Catch The X Light By Kingsley Xu

Catch The X Light By Kingsley Xu (6375-Z3) - Dynamite Magic Shop

Every magician has a Harry Potter dream, wants to have a magic wand full of magic… When magic and magic combination collision, our SUPER X Institute of Magic research and development of a new magic product, the new generation of magician Xu Jialiang’s latest original work “Light”, killer stage props are coming! This is our latest development of magic: light is the most mysterious source in the magic world, imagine, we pick up a magic wand to activate the ability to spawn feathers in the light and let it hang in the air, see the process of feathers slowly appear, this magic breaks the boundaries of our imagination, just use our developed system, you can immediately show movie-level CG visual effects! Just as in order to let the light stay in every deep night,

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Starheart presents Slip by Doosung Hwang

From now on, the gravity is yours!

Introducing practical tools to use psychokinesis anytime, anywhere!

The SLiP is a small but very powerful and practical gimmick that can show psychokinesis to audiences anytime, anywhere. You can drop the audience’s objects whenever you want without using wind, magnets, or threads.

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THE FALL by Noel Qualter

The Fall Red by Noel Qualter (6168) - Dynamite Magic Shop


Finally! A visually stunning approach to the ‘Card-Thru-Window’ plot that is 100% practical as a 20 times a night repeatable trick for real people out in the real world.

Introducing… The Fall.

The Fall is an amazingly visual penetration of a playing card through a clear sheet of plastic or a clear bag. It is the PERFECT walk-around miracle that also looks visually spectacular on social media.

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The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi

“This has been the Finale of my Close-up Shows, and my Encore for Stage, for several years now. It is one of the three best trick I’ve ever come up with in my professional career of 33 years, and I’m releasing it now for the very first time with all the details that make this a miracle for any lay audience – and I’ve fooled some of the smartest and most knowledgeable magical minds with it in my performances at magic conventions around the world.” –Roberto Giobbi

When Roberto Giobbi wants to predict someone’s card he doesn’t mess around with convoluted dealing processes or clumsy presentations. He goes directly for the heart of the effect with an

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Hard Stretch by Roman Armstrong

Hard Stretch | Roman Armstrong | Secret Magic Store

Finally a powerful ending to your band routine!

‘What a refreshing ending to a rubber band effect. I did not see it coming!” Henry Harrius

‘Hard Stretch is a killer finale to any commercial rubber band routine! I saw Roman perform this at the recent Newmarket Magic Day and it fried my eyes and brain. It’s dynamite!’ John Carey

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One Card Monte by Iain Bailey

One Card Monte by Iain Bailey – Alakazam Magic

Iain Bailey’s One Card Monte is a fun and commercial take on the classic Colour Monte style effect. There is so much built in comedy with this effect that it’s bound to get tons of laughs! Add to that the strong magical moments and you have an effect that you will want to carry in your wallet! One Card Monte is easy to do and comes with a full video tutorial so you get start performing this great effect in no time.

The custom designed cards have been manufactured on bridge sized stock so they will fit in to any wallet and they are made of plastic which makes them long lasting

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