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Voyage or argent by Jean-Pierre Crispon

Voyage or argent by Jean-Pierre Crispon,New arrival

Le magicien dépose trois pièces « Or » alignées d’un côté de la table, et trois pièces « Argent » de l’autre côté. Les trois pièces « Or » vont voyager une par une pour rejoindre les pièces « Argent », sans aucun contact apparent ! La méthode utilisée est intéressante : minimum de manipulation, maximum d’effet !

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Dr. Sawa – Envelope Coin

Envelope Coin by Dr. Sawa | New Item | SEO MAGIC

Envelope Coin: This new principle gimmick coin will surprise you.

Kissing Coin: They are 2 set of magnetic double face coin

In this DVD, 5 routines are explained.

Coin Quintet: A coin changes 5 times by using “Envelope Coin” and “Kissing Coin”.

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Woody Aragon – Mnemonica Online Seminar (All 3 Volume)


Woody Aragón is one of the world-wide foremost experts with a memorized deck. His tricks, books and the rest of his work on the theme have opened new doors and inspired thousands of magicians. Since 2014, he has presented a famous, indispensable workshop once a year, which has been converted into a reference event for those magicians truly interested in advancing mem-deck work. This unique opportunity is as useful for those who want to deepen their stack-knowledge, as those who have wanted to start but haven’t been capable of memorizing, or even those

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The Cord and the Coins by Pipo Villanueva

The Cord and the Coins (Routine only) | Pipo Villanueva

The Cord and the Coins is my take con Troy Houser’s modern classic “Charming Chinese Challenge”. It takes as the point of departure Lance Pierce’s beautiful take on this routine, “Recharmed I’m sure”. This minimalistic routine dispenses with all effects except the three penetrations, in the spirit of the all-time classic “Coins through the silk” and it was design with the idea of streamlining further the handling.

This a professional handling best suited for real close up and table-hoping performance with virtually not angles for that kind of environment.

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The Mask by Mathieu Bich and Buddy Stein

Now you can vanish or produce the world’s most iconic object, a ‘Blue Surgical Mask’.

This specially made silk mask with strings appears identical to an ordinary blue disposable surgical mask.

The Mask is 100% silk, expertly printed, and crafted to fit in a standard thumb tip.

It is ideal to produce, vanish transpose, or use for any of the classic silk effects.

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This effect is one of the most powerful that I still perform. A truly exceptional prediction! The magician is able to predict a LONG TIME BEFORE THE ROUTINE STARTS how many cards the spectator has in his pocket!

This is what happen:
The magician places 3 predictions on the table LONG TIME BEFORE the routine begins. The predictions are always in view.

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