Bill Abbott Cocktail Magic Academy

Bill Abbott Cocktail Magic Academy Instant Download – Alakazam Magic

Bill Abbott is a full time pro and on this download he will teach you some of his go to mix and mingle/cocktail magic style routines. These are some of the routines he uses to make his living. Every effect is direct, commercial and above all easy to do. Bill also gives you some invaluable tips along the way. If you are wanting to start going out and performing your magic in public, this is the download for you.

All around you are people that seem to know each other. They’re laughing, engrossed in conversation, busy eating and drinking. You on the other hand are hired to ‘entertain’ these busy people

with your magic, and at that precise moment you wish you could be anywhere else. One thing is keeping you from disappearing from the party.

You’ve been paid to be there.

Walk-around magic, strolling magic, roving magic, mingling sorcery, cocktail conjuring, etc. It has been given many names but it all boils down to the same thing, crashing people’s otherwise meaningful conversations and consummation of expensive food and alcohol, with your magic.

In Bill Abbott’s Alakazam Magic Academy’s Cocktail Magic Workshop he will demonstrate the exact effects he uses to break the ice and entertain in the cocktail hour venue. This will include his verbal approach ar each group of guests, how to win them over and what tricks are best suited for this sometimes challenging environment.

Included will be:
Sponge Cocktail Napkins
Ring to Wallet
The Autograph
The Mental Photograph (the ultimate business card give away)
CTRL ALT DELETE (the Omni Deck routine)
Ultra Mental Mingling (Invisible Deck Cocktail style)

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