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Yu Huihang Download Bundle by Yu Huihang (ALL 7 Videos)

Yu Huihang is an underground coin magic master from Singapore known for his innovative and deceptive takes on classic coin magic tricks.

In this special download bundle, we’re proud to present seven amazing coin magic routines from Yu Huihang, including four unique takes on the coin matrix, two different ways to present the “Charming Chinese Challenge”, and even a 3 Fly that can be viewed from behind.

The crystal clear instruction teaches you everything you need to know without any of the added fluff. They’re easy to digest, while still offering all of the important subtleties that transform these

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Coin Compositions by Miguel Angel Gea

“Miguel Angel Gea is a superb coin magician with some very clever moves and ideas. His magic looks like magic, and he is truly is an actor playing the part of a magician.”
– David Roth

“With Miguel Angel Gea, magic’s future is in the best of hands, literally.”
– Roberto Giobbi

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Boundless by Wind

Boundless is a DVD that revolves around coin magic that uses a brand new technique named the Boundless switch.
This is a technique that can help you easily switch a coin, change or do anything you want while the coin is rolling.
Wind will guide you through all the relevant techniques, tricks and routines bundled with new techniques :- Back time.
– Rhythm.

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Skymember Presents: NOMAD RING Mark II by Avi Yap, Calvin Liew and Sultan Orazaly

VISUALLY transform a coin into a ring WITH NO COVERS and vice versa!

In early 2020, Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap have been working on a groundbreakingly visual coin and ring routine. They wanted something that was DIRECT, INSANELY VISUAL and yet something that was EXTREMELY EASY to do. That was Nomad Ring.
Soon later, Avi uploaded the routine on Instagram, and it immediately exploded! It went viral with close to 30k views in less than a day! The routine gathered many praises from the best magicians

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Okito Fly by Rooster & Copeland Coins (Video+PDF)

Okito Fly – Copeland

Following the success of Roo’s first release Brass Class, (his foundational coin box masterclass foundhere) we’re excited to unveil his new project Okito Fly!

Experienced magicians know that to get strong reactions, you can’t go wrong with the classics of magic & it’s hard to beat tricks that happen in the spectators hands…



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Imagination Game by Jack Tighe

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – This brilliant piece of mentalism (with a magic kicker) is a bone fide showstopper to have in your arsenal.

Your spectator merely IMAGINES a handful of coins. Slowly they whittle down the imaginary handful of change until they are left with just one coin. Then they flip it and (in their mind) mark the coin with a big ‘X’.

Guess what – when you open your (previously empty) right hand, you reveal the exact coin they thought of… with an X on the side they named!

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