The Vault – The Mystery of Ten Coins by Rodrigo Romano

From the creator of “Amazing Floating Pen” and “Mirror: Rubik’s Cube” comes “The Mystery Of The Ten Coins“.

This effect is a miraculous prediction made by the spectator himself. The magician does nothing!

The spectator himself makes the prediction, the spectator shuffles the coins, and surprisingly, an astonishing match occurs.

This is super practical and perfect effect to improvise in any situation. You only need 10 borrowed coins, nothing else!

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Failure at Any Number by Victor Pineapple

Any place they name… Is the only place it’s not.

Card at any number effects are magician-porn, we love them, we collect multiple methods, but few of them are able to garner more than a golf clap from real people.

But Failure at any number turns this famous CAAN (card at any number) plot on its head – and lowers expectations by apparently failing. So when the kicker ending is finally revealed, it blows the roof off.

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Playlist By Craig Petty And Alakazam Magic

From the Alakazam Creator Of The Year 2021 Craig Petty comes a brand new addition of our wallet series.

Playlist is not just a one trick pony. As with almost all of Craig’s effects he has gone to town with this one.

Craig has taken the idea of the free music download card (the type of thing you find in coffee shops are service stations) and created a 10 -15 minute close-up act out of them.

This cleverly designed set allows you to perform match up effects, prediction effects, and even wild card style effects all with innocent looking music cards.

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Silver Surfer by Wolfgang Moser

Silver Surfer - Wolfgang Moser - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

After 15 years of performances, Wolfgang Moser finally shares the work on one of his most cherished creations.

Wolfgang Moser is a consummate professional. Instead of continually creating new magic tricks, Wolfgang commits himself to polishing the select magic tricks he performs professionally. Every effect is performed for years as it evolves into its own masterpiece.

As one of the most beloved effects in his close-up magic repertoire, “Silver Surfer” holds a special place in Wolfgang’s heart. When he needs to leave a lasting impression, this is the routine he

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The Sting by Scott Paton

‘The Sting is more than just a trick. It’s a multi phased monster of a card set that will make you look incredibly skilled with a deck of cards’ –  John Carey
With The Sting Scott has created more than just a card effect. It truly is a full blown performance piece.  The moment Scott first showed the effect to Peter, Peter fell in love with it and created his own presentation which is taught on the download.
The great thing about The Sting is that the effect itself is totally self working even an absolute beginner can do it! With that said the effect will grow with your skill level.

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