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Ring to Shoelace by Adrián Carratalá

Ring to Shoelace - Adrián Carratalá - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

From fooling Penn and Teller directly into your working set. This stunning effect had us feeling like kids again and we’re so thrilled to bring it to you!

“Ring to Shoelace” by Adrián Carratalá is everything you’d want in a routine. It’s direct, clear, makes a huge impact, and is super easy to perform. Here is exactly what happens:

A borrowed ring is vanished under a handkerchief before immediately re-appearing tied to your shoelace.

It’s almost unfair how easy it is to accomplish this true miracle. Each gimmick is handcrafted to perfection in Spain and takes care of all the hard work for you.

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Colour Heckler by Toby Hudson

Colour Heckler by Toby Hudson - Video Download —

“There are no knucklebusting sleights involved. These routines are able to be done by each and every one of you without hours of practice. And the best thing about it is the price. $5.50? Are you kidding me? It’s way too cheap. Buy this before Big Blind wakes up and realize what a huge mistake they have made. Obviously, recommended.” The Magic Portal

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Colour Heckler is that rarity amongst card magic effects – a genuinely funny trick! It’s super engaging, has lots of phases and is the perfect ‘gather round and check this out’ type of routine!

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In his life Joseph B is a Lawyer. He worked in a magic shop in Turin and frequented the poker rooms as a dealer.

“Joseph B with this effect shows all his genius. When he explained to me how this effect works, I couldn’t believe it, really crazy. There is method in his madness!”

This effect is truly one of Joseph B’s most amazing creations. The method is truly subtle, ingenious and incredibly sneaky. The spectator thinks of a card and the deck can be shuffled and borrowed. Eventually the magician is able to reveal the card thought! Not only that: after the spectator has shuffled the deck, the deck will ALWAYS be FACE DOWN!

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Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes by Jerry Cestkowski (Volume 1-2-3)

Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes DVDs 1-4 by Jerry Cestkowski

You might think that some of these crazy flourishes are impossible to do. You might think they are ‘made up’. Well, here is your proof that Jerry can do all of them and then some. This is a performance-only download DVD. It does, however, include many invaluable suggestions for routining flourishes and making even the most mundane move look spectacular.

See the Flourishman perform every flourish in Chapters 1 through 3 of what is already considered the bible of fancy playing card manipulations: The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes. In addition to demonstrating the first 56 stunts in the already classic Encyclopedia, there are 56 performance tips, 3 basic chapter-specific routines, 3 additional routines, and more than 50

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