This effect is one of the most powerful that I still perform. A truly exceptional prediction! The magician is able to predict a LONG TIME BEFORE THE ROUTINE STARTS how many cards the spectator has in his pocket!

This is what happen:
The magician places 3 predictions on the table LONG TIME BEFORE the routine begins. The predictions are always in view.

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120% Chestosterone by Chester Sass

Germany’s premier up-and-coming Mentalist Chester Sass has done it at last. Critically acclaimed TV-Street Mentalist Chester Sass has put pen to paper to share the secrets of some of his award-winning routines with you!

Following its initial publication in Germany, this mentalism bestseller is now available for the first time in English. In his book, Chester teaches impromptu effects that will knock your audience off their feet!

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CATCH by Vanishing Inc

Catch - Vanishing Inc. - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

“Catch” allows you to perform coin effects that look like real magic. It’s that good. Ask yourself this simple question: if you had the power to vanish a coin from your hand, what would it look like? Now keep that mental movie in your mind and watch the trailer…see what we mean? There are no tells, awkward movements, or strange presentations to justify a weird method. A coin is placed on your legitimately empty palm. The fingers close around the coin for a brief moment and when you open your hand the coin is truly gone.

But “Catch” is more than a coin vanish. It’s a device with no moving parts, yet once a coin is slipped into it, it has a clever locking system so the coin won’t fall out…until you wish to release it. In

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Drunk Prediction by Christian Grace

Christian Grace

Welcome to Magic Monthly

Each month I’ll be sharing TWO of my greatest effects with you.

Join the membership Now for only £10+vat and you will learn:

The Knowing Principle ˗ THE fairest and most fooling Impossible card location

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Card to Paper Wallet by Hans Trixer/Wolfgang Riebe Mixed Media (Video+PDF)

CARD TO PAPER WALLET Hans Trixer/Wolfgang Riebe

There are so many versions of the Card in Wallet – yet NONE AS UNIQUE as this one!

A freely signed and selected card appears in a paper wallet that happens to be a sheet of paper openly folded into the shape of a wallet right in front of the spectator!

Forget leather wallets! Forget trick wallets! No duplicates, just plain powerful magic with a regular deck and a sheet of A4/US letter paper that is folded into a wallet. The ‘simplicity’ of the wallet

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Threes by Cameron Francis

Threes by Cameron Francis - Packet Trick —

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – A totally impromptu, multi-phased, packet trick that uses only standard playing cards! No gaffs, no duplicates, no hard moves!

All you need to do is grab seven cards out of any deck, and you are ready to go! Grab this download video today and learn this beauty instantly.

PHASE #1 – The magician shows a packet of five face down cards, the top is turned over and revealed to be a three of hearts. He places the three into the packet and it instantly jumps to the top. This is repeated two more times times until the spectator starts to believe that all of the cards are the three of hearts. However, when the magician shows the other four cards, it is discovered that

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