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Juan Tamariz – Maestro Masterpieces (ALL Video+PDF)

To be the best, you must first learn from the best. With “Maestro Masterpieces”, you can learn five remarkable routines from one of the greatest magicians to ever live. Download them right now for more than 50% off as part of a special limited time deal!

“Maestro Masterpieces” is five amazing and practical routines from Juan Tamariz that can go right into your working set. While the effects themselves are remarkable, the true value comes from the insights you’ll learn along the way that will help you be a better overall magician.

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Max Intuition by Dani DaOrtiz (Force Project Chapter 5)

Dani DaOrtiz is back; this time, you don’t have a choice because this project is all about card Forces. There’s no one who makes a card selection feel more honest and fair than Dani DaOrtiz. In this year-long project, Dani will share with you his favorite methods, principles, and techniques to get your audience to take the card you want.

The What

A red deck and a blue deck of cards are borrowed and shuffled. The magician removes a prediction card from the red deck and places it in his pocket. The decks are then given out to two different

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Dave’s Magical Mysteries Revealed by David Williamson

Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

David Williamson is The Master. The Funniest. The Most Clever. The Most Skillful. Too bad he very, very rarely releases material.

This is very, very exciting and, at Vanishing Inc. we are proud to have the EXCLUSIVE: a new David Williamson download on all his rarest material!

When Williamson’s Wonders came out in 1990, it was filled with amazing magic. Many of the tricks we all do and enjoy as modern classics. But what about the rest? Our guess is you have never seen most of the magic in this collection: Interlaced Swindle, Brain Scan, Wishing Well, Rising Card, The Hypnotist and He Who Spelt It, Dealt It.

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Parcel by Agustin

Parcel is variation of ‘Dr. Daley’s Last Trick’ that has been performed by Agustin for years. Each phase contains visual color change, with kicker transposition ending.
All you do just borrow 4 playing card, and you ready to go.

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ESPeriment V2 By Mark Leveridge

Lybrary: Mark Leveridge

One single prediction card is placed face down in view to one side. Five different ESP symbol cards are openly displayed and then shuffled. A spectator is invited to freely nominate the first, second, third, fourth or fifth card in the pile. His choice is dropped out onto the table and the faces of the other cards displayed. When the selection is compared to the prediction card, they match! No force, this is direct and straightforward to perform and is very quick to re-set.

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