Broadside Glimpse by Jack Tighe

Broadside Glimpse by Jack Tighe - Video Download —

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Jack Tighe’s Broadside Glimpse is a LIGHTNING fast peek that happens right under the spectator’s nose! It’s really easy to execute, requires a fraction of second to work and appears utterly impossible from your audience’s perspective.

  • Works with any deck
  • No gimmicks, gaffs, sticky tape or ninjas

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Go Change by N2G and Leo Xing (Video+PDF)

How many card to envelope routines do you already have? Maybe a lot.
How many of them allow the spectator to look into an empty envelope and hold it in advance? Maybe None.

Go Change Main Effect – Card to envelope
You give a spectator a black envelope, inside is a small white envelope. They are both empty.

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Rob-OUT by Raven (Video+PDF)

Rob-out is a principle, which allows you to have a prediction in the form of a drawing on the back of a card or on the back of a card box, which will always be correct!

Use this principle to predict a thought number, dice total, card, suit, ESP symbol, runic symbol, etc.

Several ideas for routines will be offered to you in this project.

No magnet, no thread, no glue !

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The Ultimate Tossed Out Deck by Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson’s UTD is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/mind reader.

Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘UTD

Imagine a tossed deck that can be examined and shuffled. A tossed deck that works equally good close-up as it does on stage.

A tossed deck that allows you to name the exact card each spectator is thinking of.

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Superhero Shuffle by Biz

Superhero Shuffle by Biz

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – This brilliant sleight will allow you to displace cards to the centre of the deck in the invisible action of waterfalling the deck. It’s casual, clever and preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty!

Biz walks you through the move, and teaches you his favourite four of a kind production with it. Then he busts out a heap of alternative ideas in the bonus section.

What you get in this brilliant download:

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Arrival by David Regal


…and card-to-impossible-location has never been more beautiful.

What is ARRIVAL? It was the closing effect of David’s recent close-up act at the Magic Castle.

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The Halloween Set by Phil Tilston

The Halloween Set by Phil Tilston

A set of card effects all with a slightly darker presentations aimed at Halloween and those times when we want to do something just a little bit darker.

All are easy to do and can be performed either separately or as a complete set and each routine has a wonderful spooky story to accompany it.

Contents include detailed explanations of:

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