The Vanishing by Shin Lim

Preface: This utility device will allow you to do miracles when it comes to vanishing an object or making it travel from one place to another. It is light to carry and can fit in your wallet. It’s not bulky, and no necessary clothing requirements are needed. You can even use this gimmick naked if you wanted to.

Chapter 1: The magician borrows a small object, a coin, ring, etc. There are no switches, and the exact same coin is used the entire time. With a slow wave over the coin, it effortlessly vanishes. No funny movements, no sudden sleights. The coin is COMPLETELY gone. The spectator can FEEL your hands to make sure there’s nothing there; because there is nothing… At this point, you can

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The Vault – Elastic Bill by Sultan Orazaly

A unique piece of strange to melt minds with!

A bill is shown, folded in half and then the corner is stretched out like it is made of rubber. When you let the stretched corner go, the bill magically transforms into a bill of another denomination!

Highly visual.

Perfect for social media and live performance.

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The Bell by TCC Presents Magic


There are some who will believe in Magic because they see it happen with their own eyes.

Others would think that magic is fake because there is more than what meets the eye, but it is something one could achieve through sleight of hand or other secret methods. In other words, what you see with your eyes may not be true.

Since your eyes may deceive you. What about your ears?

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Simple Collector by Kimoon Do

You place the 4 Kings on the deck.

Once you snap, the spectator’s selected 3 cards instantly transports in between the Kings!

This renowned ‘Collector’ routine has been peformed throughout the years but

Kimoon Do’s Simple Collector is the routine which has no unnecessary moves

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PhotoShop 2 by Will Tsai and SansMinds

It comes with

1. Original PhotoShop gimmick PLUS the new streamlined PhotoShop 2.0 gimmick. Two in one.

2. THREE sets of effects ready-made for you so you can start performing out of box
a. Mystery Card: Produce a folded prediction from a photo (Blue Bicycle back)

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