European Close-Up Magic Symposium (3 DVD)


On November 2012 the first European Close-up Magic Symposium brings 20 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop close-up magic, with Lectures and Performances. Private sessions and Gala shows. The routines in this issue choices among the best and shot live at the symposium, are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are some of the best names in the Close-up Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation. This is the first official published edition, available

for download only, one of the best in the history of close-up magic, with the others in the same series.

Volume 1 Contains:

ROBERTO GIOBBI: “Calling the Cards” Live from the European Close-up Magic Symposium 2012. This is a wonderful sleight-less classic card routine that Giobbi has polished to a fine sheen with added psychological subtleties and a logical and meaningful presentation.

A brand new deck of cards, still wrapped in cellophane and sealed, is shuffled by different spectators. 10 cards are selected by a spectator. Roberto then divines each card without touching anything. The last card is revealed with a prediction and a duplicate of the last card is also found in the prediction envelope.with an amazing explaination full of subleties. For strolling, close-up and stage. Beginner/Intermediate Level . English

DANI DAORTIZ: “Forcing card” One of the best cardicians of our time shows us and explains a beautiful routine with detailed explaination teaching every theorical and pratical aspect of his forcing techniques that he made him famous all over the world. Routine to work at the table. Intermediate/advanced level . English

FLIP HALLEMA: “Ecomagic” One of the greatest close-up magician of all time, performs and explains an astonishing effect: a multiple production of light bulbs from a light bulb box, at the end every light bulb is placed back on the box, very visual and magic! For stand-up close-up and stage. Intemediate level. English

HENRY EVANS: “Vertical Trasposition” The magician from Argentina (FISM prize), a banknote changes in the spectator choosen card, truly amazing. Performace and explanation, very visual, puzzling and very easy to do! Great explanation from Henry. Standing ovation at the Symposium. For stand-up close-up and stage. Beginner Level. English

HERNAN MACCAGNO: “Impossible prediction” Another brilliant magician from Argentina, an easy to do routine with a surprising effect: a card is taken from the deck and placed inside an envelope, the magician then ask the spectator to choose a card and the card vanishes from the deck after several transformations. The cards in the envelope will match the choose card.For stand-up close-up and stage. Beginner Level. Spanish

CHRISTIAN ENGBLOM: “Rubberband Illusion” An incredible effect form the swedish magician. An ordinary rubber band splits in two, to become then one again. Beautiful effect explained in detail, Really magic and incomprehensible. Routine to work at the table. Intermediate Level . English

FRANCESCO ADDEO: “Tattoed” A beautiful personal interpretation of a classic effect revisited, presented and explained by one of the most significant representatives of close-up Italian. A card is signed and marked by a spectator: the mark visually moves to another card. For stand-up close-up and stage. Advanced Level . English

REMY ROBERT: “Flying experiences” The young French magician, the revelation of the 2012 symposium, shows his interpretation of a classic “3 Fly” with coins. In his hands this routine becomes something completely different: the coins really jump and also disappear and reappear from hand to hand. With a final in the spectator hand. For Close-up Stand up and stage. For stand-up close-up and stage. Advanced Level. English

YVES CARBONNIER: “Kings Reset” The well-known French magician, shows us his own version of a classic effect with the cards, the transposition. His version is original and visual and cards are placed inside a clear glass visible during the entire routine. For stand-up close-up and stage. Intermediate Level . English

Bonus: YURI KAINE (Competition act performance only) Yuri Kaine won the first prize in the international close-up competition at the symposium. This is entirely his live act and you can see it as if you attended to the symposium. Musical Act

Running time: 2 hours 21 minutes

Volume 2 Contains:

FRANCIS TABARY: “Rope Routine” A beautiful routine, taken from his live act presented at the Symposium. Tabary amazes you with its original style, true magic from who is worldwide considered the most famous magician ropes of all times. In this routine explained in detail during his lecture at the symposium, Tabary gives you new moves and magic effects never been published until now. Standing ovation at the end of his live performance at the symposium. Advanced Level – English

HENRY EVANS: “Total control” An amazing routine with cards: the 4 aces are lost in a shuffled deck by two spectators. The deck is put inside a plastic bag and mixed again by a spectator. The deck reassembled on the table and the 4 aces are back on top of the deck. Another brilliant effect, and extremely easy to do by anyone. English

HERNAN MACCAGNO: “Cards Production” Another beautiful routine, a production of cards from the hand apparently shown empty on both sides. At the end the last card turns into a handkerchief! for Close-up and Stage. Very easy to do, great attention to details in his lecture. Musical Act – Spanish Explanation

ROBERTO GIOBBI: “TTTCBE” Another routine from the professional repertoire of Giobbi. A selected card is found inexplicably inside an envelope. Everything is masterfully executed by Roberto with a 15-minute explanation of theoretical and practical detail, easy to perform for every magician. English

FLIP HALLEMA: “Lighters routine” A beautiful color change routine, Flip shows what he is capable of doing with his amazing magic. In this routine are used 4 small lighters that appear and change color, multiply and magically disappear from his hands. Not by chance Flip has become famous for its magic and its original style. English

TONI CACHADINA: “Dollar bill penetration” An excellent effect presented by FISM CArd Magic winner. A playing card penetrates a dollar bill held by a spectator in a very magical and invisible to the public. Routine fits both in close-ups and in particular situations of Stage. Spanish

PATRICK DESSI: “Marker Act” The great French magician presents and explains in detail and for the first time one of his magic act with whom he already had a huge success in France. Two pens and a ball change color, transform, appear and disappear as if it were real magic, with variations on classic techniques that in this case becomes very personal and innovative of the sleeving. All in shirt sleeves, to be carried out both in close-up and Stage. Do not miss it! Italian/French

MIGUEL ANGEL GEA: “The coin’s hole” A great artist from Spain presents an original and beautiful routine with a coin and a pencil: a pencil visibly pass through a coin previously examined by a spectator. Gradually, the gap widens until the coin disappears completely! Remarkable and expanded revisitation of an old effect, which in this case becomes completely original! English

DAVID ROTH: “Wild Coin Stand-Up” One of the greatest of all time in coin magic presents one of his most classic effect that made him famous worldwide. In this case, however, presents a variation stand-up, unknown to most people, but really magical and masterfully presented. Live Performances and detailed explaination from his lecture at the symposium. English

Bonus VLADISLAV VADIM (Competition act performance only) This act was awarded with the third prize in the international competition of Close-up of the symposium. This is entirely his live act, please admire its originality and inventiveness with a production of decks of cards really magic and puzzling. English

Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes

Volume 3 Contains:

BEBEL: “Ambition Colorè”
One of the greatest of card magic world. The next “Guest of Honor” edition 2013 symposium presents its own unique effect. One of his beautiful version of the ambitious card, which in this case becomes a routine very original and with a surprise ending. Needless to say, and everything is executed with his masterful touch that made him popular in the magic universe. The detailed explanation is another show within the show, with a lot of details and variations on the theme. French. English transcribed explanation

HENRY EVANS: “Three Predictions”
Another beautiful and inexplicable effect with the cards: A prediction with a bet using two banknotes. A game seemingly impossible but a very easy. The presentation of Evans is very engaging, and it’s a real lesson on how to deal with the public. Versatile game is suitable for close-ups and stage. English

A routine really unexplainable and invisible even in a situation of tight close-up. The principle is old but the realization of the routine is ingenious and the effect is extraordinarily magical. A big compliment to Maccagno for being able to apply an old principle in a new guise, knowing make a classic routine much more modern and magical. All magicians was deceived. Average difficulty and affordable for everyone. Spanish

ROBERTO GIOBBI: “Cups and ball opener”
One of the Roberto’s favorite routine in his professional repertoire. His version, simple but powerful, is tested over many years in his experience working with different types of audiences. Giobbi is the master of teaching for magicians and even in this case its presentation and detailed explanation, with historic notations, make it an example of how to teach magic to other magicians. Taken from his lecture live at the symposium. English

FLIP HALLEMA: “Wand routine”
This is the magic act that made him famous in the magic world. This extraordinary and famous routine shows the technical skill and artistic mind of its original routine. Flip in this case is a step forward, and his ability in the sleeving is impressive and his ideas overwhelming. In this clip, taken from his lecture at the symposium live, also explains his famous “Flip move”, used by most magicians all over the world. English

AXEL HECKLAU: “Flee of the phoenix”
A beautiful routine of creative magician German. A transposition of a signed card directly into the hands of a spectator! The effect is magical and amazing and the card can be given as a “souvenir” to the spectator! Ingenious solution in a routine impressive but easy to perform, and full of magical meaning. English

The best french coinman gives us a beautiful and original routine. Apparently a mix of “wild coins” and “cylinder & coins”. The result is great: a routine in which are involved numerous coins, including appearances, disappearances and transpositions. All performed live at the symposium, an original interpretation of classical techniques that in his hands actually appear incomprehensible. English

ERIC ROUMESTAN: “Cards and Pen”
The french magician shows us another of his beautiful interpretation, and a new unique and ingenious application of the topit. In this case, the objects literally disappear from his hands, and the effectcan be presented both in situations of extreme close-up as well as in stage. His topit is really a bomb… it does not need a jacket… only a shirt! English

An amazing version of “matrix”, by a famous original french coinman. His style is very artistic and original, and his particular technique has many applications. This Matrix is immediate and fast, but with an economy movements and steps that make it not difficult to do, but at the same time truly magic and inexplicable! Mory arises in modern style and present of coin magic. The coins literally fly from one card to another! English

Bonus ALEX CONRADI: “Competition third place” (Performance only)
The third prize was awarded ex aequo in the international competition of close-up to the symposium. This is entirely his act live and we can admire its beautiful interpretation and presentation. Alex is one of the most popular professional magicians in the dutch magic scene. English

Bonus HERNAN MACCAGNO: “Maccagno Coins box” (live al gala close-up, performance only)
Live performance with different applications comparing to his lecture. Here you can see the versatility of routine Maccagno, without speaking, even in a gala close-up situation, not too close. Musical Act

Duration 95 minutes



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