The Vault – Hy-Pe by Casper Ryan (Video+PDF)

Hy – Pe = Hypnotic Persuasion

I have been performing hypno based effects for around 10 years. If you have never performed hypnosis before… Then start here. This is not hypnosis. This is pseudo hypnosis.

The best thing about this download is that if these effects are performed well, it can lead to actual hypnosis!

One of the effects on this download (Under the Influence) is something I have performed for many years. You learn a quick simple version and a full routined based version. I have performed these

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Insomnia by Joseph B

“This is certainly an awesome magician FOOLER , but not only … This effect is also a weapon that you can use in other routines. Fast, powerful and surprising. Joseph B., one of the most creative minds I know, will teach you other variations of this effect as well. ”
In his life Joseph B is a Lawyer. He worked in a magic shop in Turin and frequented the poker rooms as a dealer.
Conditions are so impossible in this effect that you won’t be able to sleep at night. As in the style of Joseph B, a magician fooler.

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Nicholas Lawrence – Plasma

Cig/Pen/Object Through Lighter

Plasma is an ultra-deceptive penetration gimmick that allows you to melt a spectator’s borrowed cigarette, pen, or other objects through the solid center of your lighter.


The spectator can examine the lighter before and after the effect and they’ll see nothing, it’s a perfectly normal-looking lighter – that actually works. 

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Mental Mysteries With David Jonathan

Download this course and learn new magic and mentalism today!
Nearly 3 hours of killer easy to do mental magic & mentalism
David Jonathan is back with a brand new Alakazam Academy, Mental Mysteries. The focus this time will be engaging mentalism routines and the course is packed with tons of material that has yet

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Texting The Visitor by Allan Kronzek

“What a great effect and handling this is. It is an improved new handling for Larry Jennings classic The Visitor with a really fine presentation that is thoroughly interactive. This gets my highest recommendation!” – Marc DeSouza

“This is a killer trick for laymen… devious, practical, fun, and an incredible repeat finish. I swear, I love everything Allan puts out!!” – Will Fern

“Thanks to Allan, card magicians FINALLY have a simple and fun justification for a transposition effect! It’s easy, super clean, and a killer. I LOVE it!” – Goeff Williams

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