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Brian Thomas Moore – Liberty Coin Vanish

Liberty Coin Vanish - Master Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

From the magic mind of Brian Thomas Moore, Magic Makers brings you an amazing coin vanishing effect, the Liberty Coin Vanish. Brian will show you his completely original coin effect that is visually stunning!
This effect is easy to learn with step-by-step instructions from the creator himself.
Along with this amazing effect you will also learn some additional coin moves to combine with this effect to astonish your audience.

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CCS by N2G

In coin magic, the use of ancient Chinese coins is oriental, traditional and elegant.

After the N-series coin props are popular all over the world, I’m so honored to release a new product CCS, a high-quality coin shell set with Chinese charm.

The Chinese coins in the product are the same as those in the N series, which can be matched with the previous props to perform more routines

The surface of the coin is smooth and comfortable, with excellent hand feeling. The size is slightly smaller than a Morgan dollar, therefore easier and smoother to execute palm and other sleights

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Switching Tripurse is an triangle shape of purse with brown texture combine retro copper button full of old-fashioned and US western cowboy style.

The purse was made by crazy horse leather, crazy horse leather is one of the best leather in the world, can be use longer than others as time goes by, the surface texture becomes glossy.

Finally, the purse is hand made and carefully sewed with thread. This purse can use with small objects (coin, card, key, sponge, etc.) performance production or unexpected switching movement.

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Imagination Coin by Eric Chien & Bacon Magic

“Eric Chien’s Imagination Coin is like one of James Bond’s gadgets. I like that, despite the sleek appearance, it’s actually very simple. This mechanism will never go wrong during performance, and it helps us achieve a dream effect in magic: to make money appear between two empty hands.”
– Joshua Jay

“This artifact will definitely change the coin magic on the table!”

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The Vault – Orbit Coin Flourish by Greg Rostami

The Orbit Coin Flourish is one of the most amazing things you’ll do with a coin and a phone.

It looks impossible, but it’s an easy technique that you’ll quickly master.

Start with a simple table spin, and move on to more advanced spins on tablets, phones and other surfaces.


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Focal Point Production By Luiz Castro

I like when magic happens in one spot, when the spectators know what’s going to happen, but they can’t explain how it happens.
Focal Point is my three coin production. My good friend Kainoa Harbottle ( who also came up with the name for this effect) wrote up the non gaffed version in Genii, which I’m showing here along with a gaffed version that looks extremely magical. As a bonus I’m also teaching my slow motion karate coin handling that i love doing. It seems to never leave your sight. Get your coins and have fun with this three coin production i call Focal Point.

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