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Shift – 21 Card Passes with Kris Nevling

Shift - 21 Card Passes with Kris Nevling - Master Magic Tricks by Magic  Makers

Most Card tricks require you to know exactly where the selected card is within the deck. Passes and shifts allow you to manipulate selected cards anywhere in the deck without the spectator’s knowledge. This instructional magic training course includes step-by-step teaching for 21 card passes and shifts. These techniques can be used for countless card routines.

Course Includes:
Practice Method

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Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan (ALL 8 Video)

In a world where we connected more and more by technology the ability to present magic to friends, family, and audiences using nothing more than the power of your voice is becoming one of the most powerful tools in the magician’s arsenal. The master of verbal magic is undoubtedly Juan Tamariz. Direct from his book, Verbal Magic, Dan Harlan has selected some of the finest pieces of magic that you can perform for your audience where they put the magic in their own hands. Originally performed over the radio by Tamariz, Dan has updated these effects so they can be performed during a phone call, a zoom meeting, or even via Facetime. You’ll receive 8 effects that require no gimmicks and often can be performed with nothing more than a few slips of paper, a

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The Love Ritual by Woody Aragon

“We have used Woody’s “Love Ritual” as a Penn & Teller show closer in Vegas, all over the USA, on Jimmy Fallon, and indeed all over the world. It kills. We’re not thrilled about you doing it, but if you wanna, these instructions will tell you all we know and much more. Woody is the best.” – Penn & Teller

“Woody Aragon’s “Love Ritual” is one of the best routines I did on tour for many years. I closed my show with this quite often which says just how much I love this piece of magic.” – Cyril Takayama

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