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Lowncad by Ebbytones

“Lowncad” is a card effect that allows a card to change in two visual ways.

Imagine a magician tries to guess a card the audience chooses.

But apparently, the card was wrong and is not the audience’s card.

But the magician can change things. When he snaps his finger, the card changes to the spectator’s card

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Master Color Prediction 2.0 by Max Vellucci and Alan Wong

Five spectators are asked to come up on stage and each of them takes an envelope at random.

After an introduction about the possibility of being able to influence the choices and behaviour of human beings, the mentalist asks the spectators on stage to position themselves in a seemingly random order.

The audience, however, once the envelopes are opened, discover five colored cards in a sequence that appears to be identical to the one drawn on a large poster on stage from the beginning of the

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Francis Menotti – The Treachery of Tricks (2 DVD)

SOLOMAGIA The Treachery of Tricks ( Ceci n' est pas UNE Telephone ) by Francis  Menotti and Paper Crane Productions - DVD - DVD and Didactis - Zaubertricks  und Props: Spielzeug

“Francis Menotti is a clever, clever man and I will eagerly devour anything that he is willing to share.”-Kevin James

“Francis always has the knack to twist my brain… A pure joy to any creative lover of our Art.” -Gaetan Bloom

“Francis Menotti is the rare performer that knows exactly who he is, and every moment on stage reflects this knowledge… This video is a true treasure.” -Todd Robbins

For the first time ever Francis Menotti has released some of his most coveted secrets on DVD. On this DVD set you will be taken on a journey into the world of meaningful, powerful, and artistic

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RIPRAGE by Arnel Renegado

Riprage by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

Spectator select a card and signed, you then rip that card, and with a shake the tear part mysteriously jump into another corner.




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Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – New Theory Switching (Week 1-2-3-4)

This is the first week of a four week course in the art of invisibly switching cards for real people under real world conditions. Through six hours of online seminars you will learn a revolutionary system for integrating the Double Lift, the Top Change and the Second Deal into one fluid card switching system.

You will not only learn more advanced techniques for the Double Lift and the Top Change but radical new ways to practice and integrate them. This system is designed to go under-the-radar—allowing you to switch cards invisibly in any environment.

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Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – The Flow Deal (Week 1-2-3-4)

Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – The Flow Deal – Week 1 (Video + ...

This is the first week of a four week course on Ben’s amazing Flow Deal. This is undoubtedly the real work on false dealing. If the goal is to find the ultimate approach to false dealing then look no further—you are in for a treat. You will learn how to deal all manner of seconds and bottoms with a beautiful technique that looks innocent, soft and natural.

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