Robot Coins By Martin Braessas

Mysteries Magic presents a classic of magic. Now with new handlings and new presentations!

Coins will vanish from magician hands and will appear one at the time in a glass that is covered by the deck of cards!

The gimmick does all the work for you.

Use different sizes, different coins and different objects!

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Killer Gaff Magic by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media

Killer Gaft Magic by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media - DVD

“Cameron – you are nuts! You could have sold the effects one by one separately! Very good my friend… The material is excellent!”
– Aldo Colombini

Cameron Francis (star of The Omega Mutation, Rehab, Red Hot Prediction, Twists & Turns, Fresh Mint etc) is BACK! And this time he is armed with GAFF CARDS!

You want easy magic that will make your spectators eyes pop out… well, Killer Gaft HAS IT IN SPADES! (And Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds too!).

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Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis & Big Blind Media

Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis & Big Blind Media - DVD

Cameron Francis’ Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin and a folded bill.

You borrow a coin from your spectator. He signs one side, you sign the other. You then offer to blow their mind. and if you can’t, you say, you’ll give them the bill in your pocket (can be any currency)!

Holding their signed coin at your very fingertips (sleeves rolled up), you give one tiny shake and you are now holding the bill! No cover and almost NO sleight of hand.

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Brainjack by Cameron Francis

“You’re sure to fool them with this.” -Cameron Francis

The magician shuffles the deck then runs through the cards and asks the spectator to think of any card she sees. Let’s say it’s the Seven of Diamonds.

The card is then lost in the deck. The magician asks the spectator to concentrate on the card. He then runs through the pack and removes five cards. He asks the spectator if the selection is among the five. The spectator confirms that it is.

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The Table by Rick Holcombe

This is a video tutorial only. No props are included.
This is my handling of David Roth’s “Table” routine.


I’m using the table prop manufactured by TCC Magic, but my routine will work with the old style table prop.


In this streamlined handling, three coins penetrate the top of a miniature table one at a time in the cleanest way. I’ve made a point to try and achieve the most effiecient and uncluttered handling

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