Lip Service by Chris Hanowell

Your everyday carry just got spun up to 11. Perform highly visual animations with nothing more than your lip balm. No magnets, wires, or electronics required. Catch your audience’s eyes with Lip Service by Chris Hanowell.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shows everyone what looks like a perfectly ordinary lip balm tube. The spectators are invited to gently rub the side of the tube and it slowly begins to spin. This phase can be instantly

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DORITO BITE by Julio Montoro and Gabbo Torres

Two years ago Gabbo Torres contacted Julio Montoro to show him his new idea. The craziest part was when Julio showed Gabbo the same idea written in his ideas notepad. They decided to work together on this project.

More than 6 prototypes were made in that two years until they had the final one. This is DORITO BITE.

Dorito Bite is the most organic way to perform the coin bite effect. This one looks like if you were a real magician! Imagine taking a Dorito out the bag, take a bite and BOOM, you restore it!

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Reflections by John Carey

Reflections by John Carey - Hardback Book —

The latest, incredible book from John Carey, a 196 page collection of amazing, doable miracles covering cards, coins, mentalism and mental-magic, is now available.

Reflections is jammed full of exciting magic that’s easy to learn, easy to do, and that you will love performing almost as much as your audiences will enjoy experiencing it – Reflections contains more than 80 different effects. John is known for his straightforward hard-hitting material and enclosed in the pages of this book are some of his best effects yet.

The book also includes an exclusive section of guest items by John’s friends, including incredible effects by:

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Proteus (Bonus Only) By Michael Murray (e-book) – MindFX

This bonus contains a detailed description on how to present this propless demonstration in an entirely fail-safe manner.

Along the way, I also cover several subtleties which will help you to quickly attain the accuracy you require to perform this effect. As an added extra I have also included my own (annotated) personal scripting.

I close this pdf by detailing my preferred method for learning the ropes and this tool also features an expanded range for expanding your own personal safety net.

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Box Set (Boxed Reset & Ace Case) by John Guastaferro

John Guastaferro’s magic is creative, smooth, and compelling, and we’re thrilled to release two BRAND-NEW, UNPUBLISHED John Guastaferro routines: Boxed Reset and Ace Case.

The two routines work harmoniously together, or they can be performed individually. Each routine is sequenced to maximize impact, yet these routines can be performed virtually surrounded and in any conditions. In particular, “Ace Case” is one of the finest card-to-box themed routines we have ever seen. We believe that you will add both pieces to your repertoire.

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FATE by Joseph B

Do as I Do under impossible conditions. It looks very fair

An impossible coincidence, a powerful mental effect.
Two regular and shuffled decks! Really simple and fun to do.
The spectator takes any card from one deck and the magician does the same from the other deck. The amazing thing is that the magician and the spectator surprisingly took the same card!

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