Pocketses By Mark Elsdon

Pocketses by Mark Elsdon (Ebook)|Magic Ebook

From a borrowed, shuffled deck you remove two single cards which you place into your pocket. You quite openly state that these are predictions: one card will match the suit, and the other card will match the value of the card that the participant is about to choose! The participant shuffles the deck and removes a card. 100% free choice, no force. Let’s say it is the Ace of Hearts. You remove the cards from your pockets and impossibly they are correct – one is an Ace and the other is a Heart!
Oh, and did I mention that you also have a prediction in the card case that says ‘Ace of Hearts’?!?

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Game of Tom by Tom Dobrowolski

Tom Dobrowolski – Kaymar Magic

2015 Lecture Notes

My all new lecture notes for 2015 featuring more great, fun magic you will use from my friends and me!

“Something Borrowed Something New”  Jack Carpenter You’ll be doing some amazing visual magic with very little effort and a freely selected card. You’ll love this!

“Misdirection:The Way of The Monkey” David Kuraya David sent me a clip of this strange and wonderful effect and I HAD to have it for the notes! As David says “This is perhaps the

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Peek Performances by Richard Busch

The ultimate treatise on securing secret information: center tears, book tests, card peeks, billets and psychological forces; even an impromptu Mother Of All Book Tests.

Peek Performances is a must-have! The most creative and original look at billets and peeks in years!Ted Karmilovich, Jr., Creator of the Mother Of All Book Tests

If you want the real work, take the time to carefully read what’s inside.Ford Kross, Psychic Entertainer and Hypnotist, Author of Suggestive Mentalism

In a clear, concise and easy to read manner, Mr. Busch covers one of the most important subjects to our art…the secret gathering of information and, just as important, the revelation of

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David Copperfield’s History of Magic by David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman and David Britland

An illustrated, illuminating insight into the world of illusion from the world’s greatest and most successful magician, capturing its audacious and inventive practitioners, and showcasing the art form’s most famous artifacts housed at David Copperfield’s secret museum.

In this personal journey through a unique and remarkable performing art, David Copperfield profiles twenty-eight of the world’s most groundbreaking magicians. From the 16th-century magistrate who wrote the first book on conjuring to the roaring twenties and the man who fooled Houdini, to the woman who levitated, vanished, and caught bullets in her teeth, David

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Epiphanies by Colin McLeod

For the last two years, Colin McLeod has been off the radar. He’s been working hard behind the scenes on his real world performances, both for TV and stages around the world.

What you’ll learn in this book is the material he’s been refining during that time. These are the real methods, concepts and ideas that he uses to stand out from the crowd.

He’s taken classics of Mentalism and literally flipped them on their head. You’re guaranteed to be reading minds and predicting events in ways you’ll have never dreamt of before.

Thought Square

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Si Stebbins Pro by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Si Stebbins Pro by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka :

The Si Stebbins Pro Stack is highly interesting for any card stack enthusiast. Dr. Solka has taken the venerable Si Stebbins Stack and removed an inherent weakness, the rigid alternation of suit colors and strict suit rotation. The way he has done this is ingenious and will fly by everybody – magicians included. The single rule to remember is so simple that anybody can do it effortlessly. The seemingly random sequence of colors and suits is such that the deck can be spread face up without risk of detection from lay people as well as magicians.

The Card to Position relationship is explained in a very clear and concise fashion by using simple arithmetic concepts and mnemonics aids. It is straight forward to switch from regular Si Stebbins

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Shabara by Luca Volpe

After the World-wide success of the trilogy of Emotional Mentalism, Luca Volpe is back with a book containing a new and exciting format!

SHABARA’ has been written with one specific goal in mind: to spark your imagination and to stimulate the creative process, resulting in a mentalism experience which will deeply touch people’s lives.

It’s the story of a very skeptical young lady called Elizabeth, who reluctantly decides to attend and participate in a mystical show hosted by a “modern-day shaman” named SAHABARA’.

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