Coin Tricks

FLIP by Wes Iseli

“This is the easiest review ever: it’s brilliant, buy it! No gaffs (just an ordinary coin, borrowed if you like), no ‘moves’, controls or glimpses and easy to learn. I had it down within a dozen tries. Your movements as you toss and catch the coin look 100% natural and yet the audience or participant guesses right every single time. No wonder it fooled Penn and Teller.” – Mark Elsdon

Perfectly control the flip of a coin with no false moves, no gimmicks, no hesitation, and perfect accuracy. This effect was so fooling, that after it flummoxed Penn & Teller on Fool Us, they immediately put it into their live show. Use an ordinary coin to control the outcome of everything. This is Flip by Wes Iseli.

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Ultimate CSB Magic by Jeremy Pei

n this DVD, Jeremy Pei shares 6 of his pet routines using the ‘CSB’ Gaff Coin. These are actual routines as used in Jeremy’s regular live performance for walk around close up magic.

CSB Interchange
A visual multi-phase transformation of 3 silver coins.

CSB Transformation

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Cylinder and Coins by Joshua Jay

Cylinder and Coins - Joshua Jay - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Joshua Jay has rebuilt one of the greatest close up magic tricks of the last century from the ground up to be more organic and entertaining than ever. A classic of magic has been reborn for a modern audience.

John Ramsay’s classic coin trick “Cylinder and Coins” is one of the most important magic tricks ever created. Like the Cups and Balls or an Ace Assembly, it is a rite of passage that all serious magicians must tackle at some point. Offering so many moments of genuine surprise, it is everything that is great about close up magic.

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TOTEM by Alex Ng and Henry Harrius (Video+PDF)

TOTEM (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alex Ng and Henry Harrius

A devious mentalism piece that resembles REAL MIND CONTROL!

Totem is a multiple-phase mentalism routine that ends with a surprising climax. A gold-foiled coin is introduced and the spectator is asked to hold onto it. Throughout an imaginary journey with the magician, the spectator would end up with several decisions in their mind: a random number, a color, a city, a flower, and a painting. As the final surprise, the coin that the spectator held the entire time is revealed to be a poker chip that matches every single decision they made.

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