Card Tricks


“Joseph B. is a strange character in magic because above all his style has something mysterious”
*An underground secret*
The acaan that cannot be explained has been in Joseph B.’s repertoire for a long time. He always got great reactions even from fellow magicians who had no idea how it worked. Really a devilish and interesting method! It’s easy to do!

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C.T.C. 3.0 (Card Through Card) By Kenneth Costa

After C.T.C 1.0 and 2.0 versions, now you can experience the newer and better 3.0 version.
It’s a very visual and clean effect and your spectators will be really shocked. You can carry it in your pocket and do it anywhere and anytime.

“That’s a really good trick” – Rizki Nanda

“What the hell dude! looks very real and so beautiful.! It will be a favorite magic in my pocket, okay, but it’s beautiful, I like it.” – Esya Gumelar

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Here you have a very deceptive “Real” False Shuffle.
Easy to do! This weapon is perfect if you want to use it for your mnemonica routine

You will see also a little variation.
Look carefully: it will fool you!

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Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega

Perform an incredibly direct piece of magic with almost no moves, and leave your audience with no explanation. The card the name is the only face-up card in the deck, and it’s a different color than the rest of the deck. Before you move on because you think you have this trick in your drawer, you should know that the rest of the cards are blank. This is Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

Here’s what happens:

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Nothing But Effects by Benjamin Earl

Nothing But Effects by Ben Earl – Studio52 Magic

The final session in the Deep Magic Seminars, Nothing But Effects is… well, it says it right there on the tin, doesn’t it? Over five hours of performances and explanations of routines still in Ben’s repertoire today – honed over nearly 3 decades in magic – are laid out here in unsurpassed detail.

These aren’t your everyday ‘pick a card, any card’ tricks, these are Shakespearean monologues, Baryshnikovian choreographies, Beethovian overtures and Michelangelan frescos – in short, works of a master at his peak, distilled through the magical lens of Ben Earl’s teaching, ready to slip into your own personal arsenal. Included here, is Nothing But Effects.

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