Champion FISM Gold Medal Winning Close- Up Magician, Daryl, takes you step by step on the many uses of this versatile trick deck of cards. Daryl is renowned as one of the world’s finest magic teachers. Here, he shares his years of knowledge and expertise so you, too, can be the life of the party amazing your friends, family and colleagues.

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The Australian routine is a series of effects built to have a climax of surprises. The spectator will be able to make the choices freely and despite this the ending will appear impossible.
Watch the full performance.
From a technical point of view the effect is simple to do and semi automatic, as in most of Joseph B.

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This is a collection of packet trick.
All the effects have a surprising impact on the spectator because they are full of twists. As you can see from the performances they are very visual with many color change.
Some can be made with a regular deck of cards, others require some gaff cards, which are easy to find.
Everything is clearly explained and you will also find short tutorials for false counts.

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Truck by Negan

A spectator chooses a card, they shuffle it into the deck, with just using one sticker, you can find where is it and even predict exactly what card they choose

Let’s learn it

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THE OPENER by Adrian Vega

“Thank you Adrian for creating this professional piece of magic and share it with our community. I used in my recent show called ‘Flipar’ and it was a great success”
– Jorge Blass

“Since I first got the trick from Adrian in 2018, I immediately put it in my show and there it has remained to this very day. I highly recommended The Opener”
– Scott Wells

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