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BUNDLE – Less is More: Beyond the Book by Ben Earl (All 6 Video+PDF)

Less Is More is a two day, online event bringing the book to life on screen. Ben will be expanding beyond the pages with new insights, techniques and routines—breathing new life into this modern-day classic.

There will be private hangouts after each session and long discussions into the night—creating a ‘convention feel’. This will not just be an opportunity to enhance your magic but to jam with and meet like-minded people.

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BaKoRe Magic – Force Cut

A simple, visual, and intuitive technique that will enable you to force or predict nearly anything.

You show a paper with a unique design. You take scissors and ask the spectator to select a spot in which you will cut. You turn the paper over to the other side to find their selected choice… but this choice is a force!

Based on an old principle, we took the classic and made it modern, fresh, and with a twist!

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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 07

In Lesson 7 of the ACAAN Project, Dani takes you through not only naturalness but a self-working control of cards. You’ll learn Dani’s Undetectable Placement Card At Number that features a way of generating a number that will blow your mind with a pair of borrowed decks. In this variation, both decks are borrowed and shuffled! Any card is selected from the first deck and returned to the pack. That deck is isolated from the magician. The second deck is cut into three packets and spectators cut and exchange packets of the deck. When all is said and done the top three cards of each packet are revealed and totaled into a final number. That final total is dealt from the top down in the isolated deck and, astonishingly, the selected card is found at that number.

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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 06

Semi-Automatic Card At Number

In Lesson 6 of the ACAAN Project, Dani takes a short break with you to focus on naturalness. You’ll learn an incredibly direct self-working Card At Number that doesn’t require you to focus on the psychology of the spectator. In the Semi-Automatic Card At Number, the deck is thoroughly shuffled and tossed onto the table in a random heap. One spectator grabs a clump of cards from the heap on the table and counts how many cards they have taken secretly. This number will be the position of the card. A second spectator cuts a random pile off the remaining cards on the table and

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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 05

The Multi-Information Card At Number

In Lesson 5 of The ACAAN Project Dani teaches you the powerful concept of Multi-Information which can also be applied to any effect that uses numbers or position to reveal a card. The Multi-Information Card at Number gets lots of spectators involved to create a powerful effect. The deck is divided amongst your audience for everyone to shuffle. A spectator removes and hides a card from their packet to be the blind card. The card is truly random, and neither the performer nor the audience knows its identity. One of the spectators shuffling a packet think of a card and then

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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 04

The Triple Coincidence

In Lesson 4 of The ACAAN Project Danny teaches you the secrets of focusing an audience on the effect you want them to remember over the course of a multiphase trick that contains many impossible moments. The Triple Coincidence routine begins with the performer putting three cards face down on the table. An audience member is invited to shuffle and select a card, which is then lost in the balance of the deck. Three cards are freely selected by three other members of the audience. They are revealed to match exactly the cards the performer placed on the table at the

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Stop Me by Tom Dobrowolski

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Tom Dobrowolski’s brilliant take on Red Hot Mama adds two fantastic beats to this classic trick – a card to card box and a super visual, full view colour change on the back colour of the last selection. It’s sexy and we love it!!

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