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VISUAL COIN by Rogelio Mechilina

In this video tutorial you will learn 3 new super visual one handed coin vanish and 2 coin productions. all these moves are really mind blowing, fresh and new ideas in coin magic that you use or add into you coin routines. no gimmicks, pure sleights hands.

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Logic by Eden & Airel

Logic - Foundation to Ball Manipulation | Eden Choi and Airel — The Online  Magic Store

Modernization of the classic
57 techniques in 12 routines

Eden & Airel have prepared the most modern textbook for everyone, which is the simplest and most enjoyable way to get into manipulation.

LOGIC contains 12 impressive routines which used various techniques.

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Lucy Darling – Vanishing Inc. Showtime (February 10, 2021)

Lucy Darling – Vanishing Inc. Showtime (February 10, 2021 – highest  quality) – erdnasemagicstore

From winning an award from the Academy of Magical Arts to…your living room! We’re so excited to welcome Lucy Darling to Vanishing Inc. Showtime series. Her show is a combination of her unique style of comedy magic and the crowd work she’s renowned for. Come ready to interact and be amazed by this production. Unlike any other virtual magic show, Carisa Hendrix (playing the part of her alter-ego Lucy Darling) will charm you and your family with her brand new virtual show. Then, right after the show, stick around as we interview Carisa about her vision for how to bring her character to an online audience.

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Double Team by Kimoon Do

Creators :: Kimoon Do :: Double Team

It’s the highly visual and effective sandwich card routine.
This routine consists of Kimoon Do’s trick, ‘Between’ and ‘On The Road’.

These two tricks are extremely loved by magicians across the Social Network, Kimoon has once again created this routine combining the tricks.

This routine is fully impromptu and start performing with only a deck of cards!

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