EGG-CELLENT by Javi Benitez, Andrew Cooper and Alan Mcintyre

From the fertile minds of World Champion and Penn &Teller fooler Javi Benitez. Alongside Andrew Cooper and Alan Mcintye.

EGG-CELLENT is perfect for your Christmas wish list, with Javi’s take on a classic effect.

Great for Christmas presentations both live and over Zoom this festive season.

The possibilities are truly endless!

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One Colour Focus by Christian Grace

One Colour Focus – My casual take on Paul Curry’s famous effect “Out of this world”. In this version the spectator manages to perform a perfect colour separation with roughly half of the deck, keeping it quick, engaging and surprising.

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I am ARRR by Abstract Effects

“It’s absolutely brilliant! Both the premise and the method”
– Shimshi

From the creative minds of The Other Brothers comes an effect that is five years in the making – one of the very first concepts ever developed by the imaginative duo. Produced by Abstract Effects, “I AM ARRR” is a unique and surprising pendulum which provides you an opportunity to perform incredible mentalism with a shocking reveal!

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The Moment by Andy Nyman (Video+PDF)

The Moment is an experience you share with your spectator using antique matching cards for an astonishing matching effect they will never forget. This is The Moment by Andy Nyman.

Here’s what happens:

Two sets of antique circus cards are introduced, a red and a blue packet. Apart from those cards, the magician card is introduced as the one card the performer loved most as a child. The spectator is invited to pick the packet they like, while the other packet is set aside. The performer shows all of the different designs on the cards to the spectator before giving them a mix. The spectator then

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Virtual Oil And Water by Biagio Fasano, presented by Dalton Wayne (Video+PDF)

Separate interlaced cards from over a thousand miles away. Transfer magic power back and forth over a zoom call. Put the miracles in your audience’s hand no matter where they are in the world. This is Virtual Oil & Water by Biagio Fasano

Here’s what happens:

The magician and the spectator each get six red cards and black cards. In the first phase, the magician very clearly interlaces the red cards and the black cards, and just like oil and water, they

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The Vault – Ghost Card by Arnel Renegado

The fastest card trick in the World!

A card is selected, signed and placed back into the middle of the deck. You then go into full ninja mode and find their card in less than a second. The deck and the signed card can be handed out for examination!

Easy to make.

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