Bob Kohler has made his mark in the industry as someone who only produces the best of the best. His reputation is second to none. Murphy’s Magic is proud to work with Mr. Kohler on his latest release, the Color Code Coin Purses.

Each purse is handmade and hand stitched. Quality through and through. Perfect for the walkaround performer. Know what you are grabbing at a glance, no more having to search for the right coin pouch.

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Breakfast by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents this classic effect, now renewed! Use organic elements and any type of glasses.

A great effect for your shows.

Gustavo Raley presented this idea at Fantasio’s magic studio in 2007, and after that, was performed in countless conventions (such as the 4F).

This set includes a special gimmick and two cereal boxes, along with the tutorial to learn step-by-step how to perform and present the effect.

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Tarot Monte by Chris Congreave

A fantastic in the hands packet trick from Chris Congreave the creator of “Cloak”

Beautiful aged Tarot cards are supplied and the routine is easy to perform, instantly resets and you can customize the ending to suit your performing style or for the audience that you are performing for.

In the trailer, you will see Chris performing the routine, but the final reveal can be a special message like “happy 40th birthday” or it could be a slightly rude message for friends or even customized

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GOD’S HANK by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic

God’s Hank is a versatile tool that allows you to do a variety of different effects that you can apply in your close up, parlor and stage performances.

Change, switch, produce and vanish objects with just one handkerchief!

Have you ever imagined doing the classic vanishing ring with different objects without having multiple handkerchief? Now you can.

The lock system in God’s Hank makes the object stay in place. That means that you can show the handkerchief all around without the object falling down. And when you want, you can easily

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