Traveling Point by Christophe Cusumano

Traveling Point by Christophe Cusumano (Instant Download)

Imagine that you take a deck of card and the spectator chooses a card and sign it.
You draw a black circle or symbols on the card and visually it moves,,,

A magic trick to do in any situation, at any time and anywhere.

In this Download you will learn how to make your gimmick in 10min.

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Ascent by Lewis Le Val

Ascent By Lewis Le Val — Mindhaus

The use of hypnotic suggestion in mentalism can be one of the most powerful and magical aspects of our craft. However, we all share a common fear: “What if I attempt to use suggestion and it doesn’t work?”

Introducing Ascent, a method for revealing information that you have either peeked or forced. This technique incorporates a unique opportunity to apply genuine hypnotic suggestion, causing your participant’s arm to levitate as if being lifted by a bunch of helium balloons. The balloon lift is a classic in hypnosis and suggestibility testing, and in this practical reworking, even if the

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SWITCH by Manoj Kaushal

Switch a random card to your spectator’s signed card, vanish a card, transform a card to another object. These are just few things that you can do with SWITCH envelope.

BUT what really makes SWITCH standout is its ability to let spectator take the card out from the envelope and also, look inside it.

No more forcing your audience to watch from distance and never letting them hold the envelope.

It’s time to ENCOURAGE your audience to

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Super Mentalism by Jerome Finley (ALL 3 Video)

Super Mentalism by Jerome Finley : newdlmagicstore

Finally! The long awaited Video Lecture from Jerome Finley is available

Learn new secret techniques to create impromptu, gaffless and REAL Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment.

In total the course is nearly 6 hours long (*and growing* with plenty of FREE bonus material forthcoming!) and covers the following signature routines, working showpieces, pet methods and my personal techniques for:

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Jonathan Levit – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Jonathan Levit - Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Nearly 40 years of insights packed into one amazing Masterclass. Join Jonathan Levit as he dives into all the best tricks and knowledge he’s honed over decades spent carving successful parallel paths as a magician, magic consultant, producer, actor, and TV host.

A respected sleight of hand artist, mentalist, and magic historian, Jonathan has performed on every continent (including Anatartica) and has made numerous national TV appearances. He’s also a regular featured act at the Magic Castle, has emceed MAGIC Live!, and has graced the covers of MAGIC Magazine and Genii Magazine multiple times.

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