Rick Maue – Mental Deceptions (2 DVD)

Despite over four decades of magic and mentalism experience, Rick Maue has always managed to remain a bit elusive…until now! On this download, Rick presents a number of his signature pieces, as well as several unreleased items, with many of the effects coming from his working repertoire.

Mental Deceptions is loaded with strong mentalism for stand-up or close-up performances and remarkably, none of the effects require expensive gimmicks or props – just everyday items such as envelopes, poker chips, paper, playing cards, etc. (It’s why Michael Weber dubbed Rick “OfficeMax Maven.”)

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Martin Nash – Very Best of Martin Nash (3 DVD)

Very Best of Martin Nash L & L Publishing V1 video (Download) | Be Amazing Magic

Martin A. Nash, “The Charming Cheat,” is one of the top cardmen in the world. For years, he has been one of the most popular performers in the Magic Castle’s Close-Up showroom and his technical ability and routining are unsurpassed. On this three-volume set of download’s, the secrets of the best of Martin’s routines are revealed.

Volume 1


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Harry Allen – Comedy Bits and Magic Routines (2 DVD)

Comedy Bits & Magic Routines 1-2 with Harry Allen
For over 30 years, Harry Allen has been one of America’s most popular magicians, comedians and magic dealers. His comedy books have been best sellers, his original magic effects have been published and marketed all over the world, and his lectures have been received enthusiastically by magicians everywhere.

Sawing a Woman in Half – The hottest Four Ace trick you’ve ever seen. A freely selected card appears in a most visual way.

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A&Q by Mohamed Khaled

A&Q by Mohamed Khaled | Mentalistry

A&Q is an interesting de-construction of the classic Q&A, in which you can predict in advance the participant question!

100% propless, no multiple outs, no gimmicks.

The performer tells the participant about himself as a young boy and asks the participant to think of a simple question regarding the performer’s childhood then the performer asks the participant to use their intuition to answer the question they are thinking of. Both the question and the answer are confirmed to be true. There is nothing written down other than the question, previously

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REVGO Change by James Davies

REVGO Change by James Davies | theory11

In this tutorial you will learn a colour change (not a routine) that you can include into your own routines and performances. The REVGO Change is a colour change where following a revolution cut a card changes in an instant This is a great addition to any routine and there are many possibilities for this move.

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Jack Tighe Bundle #2 – Master Tabled Controls

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD – An incredible download bundle from rising star & card ninja Jack Tighe that will teach you all about controlling one (or more) cards when shuffling on the table! 

Wanna learn how to invisibly control cards when openly shuffling on the table? Course ya do – it’s an essential skill for any cardworker. This exclusive download bundle from pasteboard pirate Jack Tighe will show you how!

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