Card Tricks

Knock Em Dead II by Peter Nardi and Alakazam Magic

Anyone that owns a Peter Nardi creation will instantly know he has a knack for inventing truly commercial, straight to the point, hard hitting routines. Peter’s now classic Knock’em Dead is being used by magicians all over the world. If you liked the original Knock’Em Dead, you’ll love Knock’Em Dead II.

It’s not very often a card effect hits the market that is 100% commercial, easy for your spectator to follow, entertaining & has a killer reveal. Well Peter Nardi’s Classic Knock’em Dead is just that. Now for the first time Peter is releasing his updated version. This is the version Peter and a few of his close magical friends have been performing commercially for the past few years.

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Darwin Ortiz – The Lost Underground Session

Darwin Ortiz: The Lost Underground Session - Jason Ladanye

In 1984, Darwin Ortiz’s friend John Clark arranged for Darwin to get together with some of John’s magic buddies. The result was a virtuoso, marathon performance by Darwin in an informal setting. Fortunately, John videotaped it all. Long thought lost, the footage has recently surfaced and is being made available for the first time.

Darwin performs about two-dozen effects. These include classic Ortiz creations as well as powerful—and often little-known—effects from Marlo, Lorayne, Cervon, Max Maven, Paul Harris, Ted Annemann, and others. Darwin also performs seldom-seen items from his legendary gambling act.

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Counting Stars by Hojung Lee

Counting Stars by Hojung Lee [Digital]

Counting Stars by Hojung Lee

From Counting Stars, you can learn the most elegant card roll down routine from the Korean card manipulator Hojung Lee.

Card roll down is a high-level technique from all card manipulation sklls.

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Mind Over Matter by Daniel Johnson

WARNING – Strictly over 18’s only. This DVD contains strong language, drug and sexual references that some viewers may find offensive.

‘Mind Over Matter’ is the debut DVD from one of the UK’s most aspiring mentalists, Daniel Dorian Johnson.

Daniel regularly works as a street performer and has learned to satisfy even the toughest of crowds with his unique performance style.

On this DVD you will learn Daniel’s five powerful card-based mentalism effects that have been carefully woven into a complete act. Each subsequent effect builds in impossibility.

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