Coin Tricks

THE BISAGRA by Juan Colas

Juan Colás brings us a new technique with coins, easy to do and with different applications. Perfect for social networks and for live too.

Instant disappearances and appearances and also some extras with gimmick and another one to play with the sound.

A wonderful product.

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Air Toss By CoinLudens

Official】"Air Toss" by Fuki | CoinLudens – coinludens

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“I’m glad I published this move.

When Fuki first showed the ‘Air Toss’ to us for the first time, this is what I thought.

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Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo

Make two coins visually appear under impossible conditions. Nathan Kranzo has been using this amazing gimmick to astonish his audiences for years with this playful routine that is pure eye candy. This is Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo.

Here’s what happens:

A magician “gives” a pair of invisible coins to their spectators. The magician then takes a small glass and places it mouth side down on top of a deck of cards. The first spectator is asked to place

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