Darwin’s Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip Magic (3 DVD)

“…that’s the first thing you do in the morning… make sure you have your Thumb Tip with you… then you’re ready to go out and conquer the world.” — Gary Darwin

This incredible new DVD set will give you dozens of original and unexpected effects that you can perform professionally. Plus, it’ll give you a handful of effects that will fool even the most seasoned magicians. If you thought the thumb tip was just for vanishing handkerchiefs, get ready to feel like the cockroach Darwin brings back to life at dinner (Volume One). This is the ULTIMATE work on THE ULTIMATE UTILITY GIMMICK.

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Lore By Lewis Le Val

Lore By Lewis Le Val — Mindhaus

Lore’s masterful touch transmutes the five ESP symbols, once chosen for their apparent simplicity, into vessels of profound wisdom that irresistibly beckon all to listen.

Guided by the timeless wisdom of shamanic philosophy, Le Val unveils the intricate meanings enfolded within each symbol. With detailed instructions as your guiding light, you’ll be empowered to bestow distinctive and invaluable readings using your ESP cards. Furthermore, this newfound understanding seamlessly integrates into any existing ESP routines within your repertoire, breathing new life into your performances.

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Photo Psychology by 808 Magic

The ultimate prediction with on selected card or photo shown on your smartphone!! (iPhone, Android)

The magician takes out the card case and tells the audience that he has a prediction card in the case. let an audience member select one card in their mind and write it in a notepad. The magician then opens the card case and a face down smartphone comes out instead of a card. When the audience volunteer turns over the smartphone, a photo of their exact card appears on the phone’s screen!!!

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David Regal LIVE 2

“David Regal’s magic is just sensational.” – Jim Steinmeyer

“David Regal is diabolical.” – Lance Burton

“David Regal has been a wellspring of clever magic ideas for more than 20 years.” – Jamy Ian Swiss

“David Regal’s approach to magic made me one hundred thousand dollars.” – C. Thomas Howell

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FOOL-HER By Joseph B

Into the tutorial you will find also an impromptu version of the same effect!

FOOL-HER is another version of the classic 21 card trick.

This is a version of the 21-card effect that you can share with your fellow magicians.

This is certainly a routine indicated to fool magicians because at each step it eliminates every possible explanation one by one.

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