Right & Left by Luke Jermay

Right & Left (Free Gift) - Jermay Mentalism Store

A fun but powerful routine utilising a surprisng and reliable psychological quirk.  This free gift, is a good example of how framing, personal modification and layering of techniques can take something small, simple and elegant and turn it into something bigger.  From. aseed, the mighty oak.

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Faro Fundamentals by Greg Chapman

Faro Fundamentals - Greg Chapman - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This booklet covers a broad range of faro techniques, theory and applications. It includes descriptions of the all-in-the-hands and tabled faro shuffle. You’ll also find sections on the in-faro, out-faro, straddle faro, 51-card faro, eight-faro cycle, six faro belts, splitting perfect halves, correcting mistakes, stack and memorized deck applications, card controls, as well as more advanced concepts.

For those new to the faro and serious students alike, whether you’re looking to learn the faro, improve or consolidate your current handling or understanding, broaden your knowledge of essential

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Applesauce by Patrick G. Redford

If you’re a fan of any card at any number, 51 faces north, or even just simple hard hitting card magic, you’ll want a taste of Applesauce. This book includes Patrick’s much sought after secret to his Any Thought of Card at Any Thought of Number (Applesauce) along side twelve other routines that include Mind Reading, The Evolution of a Rain King, Storm, Advantageous, Wipe-out, Stop Poker Tells, Stop Revelation for Platform, Card Counter, The O.P. Spread, Standing Prediction, and Fishing for One. The book also introduces new moves and for the first time teaches Redford’s Double MC Kraser Force. 156 pages, hardcover.

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Mental Epic Envelopes by Andrea Rizzolin

“Mental Epic Envelopes” is Andrea Rizzolini’s take on the classic effect known to the magic community as “Mental Epic”.

Three envelopes are shown to be blank on the back side while on the front are numbered from one to three.
A spectator is asked to make three random choices (the throw of an immaginary coin, the selection of a number from 1 to 50, etc. etc.) and before each one of them the performer writes a prediction and inserts it into the corresponding envelope.

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Joseph Barry’s ‘Out Of My World’ was a massive hit at the Blackpool convention and Magic live!, selling out at both events. A limited amount have been re-printed exclusively for The Modus.

OOMW is an improvisational structure for the out of this world effect it looks and feels impossible and will devastate any audience you show it to. A regular deck is shuffled by the spectator an despite the spectators constantly shuffling, cutting and making all of the choices the cards are impossibly separated into red and black.

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Virtual Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer

Number Nine, published in October 2020, features tricks that are suitable for live performances or virtual performances.

Here you’ll find Red-Scarlet and French Dressing, two amazing, interactive variations on Oil and Water. Zeitgeist allows a number of people to simultaneously cast a spell for one person-perfectly tuned to a computer platform video show. Virtual Applause addresses the problem of applause on a virtual show, and turns it into a mind reading feat. The Enigma Process is an amazing word test that will, in the Impuzzibilities tradition, surprise you, amaze you, and then surprise your audience.

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Treacherous Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer

Impuzzibilities Series: (5) Treacherous Impuzzibilities

The fifth book in the series offers twelve new effects of self-working (or nearly self-working) magic.

In this volume, Wishing and Making it So (a card trick for the telephone), Chicagoism, Thirty-Fiveism and Hacer lo Imposible (these three effects derived from the incredible creations of Eddie Joseph), three astonishing card divinations that aren’t possible. The Cowboy Secret is a “hands-off” effect in which the spectator predicts his own selection. You won’t believe that it’s possible. The

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