The Vault – Monster Switch 2.0 by TCC and Alex Zhan

Switching a playing card can be said to be an essential skill for every magician to possess.

One could achieve a variety of visual effects such as color changes and playing card transpositions, or to secretly switch out a spectator’s cards. The utility move has a very important role and position in the realm of card magic.

However, as one delves deeper, there are almost no card switching techniques that are both visual yet covert at the same time. Even if there were, the difficulty level would be quite high.

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Bookmark by Kimoon Do

Bookmark will allow you to find 2 cards chosen by the spectators. A brilliant self-working method and visual effects will amaze the audience everytime! Just add one card with a different back to any kind of your ordinary deck and you are ready to go! Super easy moves and simple setup!

Learn it right now!

File: Mp4 | Running Time: 18 Min | Eng Subtitles

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FlipCan by Luke Oseland

FlipCan is a visual straw production, inspired by Kyle Marlett’s Flip Cup.

Gum Thru is perfect for social media and in-person performances. The gimmick can be modified to any straw and any can.

Included in the FlipCan explanation:

Detailed gimmick construction.

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CAN-TOON by Patricio Teran

The magician draws a stickman with an envelope on a soda can and the spectator selects a card. Finally, the can is held and shaken by the magician and the drawing transforms from the envelope into the selected card.
-Very visual effect
-No magnets

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John (Fast Jack) Farrell LIVE

“John “Fast Jack” Farrell is an extraordinary card and dice mechanic with a lifetime of astounding gambling adventures. Jack is also the perfect gentleman with a willingness to share his knowledge, which is like hitting the lottery for anyone who finds fascination in the world of crooked gambling. Whether it be the moves, tricks of the trade, or psychological angles, here’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a true master of his craft. This project is a dead cinch to become a classic that will be treasured by magicians, gambling junkies, and sleight-of-hand enthusiasts for a very long time!” – Steve Forte, Gaming Expert

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At The Table Live Lecture by Fernando Figueras

“Fernando is a beautiful devil and a wickedly good entertainer, combining the best of the Spanish School of Magic and his shining devious mentalism.”
– Kiko Pastur

“Fernando is a place with many corners and nooks. Intelligent and literate as his mentalism. Interesting and playful as his ideas. And powerful and fresh as his life. All of this can be felt in each of his acts.”
– Miguel Ángel Gea

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Etienne Pradier LIVE

“Etienne speaks English much better than I can speak French. I’ve seen him conjuring for British royalty — and the fact that he understands even them is the most impressive feat in his repertoire.” – Teller

“Certainly not a household name here in the States but I had heard his name. I was delighted to see that Etienne and I were on the same bill at Blackpool. His wry delivery and hysterical presentation won me over immediately. Clearly, here was a working pro who had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Just because you may not recognize his name, you should tune into this

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