FLYYY by Julio Montoro

As a performer, Julio Montoro has been always looking for the final way to do one of his favourite effects: the ring flight. But he wanted it to be as if it was real magic. In his mind, the spectator needed to hold the keys in their hands from the beginning. Now, in 2021, after four years of improvements, Julio Montoro productions brings you: FLYYY

Imagine this… You give the keys to the spectator or keep them on the table from the beginning. Now, you take the spectator’s ring and transform it into a permanent circle drawn on the palm of your hand. Right after that, you make that circle vanish from your hand and travel to the keys in the spectator’s hand. The ring now is there, attached to the ring!

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Hanson Chien Presents Eye Candy by Eric Ross

THE BIZARRE TRICK OF THE YEAR.A SIDESHOW CLASSIC, PRACTICALLY REMASTEREDWith the sensational release of “HOOK”, Eric Ross stunned the magic community by transforming a stage plot into an intimate, closeup thriller. Not only was it thrilling, it was safe, clever, and practically designed for the modern performer. 3 years later, “Eye-Candy” is the next chapter in this thrilling journey.

With a borrowed Tic Tac, the spectator place it in the performers mouth. Slowly but surely, it gets pushed through the INNER LAYER of the face, landing in the socket of the performer’s eye! The

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Polygraph by Alexandros Vasileiou & Colin McLeod

Polygraph by Alexandros Vasileiou & Colin McLeod (MP4 Video Download)  [download215800] - $1.95 :

Coin in hand has become a modern classic of mentalism, and the method you are about to learn is completely impromptu. In fact, not only will you be able to tell a spectator which hand they’re hiding a coin in — you’ll also know if they’re hiding it in one of their pockets, and you’ll also be able to tell if they’ve been lying to you the entire time.

This combination of approaches by Alexandros Vasileiou allows you to reveal far more information than any other psychological or logic-based approach we have ever seen. By asking a few simple questions, you will be able to reveal and deduce everything your spectator is thinking of.

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VARIATIONS by Boris Wild

Boris Wild’s new book with his latest creations

The routines explained in this book rest on the shoulders of contemporary or past magicians whose effects made Boris Wild want to create personal variations, whether in terms of method or presentation, with one goal in mind: have maximum magical impact on the audience.

Over these pages, you will discover new original variations on some of the most popular themes of card magic: incredible divinations, spectacular revelations, visual color changes, impossible

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