Jean-Pierre Vallarino – The Prize Winning Magic

Prize Winning Magic of Jean-Pierre Vallarino DVD

The 1991 FISM gold-medal winning act of Jean-Pierre Vallarino, ‘Champagne.’ More recently, one may have caught Vallarino on the World’s Greatest Magic television show performing his exquisite manipulation act done close up. Watching Vallarino is like watching a ballet of the hands. This may be the most important thing the viewer can take from this video – the beauty and importance of carefully choreographing your actions and hand movements. Vallarino focuses his close-up ballet on cards, coins, and champagne glasses which are produced along the way.

The act consists of three parts. The first opens with a stunning change of a card to a coin, a one coin sequence, change of the coin to a jumbo coin, change of the jumbo coin to a bill, and the change

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Jeff McBride – Magic At The Edge (3 DVD)


The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world’s largest art festival. It’s Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Welcome to Burning Man and Magic at the Edge! Since the dawn of time, magicians have sought inspiration in the most

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Jeff McBride – Zoom, Bounce, And Fly

Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride - DVD - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.  - Wholesale Magic

Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBride’s famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!

…taught to you by one of the world’s greatest teachers of magic!

Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTER

DVD Contents:

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Daniel Garcia – Project (6 DVD)

Paul Harris Presents Daniel Garcia Project Vol#4、5、6/3巻セット DVD | DVD(海外),オムニバス・その他 | マジックショップ マジックファンタジア

Volume 1

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Starts where most All Backs Routines end, and then goes two climaxes better.
Personal Safe: Coins across-into the spectator’s hand. Plus a killer finish: the last coin changes places with the spectator’s ring which actually vanishes from their hand.
Twisted: Instead of wasting time on minute handling changes for the bill switch, Daniel improved the effect. Now you wave your hand over the bill, and it visibly changes to a hundred.

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Paul Wilson – Extreme Possibilities (4 DVD)

Extreme Possibilities 4 Volume Set by R. Paul Wilson - $5.99 :

A collection of killer material from one of magic’s most creative minds. These brand-new DVDs feature some of Paul’s favorite close-up effects and stand-up routines. R. Paul Wilson’s classical approach combines old and new methods to produce incredible magic for every situation and for every level of skill, from beginner to expert.

Volume 1

ConCam Rendezvous– A shuffled deck and a prediction is all you need to perform this baffling effect.

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The Butterfly by Bruno Copin

It gives the illusion of a mysterious force travelling from the hand of the magician, through the air and into the hand of the spectator. Words cannot describe the impact the effect has on the spectator. Imagine a card turning over by itself while in the spectator’s hand and spinning around like a crazy compass!

Important detail:
The deck is shuffled by the spectator before and after the effect takes place!

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Dan Harlan – Pack Small, Play Big (9 DVD)

Dan Harlan's Pack Small Play Big Volumes 5 - 9 [pspbv5-9set] - $150.00 : L&L Publishing, The best in magic dvds, books, props and magician's supplies

How would you like to perform a powerful show that’s guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression…a show filled with surprise, mystery, fun and enchantment…a big show that’s fun to watch, and even more fun to perform!?

If so, then welcome to Dan Harlan’s Pack Small Plays Big Video and DVD series. These four volumes are a sensational collection of complete shows featuring the most fascinating magic to ever pop out of a briefcase. Harlan has been performing and teaching magic for over 25 years, and now he’s going to teach you how to make a substantial impression with a practical, easy-to-pack, Show In A Briefcase

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