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Homicide by Jack Tighe

Homicide by Jack Tighe - Video Download —

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Jack Tighe’s Homicide is a brilliant and fun routine that’ll leave your spectator’s gobsmacked.

Jack Tighe may be known for having deity level skills in the card handling department, BUT he’s also not above crafting a routine which is so easy it’s almost ridiculous. ‘Homicide’ is one such super easy gem.
It’s a fabulous two phase mentalism piece that utterly fooled me the first time I saw it. It has some inbuild comedy (watch the performance and you’ll see what I mean) and if you don’t know the

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Chaotic Oil & Water by Dani DaOrtiz (Chaos Project Chapter 7)

The What
The magician hands out many packets of the deck to his audience to shuffle. Everybody shuffles. The packets are reassembled into a full deck. The deck is shown to be completely and thoroughly shuffled. Everyone is asked to take a mental snapshot of the well-mixed deck. Spectators then take random groups from the deck, shuffle them, and then put down a pair of cards into a pile on the table. The remainder of the cards are discarded. This goes on until the deck is exhausted. The cards the spectators selected and then turned over to show they have separated themselves into the

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The Intuitive Card Prediction is a powerful and very direct mental effect. Can be performed on stage, In parlor conditions. in close up conditions or doing table hopping as well.

A prediction is written either before the performance or in front of the audience and placed in the trousers or jacket decoration pocket without revealing it. Then one or more spectators freely determine and name one card. The named card Is lost in a deck or it is placed into a glass. Finally the revealed prediction perfectly matches with the named card.

There are four different presentation methods explained in the video explanation included.

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Blizzard by Dean Dill

“Dean Dill’s ‘Blizzard’ caused a storm on its release decades ago. The method flew by everyone! I loved demoing this effect when I worked at Showplace Magic and am so happy it’ll be available again.” – Paul Vigil

“Dean was a monster when it came to fooling people – especially magicians – very badly and Blizzard was one of his most diabolical creations.” – R. Paul Wilson

“I will never forget the little smile Dean had after showing me Blizzard. He was smiling as he knew how badly he had fooled me. It’s great to see this amazing trick come back to the magic

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CONTROLE by Mickael Chatelain

A fabulous mentalism effect! Five predictions, each one correct!

The effect is as simple as it is mysterious! 5 blank cards in 5 plastic, see-through pockets, nothing else!


A sticker is applied to each of the plastic pockets. You take the cards from the pockets and place them on the table one by one.

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