Morris Cohen – Clear Clipboard Impression System

Clear Impression Clipboard for Mentalists | Amazing Dr. Maurice's -  Transparent Acrylic Clipboard |


The Amazing Dr. Maurice’s original Clear Clipboard Impression System gives you the ability to capture a clear, legible impression of anything a spectator writes or draws using just a transparent acrylic clipboard, a sheet of paper, and a pencil. Properties you can handle freely and look so innocent that they’re above suspicion.

Consider these key points…

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Skymember Presents Threaded by Avi Yap

“What!! I didn’t expect such a kicker was possible with the CCC! Definitely a first! And the finale!! Just gorgeous! Makes me wanna do coin magic again!”
– Cyril Takayama

“I’ve always loved the Charming Chinese Challenge but Avi has taken it to another level. In fact, when I saw him do it live I screamed like a small child when all 3 coins appeared on the string! Clean construction and great choreography… I love it”

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Ring Off Rope by Jim Krenz

Jim Krenz's Ring Off Rope - Jim Krenz - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A wildly fooling and entertaining “Ring Off Rope” routine that will leave your audience stunned.

Using his own unique technique, “Jim Krenz’s Ring Off Rope” is one of the most convincing versions of the routine you’ll ever see. You can get it separately or save a ton of money by grabbing it as part of the “Jim Krenz Collection”.

The rope is knotted and pulled. In the eyes of the audience, there is no doubt that the ring is completely secured in place. Yet, with just a touch, the ring simply melts off the rope as the knot

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Paul R. Hadley – How to Develop Mental Magic

This coursebook teaches how to build a two-person mentalism act, allowing names, dates, personal effects, and more to be quickly and effectively transmitted and described without the use of electronics or gimmicks.

Audiences will gasp in amazement as they witness your sensational and uncanny demonstration of apparent psychic ability between you and your “medium” or “telepath.” Spectator questions, personal articles, birthdates, pocket change, jewelry, and more are revealed by the on-stage psychic.

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Tybbe Master – Cigarouts

This is a crazy and unique object-though object effect,

Make a cigarette penetrate the bottom of the box!
The strange thing is that the bottom of the box doesn’t have any holes or cuts at all!!
Very surprising, isn’t it ??

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Mentalism De Luxe by Stanton Carlisle

If you’re into mentalism, don’t pass this one up! Mentalism De Luxe is one of Stanton Carlisle’s most sought after works. This book contains some of his best work to date. Some of the chapters include: ESP, The Key Caper, Psychometric Divination, Sealed Mysteries, The Choice Is Yours, and much more. This book also contains Carlisle’s breath-taking Russian Roulette routine.

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